National Championship Luxembourg 2020 (Road Race/Time Trial)

UCI had very kind (and new) pages for race schedules


I checked the FSCL's site for information but they did not (don't as of now).

I thought maybe UCI (the governing body of cycling federations all over the world) had at least the dates and some additional information. I was right.

According to the information provided by the UCI's site, all the time trial events will take place on Thursday, August 20th and road race events will take place on Sunday, August 23rd. The venue of the event is very likely around Mamer, a community near Luxembourg city because the event is hosted by the cycling club based in Mamer.

I have been to Mamer for several times. A 3-day stage race (female) is normally held there. This year it was, I think, cancelled so they had extra money set aside and decided to host the National Championship, maybe.


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Are Luxembourgers happy ( but how about residents and workers there)?

I smell a rat


A fake news piece (or fake study)! Are you "awoke" or sleeping?

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HAIKU OS not booting on my PC because ...

HAIKU OS not booting on my PC because ...

I was wondering why it did not boot on my "seemingly an old-school" PC.

I visited its official site and sought for some kind of hint on its "community" page.

I think I found the reason right away. (https://discuss.haiku-os.org/t/intel-gma-4500-vga-dvi/9755)

The HD LCD monitor is hooked up to the DVI port on the Intel G45/G43 chipset (integrated graphics chip).

So All I have to do to see HAIKU OS to boot on it is to unplug the current cable and use VGA to "whatever" cable!!

All right I will do it!

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Are you for or against cat sterilization?


I found (actually Google suggested it to me on my phone as obviously I read some articles concerning cats from time to time on my phone) this article.

It was originally posted on "The Brussels Times" (online news site?). It reports the situation concerning the sterilization of house cats in Belgium.

I can not quote the entire article so I excerpt some of the lines here. I don't want to disturb them (The Brussels Times organization) and I simply want to show respect for them by quoting this very interesting piece of news.

The title:

"Nine out of 10 domestic cats are sterilized in Belgium"

"In Belgium, cat sterilization has been compulsory since the end of 2017 in Wallonia and since 2018 in Brussels and Flanders to counter feline overcrowding.

Out of 1,321,116 domestic cats in Wallonia, 90% of them are sterilized, according to a new survey carried out by Ipsos at the request Gaia, a Belgian animal rights association.

In Wallonia, 89% of male cats are neutered and 92% of females are sterilized, according to the survey. The owners of cats do it mainly for health reasons or to make the cats calmer.

In Flanders, 90% of cats are also sterilized and in the Brussels-Capital Region the number is 83%."

First you have to understand that Belgium is a two-part country. It consists of predominantly French-speaking southern region called Wallonia and Flemish (reads Dutch)-speaking (most of them speak English and French, too) northern part called Flanders.

As they live in different cultures (not too different), the statistics are separately shown above.

I had my Hannah operated on when she was around 10 months old when she started to show the sign of being in heat (nightly meowing loudly). I heard (or at least was led to believe) that cats live longer and healthier when sterilized and I wanted my Hannah live long and healthily.

Hannah came from (comes from) an area deep in Wallonia (near Luxembourg border). Her parents were not sterilized at the time of her conception, obviously. So her parents belonged to the precious 10 percent rare species.

I don't know if the questionnaires sent by IPSOS were written only in French or in Flemish, too. I guess that in Flanders, most of the public publication are written in Flemish (if not in Dutch) accompanied by French. I also presume that in Wallonia could be written only in French. I could be wrong.

In Luxembourg, I find so many letters sent from some government branches written in French, German and English. Sometimes there are fourth or even fifth language used in one of those letters. They are likely Portuguese or Italian. This shows the immigration history of Luxembourg.

We don't find Luxembourgish language so often as it is supposed to be a spoken language. So the announcement (mostly pre-recorded) made on board trains are made in French, German and Luxembourgish. Sometimes I hear train conductors making French, German and English announcement on board a train warning that first class seats require tickets.

Monolingual is not an option in Luxembourg for most people. Only the French or Belgians from Wallonia are allowed to be monolingual. As in Luxembourg others (non-French and non-Wallonian) tolerate those and learn French at home, school and at other places.

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Apple AirPort Express (A1264) gets too hot and Luxembourg National Championship

AirPort Express A 1264 too hot and hangs

A fatal design flaw or just a feature? That is the question. I finally gave up on it and replaced it with just a USB dongle that I purchased a long time ago (NETGEAR) and it works far better than AirPort Express A1264, which is ten times bigger than the USB dongle.

Should I dismantle (crack open) the AirPort Express and drill some holes in the case?

Haiku OS does not like Intel Q9500?

I tried the RC1, RC2 and nightly build from late June 2020 but the results were same. It boots to the startup splash screen and the boot process got completed almost to the end when it hanged. The disk access ceased and screen got black as the video signal died off. What was the matter?

Fédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois

URL: http://fscl.lu/

PDF file of announcement: http://fscl.lu/wp-content/uploads/Communiqu%C3%A9-Meisterschaften-final.pdf

Nationale Meisterschaft Zeitfahren und Straße(22.08 –23.08.2020)

The cycling sport governing body of Luxembourg is called Fédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois and shortened FSCL. Its URL is above. It posts the detailed information on the events (Road Race and Time Trial) just a couple weeks before the actual events as long as I know this organization. The event's venue is not announced far ahead of the events. Usually a couple of weeks ahead of the events.

Sometimes the cycling clubs (and their respective town that they are based in) have hard time hosting the event and the venue is set just before the event. I can not blame them.

A several years ago it (the burden of hosting the event) was so heavy until someone came forward to donate his own money to help lessen the burden (on the hosting cycling club and the community). Frank Schleck (who was participating) thanked him for the generosity of his at the podium.

Anyway, the original dates for the events (male/female, junior/senior/elite/etc., road/time trial) were moved to the dates below. It has only two days so they might not hold some minor events. At least they have to host 4 events, namely, male and female Elite riders (those riding professionally) Road Race and Time Trial because they represent the country and are greatly exposed to media.

Ironically, for these 4 events we almost know for sure who are going to win without holding the actual events because the national champions for these events have been unchanged and unchallenged for several years by now. For formality's sake?

August 22nd (Saturday) Probably the time trial race
August 23rd (Sunday) Most likely the road race

The whereabouts for the events are totally unknown to me. I just hope they are held near my residence area or near my work place area for ease of access.

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