Saris Bones Solo modification ideas Part II

Bones Solo modifications:

I want to modify this bike rack so that it can cohabit with Boot-bag (from boot-bag.com UK). The key to it is illustrated in this picture that I have already posted.

Look closely at the straps that hang on the trunk lid. They (although you can see only one but there are two of them) lie on the lid surface. This way, Boot-bag can sit on them.

So I have to do:

1. Detach all the straps with anti-slip ratchets
2. Detach the anti-sway strap
3. Attach anti-sway strap back on the other side of the strap
4. Attach the four ratchet straps back but on the other side of the straps

Done (at least for the moment)!

Now I just reversed the direction, in other words, the upper hooks (bigger or wider) and lower hooks are swapped.

By doing the swap, now Bones Solo is crouching lower on the trunk lid letting the upper straps closer to the lid surface . This allows the boot-bag to sit on these straps while not disturbing the tension of the straps.

Take a look at this!

Here is the new position on the trunk lid, now lower and slapped down. The distance between the upper straps hovering over the lid and the lid surface is still over 4 cm but smaller than (it was) before. The lid tapers downward toward the end (not like BMW Z4) so this is unavoidable.

If I put the boot-bag on the lid, the straps will be disturbed when the boot-bag's contents are heavy. If I (could) arrange the contents of the bag so that the they are in three parts avoiding the bag's bottom where straps lie under, it will be OK.

The anti-sway strap won't function in this position. It won't even reach the bike.

To complete the modification, I will go further later.

5. (In the future) Attach the upper hooks directly on the upper straps so that the rack is always positioned without using the upper ratchets.

Get similar hooks or use the original hooks and saw them in.

For this I looked around for the similar function. Saris also sells straps with the hooks but they are not locally available (in Europe here). I finally sourced them here (www.peruzzosrl.com). Peruzzo is an Italian company that makes and sells bike racks. They have a web shop that sells spare parts directly to customers. I purchased these.

a. 6 pieces of zink plated steel hooks €3.1
b. 6 pieces of hook covers €4.9

These will certainly do.

6. Find a solution for strengthening the weak plastic part where the hooks of the lower straps cling to

Get a aluminum plate or plastic plate glued on to the back of it

I am talking about this flimsy plastic part covering the muffler. It is not too solid
I may have to place some elastic pads under the straps. I will see.

7. Find a solution for making the anti-sway strap function or another way to make the bike stable (not to sway)

I don't have any working ideas for this yet.

8. Solve the problem of the feet making scratches on the paint surface.

This image illustrates how four feet sit on the car (two on the horizontal part of the lid and the other two on the about 60 degrees slanted bumper). I think this must be the best (of the situation) place.

Laying anti-skid mat is a quick fix but I will keep looking for better smarter solutions.

This is definitely not the best solution!

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Dear Diary October 18

Garmin GLO first test in the car

I simply put it on the tiny recess just under the climate control dials because it is where the two USB ports are. The TomTom app on my iPad mini 2 worked just fine with the soft top closed. The Garmin GLO received GPS signals via Garmin GLO.

I can put it on the dash where sticky anti-slip pad is when the Sun ray does not heat it up too much and a short USB cable can reach it from the USB ports. Normally this pad is reserved for the parking tickets or toll way tickets.

Here it is! I can charge it from the USB port (not seen as hidden under the cloth) just nearby.


I needed this for repairing the tablet (ARCHOS 70 Oxygen) and making a cable for connecting the dynamo hub and those two Exposure Light Revos.

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Tour de France 2018 Stages rumors Part III

Topics are as follow:
1. Tour de France 2018 course layout rumors
2. RockBros bike racks on Amazon (Garmany or UK)
3. Maintenance of bike needed

(My beloved Mazda MX-5 in Hospental - at the foot of San Gotthard Pass, Switzerland: October 8, 2017)

Tour de France 2018 course layout rumors
cyclingnews.com has also cited the velowire.com site for its latest article.

"Four days in Pau" is clearly mentioned in this article (and of course in the original source, velowire.com). It seems that ASO has booked four nights in Pau, where most of the teams and others will be sleeping. I won't be sleeping in Pau at that time. I will be sleeping in the mountains in my humble tent.

It should be noted that velowire.com writes that the fourth stage might finish in small town called Sarzeau and that the mayor of this town is called David Lappartient, who happens to be the current president of UCI. This is a nod from ASO to Mr. Lappartient. On top of it and as if this salutatory were not enough, Mr. Lappartient is from Mûr-de-Bretagne, where the sixth stage is rumored to finish.

I have written on occations that I have personally seen ASO's Christian Prudhomme and UCI's former president Brian Cookson avoid eye contact while shaking hands obligingly at the team presentation ceremony of the Tour. They have been at odds.

When did ASO planned the stage layout, before or after they knew that Mr. Lappartient was running for the presidency?

RockBros bike racks on Amazon (Garmany or UK)
I found that Amazon (Germany or UK) also has some sellers ready to ship these bike racks. The prices are OK considering the fact that there is no need to pay any extra import charges within EU as opposed the possible import charges imposed on the purchase directly from Hong Kong (or China).

RockBros seems to have wider range of products besides these bike racks. How long has RockBros been selling these bike racks?

3. Maintenance of bike needed
I realized that my bike needs a lot of care. During the vacation trip to Italy and Switzerland, I rode my bike and heard and felt a lot of noises and vibrations that should not have been heard or felt.

I have been lazy for some time and not taken care of the bike. I bought SRAM Red wifli rear derailleur over a year ago (almost two?). I haven't done anything about it.

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Tour de France 2018 Stages rumors Part II


According to this site, the Grand Départ won't use that Passage du Gois after all. I was there in 2011. The reason for not passing that submersible path is the time of high and low tides. The Moon seems to be not so crazy about seeing the peloton pass there. Instead, the peloton will use the bridge to get to the mainland France.

The official revealing of stages is set to October 17, in a few days in Paris.

There are lot of people longing to know the names of the cities and mountain peaks like me.

There are familiar names on the rumored list of names like Alpe d'Huez, Roubaix, Mûr-de-Bretagne, Annecy, Lourdes, Luz Ardiden and so on. I certainly welcome them as I know or vaguely remember what to expect there.

I don't like the layout (even though not confirmed but just rumors) when I have to make a two really big transfers.

One is the before-the-first-rest-day transfer between Roubaix and Aix-les-Bains (more than 800 km!) and the other is before-the-Champs-Elysées-finish transfer between Saint-Pée-Sur-Nivelle (on the Spanish border, one of the remotest corners of France) and (obviously) Champs-Elysées in Paris (also 800 km!).

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Is this a cheap rip-off or my saviour?


I stumbled upon this while gasping at the prices of SeaSucker bike racks. They (SeaSucker products) are genius but they don't come cheap. Like the original (?) SeaSucker bike racks, they (RockBros's Products) come in one-bike rack, two-bike rack and three-bike rack configurations.

These RockBros Bike Suction Carriers are cheap or affordable. Now I am really interested. They are obviously inspired by SeaSucker products to put it mildly. If I put it harshly, I have to say they are copycats. They come from Hong Kong, which is part of China (and no doubts they are Made in China).

Copying (imitation) is a sincere form of admiration, or something like that people say. Of course, this refers to some kinds of art forms or similar matters and industrial copies have no place there.

Should I be a kind of Food Taster, so to speak, to see if those products are below or above standards? The most affordable one-bike rack costs a bit over €100 (including the shipping fees to Luxembourg).

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