The Tour de France 2020 starts where on earth (if it ever does)?

I wonder where it starts in 2020

Before this COVID-19 hit the us, we were supposed to see this year's Tour de France kick off in Nice, France in June (because it has to finish before Tokyo Olympic Games start in late July or early August, which I did not really care).

It is now highly likely that it (the Tour de France) will starts in July or August. There's a slight chance that it could start in September.

If it gets cancelled this year, what will happen in 2020 (if it ever is held in 2020)?

Would it be considered a postponed version or a new version? Will it start in Nice or Denmark?

MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2010 woe

`I have been having a problem with my `(otherwise) trusty MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2010 for some time now.

It came with the original box, power adapter and almost everything that had come when it came out in 2010 when I bought it from the USA in 2013. The missing thing could have been those Apple logo stickers if (only if) it had originally been shipped with ones.

I was happy with the purchase and the price was also good.

The problem is the power adapter. It came with US-style plug cord, of course. It had shown it age by 2019. The thin cord (the one leading to the Magsafe port) began to fray and it eventually shorted itself out at the point where the cord meets the brick.

I knew I could repair it as I had done it before. This site (www.ifixit.com) is a very useful one.

I repaired it with generous use of soldering iron and heat-shrink tubes. It began to work again at least at that time.

By the end of 2018 the internal battery, which I had swapped at the time I got it, had shown a sign of aging. The battery life had become shorter and the battery diagnostic utilities had began to warm me that tis time had come.

So I swapped it again recently. I thought I could use my MacBook Pro would work well. Not so faaaast! I noticed that the battery was not charging so well. Even though the Magsafe connecter is on, the battery is not charging and/or losing its charge quickly.

Now I think it ceased to function as it is supposed to. I think that either the internal guts have deteriorated (I don't know maybe its capacitors or others) or the soldered wires have been shorted slightly.

I have another power adapter but it is also not working as its cord is broken.

I need a working adapter! Fixing them or buying a new (but not genuine) one?

I am writing this on one of my PowerBook G4 machines because their battery is old and have lost their original capacity but PB G4 machines have a (unsafe?) secure snugly plug not like the Magsafe style plugs.

The Magsafe connection may be safe in case of sudden unintended disconnection because it is unlikely that either of the connecting parts can be broken because they snap off so easily and at the same time it is unlikely that the MacBooks would be flung off the table in case someone's leg gets tangled on the cord.

The Magsafe connection may not be so safe in terms of electrical conductivity. When the tips of those thin pins get eventually smudged, they get in the way (of electricity).

You get the point, right? PowerBook G4's connector may not be accident-proof (or may be accident-prone) but at least the electric conduction is very secure.

PowerBook G4 Titanium (1 GHz)?

I like old computers. I have a lot of M68K (Motorola 68000, 68020, 68030 and 6040) classic Macintosh computers at home (A.K.A. at my parent's in Japan).

I have rather a lot PowerPC and Intel Macs here in Luxembourg. PowerPC-based Macs are obsolete (so people think) but they are cute in a way.

I am currently (as of May 1st, 2020) watching an item on ebay. It is a PowerPC PowerBook from the UK. It is old, from year 2002 and does not have much computing power by now (2020). I don't know if I want it but watching. The seller sets a minimum reserve price on it and I don't know how much the seller wants for it. I might bid at the last moment if the price has not gone too far.

The description the seller put up is a bit puzzling or confricting so I did some research and reasoned so far like this.

The photos the seller has given are one (1) screenshot clip and six (6) photos showing the physical conditions of the item.

The sreenshot clip show that "About this Mac" info and it says that it has 1 GHz CPU and 512 MB of RAM on board.

One of the latter 6 photos also shows its screen and several open windows in it. I can not make out the details but there seems to be no wireless network working (no AirPort icon on the top bar).

The description says that it is "A1001" model.

Here comes the puzzling part. A1001 is a model number given to PowerBook (A.K.A. Titanium or TiBook) G4 (DV1) Early 2002 models. They have either one 667 or 800 MHz PowerPC G4 (7455).

Then why does it have a 1 GHz CPU inside?

I searched around and found one YouTube video where its author mentions just in passing that modding the mainboard's (belonging to some of TiBooks) resisitors to overclock it to 1 GHz was popular back then.

Should I conclude that it is a modified A1001 (originally 800 MHz)?

Or alternatively should I conclude that it is actually a A1025 (Late 2002 model) but somehow the seller read "A1001" off something (most likely the bottom panel)?

The auction ends in 5 days or so.

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テーマ:自転車ロードレース - ジャンル:スポーツ

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TdF 2020, Ubuntu Studio 20.04 and COVID-19 in Luxembourg

TdF 2020

ASO set the deadline for the decision as May 15, 2020, which happens to be Friday. They will decide and announce whether the Tour de France takes place in 2020 or not. I don't know the whole statement so I don't know if the decision may include postponing (for a couple of months).

Even if they give it a go, it may be held behind a closed wall, in other words, no spectators. We can only watch the race on TV (or hear on the radio).

