National Championship Luxembourg 2020 (Road Race/Time Trial)

UCI had very kind (and new) pages for race schedules


I checked the FSCL's site for information but they did not (don't as of now).

I thought maybe UCI (the governing body of cycling federations all over the world) had at least the dates and some additional information. I was right.

According to the information provided by the UCI's site, all the time trial events will take place on Thursday, August 20th and road race events will take place on Sunday, August 23rd. The venue of the event is very likely around Mamer, a community near Luxembourg city because the event is hosted by the cycling club based in Mamer.

I have been to Mamer for several times. A 3-day stage race (female) is normally held there. This year it was, I think, cancelled so they had extra money set aside and decided to host the National Championship, maybe.


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Festival Elsy Jacobs UCI WE 2.1

Festival Elsy Jacobs 2019

I began to check its site more frequently as the date draws nearer. The latest update on the site is that its Twitter link. I followed it hoping that I was right guessing that this would be the proper way to get the latest updates.

The teams participating the event update their information (roster or so) there so that the organizer has less work to do to reflect the latest development on its site.

I quickly learned that Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig is not participating the event as Bigla Pro Cycling Team announced it planned roster.

Lazy as I am

I am lazy. I want to change this lazy life. A help is on my way. I am so close to having a cat with me as a companion (at least I am led to believe so).

With a cat living with me being lazy or staying in bed late won't be an option.

My iPad mini 2 needs more storage

My iPad mini 2 (second hand found on ebay) has builtin 16 GB of storage. Some of it has been taken by the system (iOS) so I have less space than than of course.

I have TomTom Go Mobile on it (as I was a TomTom Western Europe application user and I got this free update). I am using Western Europe map on it and the map data is rather huge.

To accommodate the map data and leave some empty area for updating the map occasionally, I deleted some apps before. The map data seems to be constantly growing and recently I had to delete more and make some apps offline (delete the apps but keep their data).

I will be shooting a lot of movies (cat movies to be exact) on it so I need to make more room on it. Since expanding the storage is impossible (no possibility of inserting SD cards or others), I have to do something else.

How about this?

128 GB should suffice for a while.

How about this microphone?

Do I need it?

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OMG! I got the wrong date for the appointment!

Sunday, May 12

I have an appointment with an entity in Germany on May 13th, which is Monday and I want to be there early in the morning (this business opens at 07:30 on Monday) so that after the installation which takes several hours (?), I can still drive home early enough to catch a brief sleep (if I can) before going to work on Tuesday morning.

According to their site, their Business Hours is as below:
Mo. - Fr. 7:30 - 18:00
Sa. 8:00 - 12:00

When I made this appointment on the phone, I thought there would not be any bike race events on 12th. I was wrong and I was wrong a big time!

An event called "Festival Elsy Jabobs (WE 2.1)" is on that day here in Luxembourg! It is a short but sweet stage race event under the category of UCI "WE 2.1". WE appears to be Women Elite but I could be wrong.

URL: http://elsy-jacobs.lu

Oooooohhhhh My Goooooodness!

Because the route to this company Beeken Fahrzeugteile GmbH (Beeken = obviously a family name, Fahrzeug = automobile, Teile = parts) is quite long (530 km), I planned to use the preceding Sunday to get there. So I am going to miss the final stage.

Oh, well I can still be a spectator along the route on Saturday. I hope some of the few riders who can (could) recognize me will be there!

As usual (for some unfathomable reasons), the start list won't be there (on the official site) until really really the last moment. Sometimes I don't get the roster until it is too late.

For example, I checked the start list of LBL feminine on none-other-than ASO's site (letour.fr) and had been led to believe that Rossella Ratto would be there (as I saw her name there). I was heartbroken when I heard from a friend of mine that she would not be there when I was painting messages for her or her name on the route of LBL (la Redoute) and this was Friday, April 26.

She was out because of the injury that she had suffered. I know she was also really seriously heartbroken because she had missed the event, LBL, that she states her favorite racing event of all times. Compared to her disappointment, mine would be almost nothing.

Well, this friend of mine sent the photos of them to her and my work is currently on her (Rossella Ratto's) Instagram. So it was rewarding after all, anyway.

I will miss the prologue because it starts in the evening and I can't be there. I will see them in action on the 1st stage. I will do the same thing this year as I did last year. Can you guess?

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National Championship Luxembourg 2018

It has not been announced yet officially on this site (http://fscl.lu) but its calendar section does list the event hosted by "CT Atertdaul".

I looked it up on the Internet and the mighty Google kindly told me that it is "Cycling Team Atertdaul Absl" located in Redange-sur-Attert.

So this year the events (a lot of categories but in Luxembourg most of them are done together, or concurrently, meaning that the lower category riders have less lapses than those belonging to higher ones) are held in the area surrounding Redange (Redange-sur-Attert).

Let me point it out that the name of the river is spelled as Attert but its name seems to reflect on other names as Atert with only one "T".

