Tour de Suisse 2016

I like Tour de Suisse (Tour of Switzerland, if I may, in English) for several reasons.

(in ramdom order)
1. Beautiful mountains and sceneries
2. Less crowded traffic and fewer crowd (than those of the Tour de France)
3. More (valuable and abundant) 'petits cadeaux' (free stuff from publicity caravan and at start/finish)

The only complain that I have is that over there diesel fuel is more expensive than gasoline and my Ford Ka uses diesel. Things are relatively expensive there but I only buy cheap food so no damage is done.

Next year (2016) the Tour de Suisse has a very interesting stage layout. Take a look at http://www.tourdesuisse.ch/.

I wish I could go and watch all of the stages this coming summer.

The highlight (at least one of the highlights) will be the climb to Rettenbachjoch. Rettenbach is a well-known name to any cycling fans. I always wanted to climb there.

A while ago, I wrote about camping shower equipment. Today I looked for a similar device on Decathlon's site. It is a big sporting equipment store chain in France, Belgium, Germany and many other countries.

Was my search fruitful? Yes.


In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ [Tour de Suisse 2016]の続きを読む

テーマ:自転車レース - ジャンル:スポーツ

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Tour de Suisse 2013 Summary

I came home safe and sound. It was a beautiful tour. The Tour de Suisse 2013 was a magnificent one.

Saturday morning, I went up to Flumsberg all the way to the stage finish. I started from the camping site I was staying in Bad Ragaz. So I almost did the same parcours as the real race.

Sunday morning after checking out the camping site, I drove to Flum, the town at the foot of the climb and parked the in a parking lot of a DIY store. Many people seemed to have done so. Then I climbed the climb.

Saturday I could go all the way without stopping to rest but on Sunday I had to stop many times. My legs were tired and not recovered yet. I knew I needed more training before TdF.

I installed a 12-28 cassette on my Zipp 404 just before this TdS trip. I did not have time to tune the rear deraileur. I did the tuning several times during the trip. I think 34-28 (front-rear) is a tricky combination. 34-28 requires higher cadence but my heart went over the red zone. 34-25 was easier to handle on Flumserberg (mostly 9% max. 12%) with lower cadence.

There are big differences between Tour de Suisse and Tour de France. One exampl is that the security measures enforced by the organizers.

TdF has, of course, stricter safety measures. They shut out the streets and mountains long long before the peloton passes. Normal street are closed before the passage of publicity caravan until the end marker (voiture balai = broom stick car) and the remaining cars and motor bikes following the race (sponsors, journalists and others). We, general public, are allowed to use the streets sometime after. Category HC and first passes are almost always closed in the evening preceding the stage. Very well known passes like l'Alpe d'Huez or Tourmalet are closed days before the stage.

TdS, on the other hand, uses practical and relaxed safety measures. Streets are closed oly 15 minutes or 20 minutes preceding the passage of the peloton.

Flumsberg was closed at noon on Sunday.

Among other differences between the two tours is that TdS offers plethora of "petits cadeaux (free promotional givaways)." They gave us drinks, ice cream, flashlights with batteries, hats, caps, bags, crackers, cheese, sunglasses, sticky mats, mini sewing kits, towels and etc.

Oh my god! It pays to go and watch the race! Some items are going to be used during TdF. Thank you very much TdS! I love TdS.

Tour de Frace used to more giving years ago. Because of the economic problems France (European Union in general) is facing, petits cadeaux have been reduced in amount and quality. This year, I guess, will be no exception.

I will take pictures of those petits cadeaux later.

In Japanese:






土曜日はバード・ラガス(スイスドイツの会場アナウンスだとバード・ラガツが正しい)のキャンプ場から(キャンプ場は土曜日のステージのゴールからほんの400mくらいの場所)自転車で出かけました。そして Flumserbergを登りました。ギヤは34-28で登ってるつもりだったのですが、実際には34-25で上りきりました。













テーマ:自転車ロードレース - ジャンル:スポーツ

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Le Gruyère catastrophy

Did you see that? Le Gruyère air-pumped gate collapsed! What happened?

I have seen a very similar but minor incident exactly like this during the Giro d'Italia (belgian stages) years ago. I think it was a small Mazda float. It was not over the parcours but placed roadside.

Cause: the blower's fuel ran out. It could be a combination of gasoline engine power generator + electric blower or gasoline engine electric blower that was pumping the air into that gate. When the fuel runs out and the blower stops, the air pressure goes down quickly bringing the whole structure down. I believe that this was the case.

In Japanese:

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Tour de Suisse 2013 Part VI

Now June 13, shortly before noon, I'm at Meilen. The peloton finishes on the main road along the "See" (lake) called Seestrasse. I parked my car along Seestrase off Meilen. This was the closest free parking I could find. In the shade by the way. Since yesterday we have summer here in Seitzerland. It is hot under the Sun. Who said good things come in two? I found a free WIFI here, too!

I'm going a bit of dirty repair job on my bike and intend to ride on it.

Later I will watch the race on TV by the team bus parking.

Later in the evening I will drive to Bad Ragaz.

It 14:30 and I did the last category 3 hill. It was fun!!! Nice weather! Maybe too hot for the riders but a good preparation for the "Tour".

In Japanese:


夕刻にはレース観戦し、その後は、Bad Ragazへ移動です。


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Tour de Suisse 2013 Part V

Now, Wednesday June 12 evening, I am at a camping site in Zürich. Not far from tomorrow's finish Meilen. I thought, TomTom on my iPhone led me to believe, that there was a camping site near Meilen but I could not find it. I crossed the lake on a ferry for nothing!!

This morning I woke up early and spun my legs. I was in Buochs and had fun climbing the local hill. At the lake level, the altitude was about 400 meters. I climbed up 470 meters in altitude. OMG, it was not easy at first. I haven't been a good boy and did not train much. And hills are scarce in Luxembourg. That is why I came to Switzerland, to train.

Tomorrow I will drive to Meilen and try to find a good place to park. Then I will get my bike out and ride.

At the end of tomorrow, I will drive to Bad Ragaz and check in a camping sute (hope it not full).

In Japanese:





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