Amazon (Germany) warehouse scam!

Mark Cavendish wins

I checked the cyclingnews.com site and saw a big photo of Mark Cavendish. It was a finish line photo that the winner of the second stage of the Tour of Turkey.

First of all, I have never been a big fan of Mr. Cavendish.

His win after three years of drought did not impress me but his arm warmer did.

It must be cold in Turkey.

Actually, I saw the previous day a photo of snow there that forced the organizer to cancel the first stage. I just thought the first stage's venue must have been some place in the mountain.

It dawned on me only then when I saw the arm warmer on the winning man that the cold weather was not only here but everywhere in Europe (and its outer rim as Turkey).

It is April but the daytime highs and nighttime lows stay relatively chilly. I am a bit concerned not to much but slightly.

I am going on a car trip to Belgium (Southern part of Belgium where French is spoken a.k.a. Wallonia region). It is a 6-day 5-nights trip between April 20 and 25). I sleep in a tent wrapped in a sleeping bag during the last three nights.

The nighttime lows during the week (April 12 to 19) stay around 0 (zero) degree Celsius. In Celsius measurement system, zero signifies the freezing point of H2O commonly known as "water".

I have experienced sub-freezing temperature camping in the past. I survived and I know I can. All I need is warm clothes and extra covering.

Amazon Germany Warehouse deal was a scam!

I received the package that I was expecting in the morning. The tracking info had already told me it (or they in separate boxes) was coming around this time. I got it and opened them to check the contents (standard procedure).

I found them as expected except for the DDPai Mola N3. It did come but the package was wrapped in ugly strips of mending tape. WTF?

I opened it and found some parts were missing. Three items were missing; 1. spare 3M double-sided adhesive tape 2. plastic prier 3. DC 12 V to USB adapter.

I had to guess that this had been sent (to someone) before and opened then returned. Thus, no thin film wrapping and also missing items.

Should I return it? This is the question but considering the lowered price at which I got it, I have decided to keep it if it works well. I have to check it fully with a mini SD card and installed in the automobile outside to see if it records well and the GPS function works.

I really don't need the missing items, either.

The point is that it was a scam because the Amazon Germany did not mention the condition of the merchandise. It was (most likely) a B-ware or returned item and missing items.

Other items: Magsafe (I) wall charger and 60-Watt wall USB charger

I have two broken Apple genuine wall charger for old (Magsafe I, first generation) MacBooks. I repaired them but soon they broke again.

I have several USB adapters but some are not working and the ones working barely support 2 A (Ampere) charging capacity. So I needed it. Its (self-claimed) rated capacity is whapping 60 Watts. I doubt it but it was not to expensive.

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MIA or sloppy job by Luxembourg Post Office?


I noticed a status update of part of the Amazon (Germany) order that it had been cancelled and would be reimbursed in the following days. WTF? MIA?

The order had been divided in three parts due to the fact that they (5 items) had three different shipping origins.

One of them had been cancelled because there was an error during the delivery. The last delivery agent is Luxembourg Post Office, or POST. They did something.

It happened before. It was delivered in the end but it was officially cancelled and reimbursed. I don't know what happened but someone at POST was nodding in sleep when he/she came to contact with the package.

Probably this time I will not be so lucky as I was last time and have to re-order them again later.

When it rains, it pours

I was out with Hannah in the woods but our excursion was briefly interrupted by a sudden rain mixed with slight sleet. I had to wipe off the mud on her paws after coming home. We were there only around 20 minutes but she was lucky to catch a mouse (gerbil of some kind) and enjoyed herself doing so.

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Greek Yogurt and BG

MX5 Things / AVP on the road


acrylic wind blocker

I found this channel around the time I was considering buying mine back in 2017 or a bit later. He started with showing off his brand new purchase and eventually started tuning it.

I am happy for him that he turned his hobby into a kind of (at least a part time) job.

I would like to have this one but not now. I wish I had money for it.

What is Bill Gate up to these days?




