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Today's topics are these!

1. NEO by Reelight - I had a prompt email reply to my inquiry
2. nanopresso (by Wacaco) update
3. Trek-Segafredo TdF 2017 roster

1. NEO by Reelight - I had a prompt email reply to my inquiry

I had a very very prompt and to-the-point reply to my inquiry. I asked for new parts and even wrote that I was willing to pay for them.

The answer was basically NO. They can not provide me with any replacement parts. I guess that they have severed the ties with the Chinese factory that they used for NEO production or that not willing to dig up any bad memories with this failed product.

Instead, they offered me a refund. Curious. Are they willing to give me a refund?

They have mentioned a mysterious thing called "CIO" in the previous update only meant for backers. What is it? A new dynamo light? If so I am very very much interested in it.

2. nanopresso (by Wacaco) update

The pre-order status has been updated. The pre-ordered nanopresso will be sent out "next week." The author stated in the blog entry made on June 22. So this "next week" will be the week starting Sunday, June 25 (or Monday, June 26) 2017. The site (www.wacaco.com) itself has not announced anything at all. This pre-order launch is only mentioned in the comment section of the blog part of the site.

3. Trek-Segafredo TdF 2017 roster

Very very disappointed that Fumiyuki Beppu did not make it. I am very very very sad. No further comment!

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NEO by Reelight (Kickstarter.com campaign) update

Fair usage limit 24GB

Recently I have been watching too many YouTube videos and my 4G network connection on Orange Luxembourg network has been slow since Yesterday. This choking will be lifted next month (July).

Neo by Reelight - Kickstarter campaign update

They (Reelight) have been silent for some time by now. I don't know a year or more? They have completely ignored us (backers). They are rude and irresponsible.

All of a sudden, out of the blue there came an update from Reelight. What a surprise!

According to this update, they decided to give up on Neo. Hahaha! Neo has no future at all!

My Neo light (rear) has also suffered from the defective material.

(Is this considered a material fatigue failure?)

This dial (or knob) undergoes considerable stress as its sole function is to wind up the threaded band that chokes the seat stay on the bike.


Their official name turned out to be a "tightening nut."


Anyway, the update tells something to us. They said that they are (kind of) abandoning Neo and moving to CIO, whatever it might be. What is CIO?

They are willing to reach out to us, jaded backers. So I wrote to them that I am willing to buy new parts if they are available for purchase. I am hoping that they will get back to me.

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Delay? or my misunderstanding?

Mazda MX-5 is late

My Mazda MX-5 is coming in 2 weeks so I was told.

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ACTON, Magniclight, Neo by Reelight, Limits (power meter) and others


ACTON wrote me a piece of email followed by another one after I replied to the first one.

It was a notice from them and in it ACTON requested me to confirm the shippng addressthat I had previously provided during the Indiegogo campaign. Some people certainly have moved by now or simply wanted to use alternate addresses to receive the package.

The message urged me to respond before June 19, 2017. According to the previous updates, the BLINK S2 boards destined to people living in Europe (central or so) were supposed to be shipped sometime late June.

This email also asked me to provide a mobile phone number for the delivery agent, which I did, of course.

So I have to suppose that things are going according to the plan. It is coming! I am very excited.

Later (a day or few days later) there was another update telling us the progress they were making. It confirmed that S2 board was indeed shipping (if everything goes well as planned) late June.

This latest update (a blog entry - www.actonglobal.com) provided us with more information (the final production specification, I guess) on BLINK S2 board. According to it, the board has a bamboo layer (for reinforcement) and the battery life has been improved to last about 14 miles (22 km under optimal conditions).


I am one of the original Kickstarter campaign supporters. The company wants to promote another invention of theirs soon. The working principle is the same but a much much smaller version of this contactless dynamo light.

I am not sure if I want them as the detailed specifications and application are not available. I will keep a close eye on the planned Kickstarter campaign.

Neo by Reelight

Speaking of dynamo bike lights, this topic I have to address.

It had bee on my bike (Cervélo RS's thin seat stay) for a while. I took it off when I wanted to take my to Belgium. Anyway, long story short, I turned the dial to take it off. The dial broke.

(here I will put some images of the broken plastic part later)


Indiegogo campaign update: There was an update. I knew they had not given any updates for some time and feared that they might have gone bankrupt.

The previous update was made public on March 27 and the latest one was made on June 9. So They totally had kept silent (well I personally had a support from them during this time) for more than two months (April and May!). It was safe to assume that they were having difficult time.

A surprise! They were not and they had been up to something to improve the product.

I knew the material used for the battery caps was not suitable for this kind of use personally before the latest update told me of this issue. I was careful not to over tighten or use inappropriate tools to turn them but one of them had a problem; a small piece off the rim simply chipped off. I was just tightening the cap with a coin (just thick enough to fit the groove) and this small piece came of from the rim where I was not touching at all.

Stress (is the cause)! Material became brittle under stress fatigue. I am now happy to hear that they were aware of the issue and had been working on it.

Let's see how it goes with their improvement!

Nanopresso pre-order

The launch date is yet to be announced. The site (www.wacaco.com) has a blog section dedicated to this new product. The blog pages have been gradually maintained. Now they have the image of the protective case.

I assume the official launch date is close.

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テーマ:自転車(スポーツ用) - ジャンル:スポーツ

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New Spoke Tension Meter? (an inexpensive alternative?)

An inexpensive spoke tension meter on the horizon?

I have always wanted to build my own wheels. To do that, I need some tools. Basic ones like spoke wrenches, a truing stand, a dishing tool and some chemicals (spoke prep or others) are easier to get as they are not so expensive. Or at least inexpensive ones are available on the market.

I have been keeping my eyes on two more rather advanced tools for a while.

One is spoke threader C-700 from Hozan, Japan.

The other is a spoke tension meter. There are expensive ones available from Hozan, DT Swiss, Park Tool and others. This relatively inexpensive one from Taiwan has been on my ebay watch list for more than two years by now, I think.

IceToolz: This one is relatively inexpensive but still costs close to US $230.
(Click on the image to magnify)

Today I found something new or at least different. It seems that there are two brands that sell this seemingly identical tension meter under different names.

TENY or Alpha Bike (whatever it is called)
Alpha Bike brand features grey surface finish ones.

TENY brand sells orange surface finish ones.

There are a digital scale version and a analogue scale version.

The tension conversion charts are available for some standard spoke sizes. And this picture appears to show how these conversion charts were made.
A sample 'scale reading' to tension conversion chart
The factory proof stand?

The specification
This is a screen shot clip from ebay site but I noticed something. There is a greyed word in the specification section. "messwert" means measured value in German. I don't know how it happened. This meter was initially intended for German market? Or some German company helped this Taiwan factory do the initial marketing?

It is inexpensive. Some ebay sellers sell it for US $76 or €69 or so. I am very tempted. [New Spoke Tension Meter? (an inexpensive alternative?)]の続きを読む

テーマ:自転車(スポーツ用) - ジャンル:スポーツ

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