The venue is not far from the Capital area. Around 40 km I figure.

All of the time trial events take place on Thursday, 28 June.

Elite men's events along with others take place on Sunday, 1 July.

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Festival Elsy Jacobs

Festival Elsy Jacobs (http://elsy-jacobs.lu)

Course par étapes WE UCI 2.1 au LUXEMBOURG, so says the site. It is in French as the dominant language, as far as written form is concerned, here in Luxembourg is French. Luxembourgish is mainly for oral communication.

Anyway, It is a road bike race with UCI 2.1 category for women. Elsy Jacobs is (was) a road bike racer (and she was good at all disciplines like track racing, cyclocross and others) from Garnich, Luxembourg. She was really good at it and this small stage race has her name to honor her achievement.

I have been to the last stage twice, I think. I am not too sure but it is not too important how many times I went there to see the race.

This year I try to see as much as possible because I have a friend (French guy) who said would come to visit Luxembourg for this race.

(I started writing this on Thursday, April 26 but could not finish it until now, which is Sunday, April 29)

On Friday, April 27 I went to Cessange, very close to my humble residence, to watch the pre-race events because I had to leave by the time the prologue started. I went to see the team gradually gathering and they (riders) going for a course check.

It was very nice to talk to Ms Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig (Cervelo-Bigla Pro Cycling Team).

I had a brief talk with Ms Eri Yonamine during the reconnaissance ride on the climb of Côte de la Redoute (actually Côte means climb so this phrase is redundant) when she briefly stopped where I draw her name on the course. This was my second time to talk to her and kinda introduce myself.

On Saturday, April 28 early in the morning before going to work, I drove to a local DIY store to buy a bucket of indoor matte white water paint. I later drove to the day's first GPM to do some painting job for aforementioned Ms Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig as she thanked me for doing some painting on Côte de la Redoute.

Later that day I drove to Steinfort (start and the finish) to see the race. Ms Eri Yonamine attacked solo and went for a while. There was big screen at the finish and we could all see her brave attack. That was very very awesome! She got the most combative prize for that!

On Sunday, April 29 (today as this writing) I went to the exact same place (first GPM of the day and also of the previous day) to add a bit more painting.

After that I drove to Garnich (the start and finish) to see the end of the race. I went up on foot to the other GPM (about 1 km from the finish). I met the friend above-mentioned and he told me that our beloved Cecilie was out because of illness. I found her in the passenger's seat in the team car following the race.

Anyway, the race was decided by a fierce sprint and won by Ms Letizia Paternoster (Astana) and with the time qualification she got, she also took the leader's jersey from the local hopeful Ms Christine Majerus.

Soon after the finish, the MC announced that it was unofficial as the race judge had not yet made the official announcement that Ms Christine Majerus seemed to have lost the first place on the general classification because of all the time qualification gathered. This announcement was, of course, done in a low quite tone as undoubtedly the local people had hoped that Ms Majerus had kept the prized yellow jersey.

Ms Yonamine had a bad luck toward the end of the race. A mechanical trouble (brake) forced her to quit as if losing her own bike the previous day in a theft (her team's van was brutally forced open) was not enough. I was very sorry for her. She was riding a bike borrowed from other team and the bike size was not the correct one.

I also had a pleasant talk with Ms Tsubasa Makise, another Japanese rider. Her name Tsubasa means wing (of birds, planes or any other flying objects and traditionally not considered a given name and only recent years came to be used as a given name and it must be also noted that it can be boys' or girls' name by its neutral nature as Japanese nouns don't have any genders at all).

She told me that her teammates jocosely called her 'wing'. I asked her if her parents wanted her to be an athlete as, as long as know this name Tsubasa got widely known by a comic (later animation) character. This boy was a succor player. Personally I had not known anybody "real" with this name before I found her name on the starting list of the race and the only person I had known with this name was this fictional character.

She told me that her parents wanted a name related to the sky (and flying). A beautiful name indeed.

As all the bikes (of Maaslanderstar International Women's Cycling Team) were stolen on Satudary morning, she came up to the first stage (April 28) without a bike. She was the only one without a bike.

She was not sure if she could start that stage. Luckily a small (this does not refer by any means their athletic achievements) Spanish climber from Movistar team used the same size as Ms Makise, size 46, which is extremely rare if not non-existent (with wheels 700C) and she could borrow the bike.

The bike frame was small indeed and very light (I lifted it up). She said that the bike was excellent that it was not only light to lift up but very responsive when pedaling out of saddle. She was very pleased with the Canyon bike.

The only complaint she had with the bike was the fitting, which did not have anything to do with the bike frame maker. I think the stem length and/or handlebar (column) height was not just so she had a bit of stiff neck in the end. And the Campagnolo levers do not offer "reach adjustment" as Shimano STIs do, her small hands and shorter fingers had a problem squeezing the levers.

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