A postponed appointment

Not Today but later!

I had a phone call this morning and the pick-up appointment was postpone to an undetermined date. I don't know exactly what had happened but the only thing I can do now is to wait.

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The trailer hitch is now on my Mazda MX-5 (ND)!

The drive trip was a smooth one

The first part is all about what I have got on my MX-5 and second part is just a diary.

This is what I've got. As wise people say, pictures tell a thousand words. So let them talk instead letting me talk!
(The rear view of my beloved MX-5: some blurred areas around the license plate for the sake of privacy)

(Now the hitch is installed: ditto)
(The right side of the detached detachable hitch)
(The left side of the detached detachable hitch)

(The right side of attached hitch)

(The left side of attached hitch)

(13-pin connector is exposed and the connector cap is open)

(The hidden part / female part and the tacked electric connector)

(For ease of access use this hole with the tip of your finger to pull the connector down or up)

I have not weighed the detached hitch itself but it is really heavy.

This is Part I of the two-part introduction. The Part II will show some pictures of the papers (hitch system design, electric diagram and others).

On a separate entry, I will continue the review of this system in conjunction with my bike rack (Saris Axis 2-bike rack).

I really want to shoot some videos and upload them on my YouTube account. Those will include (hopefully) the unboxing of Saris Axis 2-bike rack, installing it on the hitch, putting my Cervélo on it and finally driving the car.


Sunday, 19 May (2019) it was mostly sunny. Since it was Sunday, there were almost no big trucks and rigs on the road (I remember seeing a couple of them only?).

I left home for Apen, Germany around 07:10 in the morning. The route was easy. I thought the entire route would be just highway (autoroute in French and Autobahn in German) but I was wrong. Around 70 to 80 km (?) was vehicle only road but not highway. I had only one roundabout in the entire route (twice if I count the way to and back).

I opened the roof for most of the trip as the weather was too good not to do so.

I think I arrived at the hotel at around 14:30. I was a bit taken back as there were more than 100 bikes (big ones) and more bikers on site. The bar / hotel turned out to be a very popular place for bikers. There were old and new Harley Davidsons, BMWs and of course other Japanese bikes and others.

I was not too tired as driving the MX-5 was nothing but pleasure. I checked the TV programs if I could watch the Giro d'Italia but there were only basic German channels. I knew I had no chance of watching this sport event immediately.

So I just relaxed and later went to bed early.

Monday, 20 May (2019) it was mostly sunny with a hint of thin clouds in the morning as it had rained a bit earlier in the morning. I did not know it had rained but my Mazda MX-5 was wet, which told me that it had rained earlier. I parked my car under a tree expecting a nice shade provided by it the previous afternoon. Almost all the parking place was occupied by those bikes anyway.

It was a wrong move. The tree had shed its leaves and others off on my car. They were not normal leaves but some kind of awful messy stuff. I did not know what kind of trees they were but the messy stuff that accumulated on my car was similar to those from chestnut trees or marron trees.

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Next Tuesday (which is May 21) I am getting the cat, finally!

Nuff said

Finally! Just now I confirmed the pick-up appointment. I am going to have a baby cat with me then.

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テーマ:猫のいる生活 - ジャンル:ペット

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Preparing for many things

1. Small but long trip to Germany

Off to Germany! The rendez-vous (appointment in French) or Termin (appointment in German, thus it begins with a capital letter as German nouns have to be spelt so) is approaching. Next Sunday morning I will be off to a smallish town near the North Sea in Germany. So far no news on the cat so I guess I am traveling (or travelling) alone. No special preparation for this trip needed.

2. Moving

I am moving to somewhere. I have not decided where or when but I am moving to some place where I am openly keep a cat.

3. Cat

I am welcoming a cat soon although no news has been provided.

4. The Tour de France

Of course, I am going to be there all the way. I have to work on Garmin BaseCamp. After plotting the locations relevant to the stages on it and I will run a lot of simulations of daily drive routes and all. By running numerous simulations, I can choose reasonable and enjoyable plans.

By reasonable and enjoyable plans, I mean that my transfer (driving) will not exceed some extreme miles (distance) for a day. I would like to reach and check in a camping ground at the end of the day very much and to get there before the office (camp site), I have to be there before 20:00 or earlier. When I start driving after the stage, I have less than a few hours to drive. So making the transfer range within 100 km to 200 km will be preferable.


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Festival Elsy Jacobs UCI WE 2.1

Festival Elsy Jacobs 2019

I began to check its site more frequently as the date draws nearer. The latest update on the site is that its Twitter link. I followed it hoping that I was right guessing that this would be the proper way to get the latest updates.

The teams participating the event update their information (roster or so) there so that the organizer has less work to do to reflect the latest development on its site.

I quickly learned that Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig is not participating the event as Bigla Pro Cycling Team announced it planned roster.

Lazy as I am

I am lazy. I want to change this lazy life. A help is on my way. I am so close to having a cat with me as a companion (at least I am led to believe so).

With a cat living with me being lazy or staying in bed late won't be an option.

My iPad mini 2 needs more storage

My iPad mini 2 (second hand found on ebay) has builtin 16 GB of storage. Some of it has been taken by the system (iOS) so I have less space than than of course.

I have TomTom Go Mobile on it (as I was a TomTom Western Europe application user and I got this free update). I am using Western Europe map on it and the map data is rather huge.

To accommodate the map data and leave some empty area for updating the map occasionally, I deleted some apps before. The map data seems to be constantly growing and recently I had to delete more and make some apps offline (delete the apps but keep their data).

I will be shooting a lot of movies (cat movies to be exact) on it so I need to make more room on it. Since expanding the storage is impossible (no possibility of inserting SD cards or others), I have to do something else.

How about this?

128 GB should suffice for a while.

How about this microphone?

Do I need it?

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