The shape of eneloop pro batteries

MAG-LITE (classic 4 C) for a spin

Not all but most of the items I ordered the last time (2019) have arrived. I am still waiting for the last one packet from China, which was actually the very one that I really wanted to have.

All the good things arrive last! (maybe)

The items that I purchased for this old school MAG-LITE® was additional Panasonic eneloop pro AA batteries, an LED bulb with the matching socket and 4 AA to C conversion adapters.

What I learned was that eneloop pro batteries are (seem to be) slightly (1 mm or so?) longer than ordinary AA batteries and so they won't fit in the adapter. Damn! Excuse my language!

I am not sure if the thickness of the plasting coating (carrying the printed logos among other things) overlapping the edge (shoulder) of both ends where the adapter try to cling to is the cause of this woe.

I may peel it off to see if my guess is correct later. I hope I am right.

. . . .

Later, I did it. I peeled off the plastic cover and put them in the adapters. It is still a really tight fit but it works.

The LED bulb worked well. It emits bright white light. I can not say it is brighter than a filament glow bulb (as I have no proper equipment to measure their brightness, of course) but it is OK with me.

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Suunto Spartan Sport and Movescount.com

Suunto Spartan Sport

I have been using this watch for the last two months or so (I really don't remember when I bought it). It serves my purposes. Now I can check the time quickly while driving, biking, walking and riding a train.

It counts my steps (if I have it on me) automatically. I set (past tense form) my goal at 9,000 steps a day. On Sunday, 25 November I was busy doing stuff. I wanted to change the tire/wheel set on my MX-5 to the Winter set (finally!) that had been kept at my friends' apartment (they have a underground level storage which I don't).

In Luxembourg, some cities (populated areas) impose parking fees during weekdays. On Sunday, the parking is free anywhere. So I chose this Sunday. Now my MX-5 is ready for the cold weather ahead.

I had to walk a lot for this tire change event. I also walked a lot setting up the a small opening ceremony that would take place Monday, 26 November at my new workplace.

In the end, my Suunto Spartan Sport told me that I walked over 17,000 steps this Sunday. Almost twice as my daily target! Not bad!

I learned not too much about utilizing this watch but I did learn something about customizing the watch by logging into movescount.com. It is way easy to customize it by visiting this site on a personal computer (for me it is my MacBook) using a browser. I created two locations on the site using the map. These locations (waypoints if you use the Garmin term) can easily transferred to the watch.

My Spartan Sport can store up to 250 locations and 10 routes. I don't know how to create a route but I can vaguely guess. I guess I have to turn on the exercise function and take a log (for my case biking outdoors). This stored exercise can be transferred to my page on movescount.com. I will definitely try and see how it works.

When I got it, its "exercise" menu showed a whole bunch of different activity types. Some of them were totally useless to me. Now I learned that I can customize this menu by editing it on movescount.com (and then sync with the watch). Now I have only three activity types on my watch, cycling, indoor cycling and hiking. I will take a walk in the nearby woods to see how the watch records my move. Its GPS function (assisted GPS) can actually work well in the woods.

My Garmin Edge 800 refuses to keep the log when I ride under thick forage. Garmin Edge 800 is a real GPS logger (not assisted GPS) so when the perception of GPS signals from the satellites gets unstable, it gives up too soon.

A new beginning

So on Monday, 26 November I will wake up and start my day by going to the local post office and pick up the packages from Amazon. I will take a shower and then pack up my work gear and head to the new workplace for this ceremony. Some people are invited to get the preview of what is going to happen at my new workplace.

December 1st is the first day I officially start at the new place. I hope I do well. I don't want to fail. Let's see!

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テーマ:愛車と日常 - ジャンル:車・バイク

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Do you sometimes actually read those credits of the end of the movie scrolls?

Give me some credit!

Usually I don't. Sometimes I do. Just for the heck of pure curiosity.

I found a ninja among the names in the scroll of "Jack Reacher Never Go Back" and was delighted. It seems that someone named him or her so. Is it a girl name or boy name?

It is like Easter Egg Hunt for me.

If you have appetite for one, I recommend renting (digitally) JFK by Oliver Stone and look for the name of Elizabeth Stone. She was still married to him (the director) at that time (of movie release) with two (?) boys.

I can safely guess that she was very busy raising those boys home instead of siding with him at the movie shooting location.

Bergen, Norway


This year's UCI Road World Championship is held in Bergen, Norway. If I could take 2 weeks of vacation then, I want to be there. Garmin BaseCamp tells me that I have to drive more than 2,000 km to get there. The reason why I insist going there by car is that I want to have my bike with me in Bergen (beautiful Fjord area), Copenhagen, Oslo and Stockholm. It take more than two days to simply get there. Thus I need a 2-week vacation.

(Luxembourg to Bergen, Norway: an overview / screenshot clip from Garmin BaseCamp)

(Luxembourg to Bergen, Norway: Germany to Denmark / screenshot clip from Garmin BaseCamp)

(Luxembourg to Bergen, Norway: Three capital cities of Scandinavian countries / screenshot clip from Garmin BaseCamp)

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テーマ:ヨーロッパ - ジャンル:海外情報

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Sippy did not make it and I am not happy

Sippy did not make it and I don't know why. There are some competitors already selling similar gadgets. The idea is a small portable (outdoor, not necessarily though) expresso maker without electric power.

Wacaco Minipresso
(Origine of China where the products are shipped from)

Handpresso Pump
(It seems that the products are shipped from France)

In principle, they (above two of them) work the same way, I guess.

If you are curious and have time to fool around, please refer to YouTube and search for related videos there. You will, however, find very contradicting videos there. (At least) one says that Wacaco Minipresso makes a better espresso and the other says the otherwise. It may have something to do with tamping the ground coffee bean in the cup before extraction.

If I was going to buy (IF) one of them, I will go for Wacaco Minipresso. Alternatively, I may go for Aeropress by Aerobie (www.aerobie.com). And if I was going to get a Wacaco Minipresso, I would opt for the NS variant. This NS variant utilizes a Nespresso capsule. I guess this mean that tamping or no tamping would have no meaning. If I was going to use those multi-use Nespresso compatible capsules, this tamping or no tamping would make a huge difference on the finished espresso.

This Aeropress is not exactly an espresso maker as it lacks the pressure needed to extract espresso from the ground coffee bean but it is close enough.

Back to the theme. I really don't understand the reason people did not go for Sippy. It seemed to be a nice neat gadget.

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Worker ants and inevitable lazy ants

An article I read a few days ago. A group of scientists suggested after researching the subjects that there is always a portion of ants within working class ants who are not working as diligently as others and that those lazy ants work when other diligent ants get tired. In essence they are lazy for reasons and their existence is essential for the survival of the society.

A discovery that is now scientifically proved but already suspected long before.

I also know that the unemployment rate never gets 0 % (in a healthy society). If it (unemployment rate) hits the all time low of 0 %, the society that holds it will be doomed. Certain numbers of people have to remain unemployed to ensure a quick and fluent transfer of labor force to where labor force is needed.

If, theoretically, everybody is employed in a society, who would work for a new business or refill the position vacated by someone who is sick, taking a parental leave, dead or absent for some other reasons.

How many times I have changed my line of jobs? I have been many things. I have had many odds jobs, too. The job that I am doing is not what I had dreamt that I would have when I was a teenager. I took up this job because I wanted to live in Europe. I don't hate my current job but I don't love what I do now. Maybe I will learn to love what I do in the future.

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