Let's see.

Ubuntu Studio 20.04

I know the argument surrounding this distribution.

I decided to use it because I thought it would fit my need, namely editing videos. I also want to use it to learn some programming, namely Python.

Ubuntu Studio is a member of Ubuntu family. I can choose it or I can use one of other members and install "Studio" features over it. This fact made me take a short tour visiting other members. The main difference among them is the desktop environment.

Ubuntu Studio distribution is based on Xubuntu, which uses Xfce desktop. I am familier with Lubuntu with LXDE desktop. I used to use it.

I first thought about opting for Lubuntu with LXQT desktop and installing "Studio" features over it.

I checked other desktop family members. Budgie looked impressively attractive.

In the end I decided to choose stock Ubuntu Studio 20.04 when it comes out.

COVID-19 in Luxembourg

Basic situation: Only supermarkets, pharmacies, and other basic supply stores are allowed to stay open. Other businesses stay closed. We are allowed to go outside to do necessary business like acquiring food and other supplies. We are not required to keep some kind of document describing the nature of our outing like French people are required to do.

Today, I went to work just to get some items (Apple Airport Express and some cables) by train and came back. All the public transportation means were almost empty. All the waiting chairs on the platforms were forbidden to the public. A red and white zebra tape plastic tape strips were present.

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Back from the Tour de France 2019

Home sweet home

We (Hannah and I) came home this from Champs Elysees Paris France this morning (Monday, 29 July). I was tired but Hannah seemed to be very fine. Hannah may haven been a bit stressed when we stayed on the Champs Elysees almost all day. I think she handled it OK.

Tomorrow I will be back to work, back to reality.

I am just happy that we made it safe and sound.

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テーマ:猫のいる生活 - ジャンル:ペット

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The road book is ready but I am not

The road book (detailed information booklet issued by A.S.O.) is ready

On the other hand I am not ready. I am going to use this PDF and delve into its contents as a guidance to decide where to go and what to do during the stages, where to stay at night and then when and how long to drive before stopping.

First of all, I have to cut up the road book into pieces as it has a total of 244 pages, viewing it on my old MacBook Pro 2010, iPad mini 2 or Google Nexus 5X could be a nightmare if I do it on its entirety.

I have basic watch plans and basic rules.

1. If the stage is flat, I usually wait at the Feed Zone.

2. If the stage is hilly, I usually choose the one that the peloton passes before 3 to 4 o'clock so that I have still time to drive to a camping site near next day's watch spot.

3. If the stage is a mountain one, I usually choose the mountain where I see friends, the highest mountain, where I have never been or a popular mountain.

4. I want to find a camping site before 20:00 as they are likely open until around 20:00 during summer.

5. A typical day's drive should be up to around 200 km or 250 km.

6. When possible, I want to climb some mountains if I can (physically).

7. I want to entertain myself by painting on the road.

There could be more smaller rules but they are not important.

A short jump: Tarbe - Tourmalet (Stage 14) to Limoux or Foix
A mild jump: Limoux - Foix (Stage 15) to M*icirc;me (Rest day)
A big jump: Albertville - Val Thorens (Stage 20) to Paris

Only the last jump can be a bit of pain. Others don't really matter at all. So the planning can be easier. Just following the simple rules of 1 to 3 can shape my itinerary automatically.

I was trying to split the PDF pages (244 pages in total) so that I can easily browse them. macOS's standard Preview software can do it theoretically but my weak MacBook Pro 13-inch 2010 proved to be too weak to handle the task. Preview hanged every time I tried to cut page 30 out of it. I had several successful splitting before this page but this page 30 is full of layers (Stage 1 map so it has a lot of data).

I had to purchase a software program on App Store to do the task. The cheapest I could find was called "PDF Split" and I could successfully split all of the pages into single pages. Now I can start.

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No time, no plans!

I have no time

I don't have any time to sit and plan for my vacation and the vacation is coming soon. The Tour de France 2019 kicks off on Saturday, July 6th but I leave for Brussel on Thursday, July 4 to see the Team Presentation.

Bob Jungels was not selected. He is not there this summer. Who should I cheer for? I have a vague idea what to do during the Tour.

For some unknown reasons (territorial?), Amazon Germany refused to deliver some T-shirts that I wanted to wear. "Trump 2020 Re-elect Make Liberals Cry Again" T-shirt!! They don't deliver it to me.

If I have no particular individual to cheer for, I would cheer for President Trump. I will keep painting something like "Trump 2020" "Make liberals Cry Again!" or "(Your Nation) First!" I have no doubt that people around me eventually ask me to do some names as usual and as usual I would ask for something in return.

I don't have time to make plans. Oh my God! I have to make plans. I don't travel and drive aimlessly.

I am planning to stay at a camping site in Overijse near Brussel for the first few days. This place is not too far from Brussel but not too close to it, either. I know the town (Finish of BP, Brabantse Pijl) and it is a relatively quiet place with a lot of green.

Then where should I drive to? I have no idea for the moment. I simply haven't had the time to look for possible candidate places to watch the race.

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