RadioShack-Leopard only in WorldTour races

I have been wondering for sometime by now (since the end of TdF) why the race calendar on the official site at RSLT was so desolate in August, September, October and so on.

I was planning to see them in action at Circuit Franco-Belge, GP Furmies or Binche-Tournai-Binche like last year but the race calendar would not show the names of the races above entioned.

Now I know why.

According to the report on Wort.lu (source: Belgian niewsblad.be), the current management decided to cut corners and save money by not participating those "local" races and only participating in WorldTour races (because the participation is obligatory!!).

Sad! I am really disappointed. This means for me the 2013 race season is over. I may go watch those races above mentioned to enjoy them but I know RSLT riders won't be there.

Obligatory races that RSLT is participating:
GP Plouay
GP Québec
GP Montréal
Il Lombardia
Tour of Beijing

October 5 Il Lombardia is held in Italy but I don't think I can make it.

(Altough relatively big) Non-bligatory races that RSLT is not participating:
Tour of Britain

Paris-Tours is a good race but I am not going there, perhaps.

All the races they are doing in USA now (and later) will be, undoubtedly, paid by Trek (to promote their bikes). It seems that Japan Cup organizer promised a good deal of money to cover the expenses and Trek also agreed to pay for the expenses since they sell a lot of bikes in Japan. This fact is clearly apparent as they signed Fumiyuki Beppu for the new team.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ [RadioShack-Leopard only in WorldTour races]の続きを読む

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New Trek Team in 2014

I could be going to watch the following races but not definite.

Sunday, October 6 (last stage of Circuit Franco-Belge Mons-Tournai)
official web URL: http://www.circuitfrancobelge.com/

Binche Tournai Binche (but does this race take place this year?)
(ditto): http://www.binche-tournai-binche.eu/

GP Fourmies

It all depends on my work schedule, RadioShack-Leopard participation and others.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ [New Trek Team in 2014]の続きを読む

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Beppu to the new Trek (-sub-sponsor, if any) Team

OMG! Finally this day has come (not yet but 2014)! I have a Japanese rider in the team I support. According to cyclingnews.com, Fumy Beppu has signed for the next season. According to other sources, he has two year contract. I love it.

So far, in the media, Fabian Cancellara, Schleck brothers and Basque riders (Markel Irizar and Haimar Zubeldia) have been confirmed to ride for the team next year.

Other signings include (rumors or so) Boy Van Poppel and (I forgot).

Sad news is that Tony Gallopin is leaving. He is a very friendly guy so I miss him.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ [Beppu to the new Trek (-sub-sponsor, if any) Team]の続きを読む

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Dear Craft. When can I get RadioShack-Leopard's 2013 jersey?

I mean, really when? Are you stocking up the team kit or what?

I looked around but there is no sign of RadioShack-Leopard's 2013 team kit looming anywhere. The web shop of RadioShack-Leopard has diappeared. I had expected this since purchased items (I did not use the store myself) the web shop last year were sent from an address in Belgium. I suspect the organization behind the shop was part of the company controlled by Mr. Br*yneel. This year there is no sign or announcement of web shop reopening.

Anyways, usually, a local store, Asport (http://www.asport.lu) carries the team kit and takes early orders. This year there is nothing on the site.

Other on-line stores which carried RadioShack-Nissan's kit last year have not made any indication of new kit.

Last year, Auchan Drive (drive through pick-up service of Auchan supermarket) had a promotion event. I was lucky and got the jersey free of cost and also all three of Luxembourg riders' autographs on it.

This year, there seems to be less enthusiasm in Luxembourg (like Team Presentation was not held in Luxembourg).

I also check Procyclingshop (http://www.procyclingshop.com) but so far nothing. I bought some items from them. I bought the podium cap, gloves and socks on top of Huy's climb last year (La Fl&eatute;che Wallonne).

One small question. What did Chris Froome mean when he said, "I was over-geared"? According to cyclingnews.com he said, "I felt I was a little over-geared and I don't think I was dressed warmly enough for the weather."

Does "over-geared" mean that he had to use smaller rear cogs than needed as he underestimated the climb? If so, he was definitely 'under-equipped,' right?

In Japanese:
いつですか? クラフト様。いつになったら、レディオシャック・レオパードの新ジャージ類が発売されるのですか。


オフィシャルのレディオシャック・レオパードには昨年はウエッブショップがあった。実際の発送元がベルギーだったので、これは昔のTailwind sports系(ブリュイネール氏の)の組織じゃないか?と疑っていた。今年はウエッブショップが無い。後に開くのかもしれないが。とにかく売ってない。







I buckled my seat belt. (シートベルトを締めた)
I unbuckled my seat belt.(シートベルトを外した)

The bridge buckled when the earthquake hit.(地震で橋が崩壊した)

1. I over-geared myself climbing Mont-Ventoux.(重過ぎるギヤをつかった)
2. I over-geared my bike climbing Mont-Ventoux.(バイクに大き過ぎるギヤを装着した、軽いギヤ)
3. I was over-geared.(重すぎるギヤを使った)



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