For the last few weeks (or longer?) I could not notice that Bill Gates was speaking something on the ads on YouTube. I mindlessly dismissed them by clicking on "Skip Ad" button. It dawned on me now that I should take a look into them not because I am a big fan of him but why he was doing it (I am sure that he does not need any money for the appearance).

I know that there are at least two versions of them as the one I captured is a environmental issue one and I remember seeing one with him fumbling a grey cushy ball with red projectiles (seemingly imitating a piece of corona virus).

The "Green Premiums" one is a work of environmental mafia. It makes us feel that we have to expel combustion engines and hail those EVs as quickly as possible. Bullshit!

So what is the message of the corona virus Muppet one? Should we all vaccinated as swiftly as possible only to find that they (vaccination injections) are meant to put under mind control that we should blindly follow the directions from some obscure health advocating organization even though the effect or side-effect of the medicine is still unknown?

What is Greek Yogurt?

I went to (actually drove, Yesterday, Saturday) one of the local supermarkets where I buy Hannah's food. Her favorite food is one of those wet food (not dry food). Shes seems to like beef so I buy always look for the one she likes.

I tried a lot of kinds of food since her babyhood. I went to a dedicated pet supply store and picked a variety of food. Eventually I landed on a particular pouched food from local supermarket Delhaize and on the private brand one for baby cat.

When she reached adulthood, I switched to a LIDL private brand one. This was OK but she seemed to like more beef over other flavors. This Lild one came in a box with 4 flavors (Salmon, Chicken, Beef and ?) so I looked further. Eventually I landed on a beef flavor product sold at Cactus supermarkets.

After securing her food, I looked for something for myself and got packs of Mozzarella cheese and this Greek Yogurt. I did not know what it would taste like but the simplicity of the package told me that it contained only Yogurt and no fancy fruit compote or sugar. I was right.

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Hannah and me in the woods on a sunny day in Luxembourg

A sunny day in Luxembourg!

(photos are not yet uploaded - hopefully in a few days they will be here)

Today (Sunday, February 14, 2020 a.k.a. St. Valentine's Day) I took my dear Hannah out for a walk in the woods (forest). It was a sunny day here in Luxembourg.

We started around noon and wandered in the woods for about two hours. The temperature was around zero or minus one degrees Celsius but when the Sun shone on me (almost all the time as all the leaves are gone and trees are sparse at this time of the year) it felt warm.

More importantly Hannah seemed not to care about the cold weather at all and enjoying the opportunity.

I noticed relatively recently the forest workers of (or hired by) the local commune (administrative body) cut some trees in the woods supposedly to give the trees some elbow space and also make the paths in the woods easier for us to wander. This (photo below) stub shows a newly cut surface. The stub is gently trimmed as it stands at the triangular cross section of the paths. I guess the chainsaw worker was considerate and did so to prevent bikers accidentally hit on the edge.

I saw some seeds of grain on it. I guess some bird (or squirrel) lover put it intentionally. Apparently the mixed grain seeds are from the bird's food ubiquitously found at local stores.

There were thin and patchy snow in the woods still as the temperature remained below zero for the last several days.

The weather, reportedly and sadly, turns and we may have rainy days for some time.

The ground was frozen (frozen fallen leaves and solid mud) and I could easily climb up the hill where no paths were. Hannah's paws stayed clean and not muddy.

It is time I took my bike out for a ride!

I saw many bikers while walking Hannah in the woods as the local nearby woods is situated on the banks of the meandering stream and there's a paved road along the stream for joggers, walkers and bikers.

I want to ride my bicycle.

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Fox guarding the hen house idiom

Fox guarding the hen house

Watching a movie titled "Fat Fiction (2020)", once again I was reminded of the expression which appears in the title of this entry.

Here, USDA is on the list of suspects like lining up in front of those horizontal lines indicating the suspects' height along with those "usual" suspects like American Heart Association, and other numerous so-called advocating organizations and agencies. They are the fox in the system.

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