Nostalgia for days PowerPC CPUs were still hot

Mac mini G4 (PowerPC10,1 1.42 GHz Mac OS X 10.4.11)

Nostalgia for days PowerPC CPUs were still hot (topic-wise) and Today they are still hot (temperature-wise). You know when they say "clockwise" and conterclockwise".

That (being hot) was the very reason Apple abandoned them as they were frustrated when PowerPC CPUs were too hot to get more computing power out of them and could not turn up the frequency clock. Intel CPUs were revving back then.

The PowerPC CPUs were lower clocked RISC CPUs. How about ARM CPUs as M1 chips? Back to where it started?

I wrote most this entry text on TextEdit (on the machine above mentioned) while watching a movie (MP4 H264) played by Core Player on the same machine.

It can handle H264 files while H265 files can not be handled by the PowerPC G4 (in this respect Intel Core Solo can not either).

My Mac mini Early 2009 (Dore 2 Duo 2 GHz) can play back H265 files.

It is only nostalgia for old days that I enjoy finding use out of this tiny beast.

TenFourFox (latest version) works well on it, too. I am uploading this using it.

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MorphOS and Adélie Linux on my G4 Macs? vers. II

Mac mini G4's Optical drive specs

I wanted to try MorphOS and Adélie Linux on one of my G4 Macs. I chose one of my Mac mini G4 models as a candidate.

I downloaded the ISO images of them on my Ubuntu Studio (over Kubuntu 20.04) machine and burned the images on blank DVD+R media. I thought it should work but it did not. Both media were ejected.


Then it hit me. Was the optical drive on G4 machines capable of handling DVD+R media or not? I checked the specs of Mac mini G4 and found out that it did not.

I think connecting a capable drive to its USB port should work. I have such one with me.

HAIKU not working on HP Pro 3120 SFF

I also downloaded second version of HAIKU release candidate ISO image and burned it on a blank DVD+R medium.

I booted it from the DVD+R. It booted and the logo came up. I thought it would work. After this, the screen went to black and nothing followed. It seemed that the process had just stuck.


I don't know what happened this time. The spec of the mainboard is pretty plain consisting of Intel chips so I guessed that HAIKU would not have any problem.

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[MorphOS and Adélie Linux on my G4 Macs? vers. II]の続きを読む

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MorphOS 3.14 (or Adélie Linux) on my Mac mini Q4?

MorphOS (https://morphos-team.net/)

22.04.20 - Public Release of MorphOS SDK 3.14 (April 2020)

Amiga OS, which I have never touched, neither the hardware, seems to be the non-relative precursor as it does not share the source code. Much like Haiku OS is considered to be BeOS's offspring. This is much like the way Tibet Buddhism choose its descendant by nomination but not by bloodline.

It works on some of PowerPC Macs, too. I wanted to test it on my Mac mini G4 to see if it runs better than Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard. It's not free (free of charge) but one can try it out for the first 30 minutes without any restrictions.

From the site
Q: How much does it cost?

The price is 79 EUR for one laptop or desktop computer. Special pricing of 49 EUR per device is offered for EfikaPPC and Sam460 systems.

The unregistered version of MorphOS includes the full functionality, but slows down operation after a 30 minutes period until you choose to reboot your computer.

It costs €79 to have the license. Is it light on the CPU?

I have several PowerPC G4 Macs and they are all supported by this OS according to the FAQ.

Step 1. Download the appropriate image from the official site
Step 2. Burn it on a blank CD (in my case DVD)
Step 3. Boot the G4 machine with the booting media
Step 4. Install the system on the HDD
Step 5. Enjoy (and consider if paying for it is worth the price)

Adélie Linux RC-1 (release candidate One)

I also almost at the same time downloaded and burnt the image files on the blank DVD media. The one I chose was the big file for PPC32, which translates to for PowerPC G3/G4 CPUs.

Installing MorphOS would be very easy (as reported by many people who tried it) while installing Ad&ecaute;lie Linux would be very hard on PowerPC Macs. The automated installation method won't work as so written on the official site.

What is June 23 mean in Luxembourg, anyway?

I had a vague idea what it meant before I ran into this artcle (https://luxtimes.lu/luxembourg-guide/41020-how-luxembourg-celebrates-national-day).

This article won't be there long so this writing will soon be irrelevant. (Luxembourg Times)

The tradition of celebrating the monarch’s birthday with a day off to carouse, dates back to the 19th century when Luxembourg was still part of the Netherlands. When the Dutch and Luxembourgish thrones parted company in 1890 (because at the time, the Grand Duchy could not be inherited through the female line, and Wilhelmina succeeded her father to the Dutch throne), the House of Nassau-Weilburg decided instead to celebrate the Grand Duke’s Day, doing so on the ruling Grand Duke’s birthday.

This passage got me wonder if the treaty between the Netherlands (its ruling monarch) and Grand Duchy of Luxembourg had was similar to the one between Monaco and France.

I once read somewhere that technically speaking France can take Monaco back under its wing completely if Monaco's royal family failed to produce a male successor to its throne. There has to be a son at least in the royal family for Monaco to survive.

Is this going to happen? If French government claims its share of Monaco under this specific condition, all the feminism population will undoubtedly play havoc upon French government. They would call it gender inequality. Monaco could have a female ruler in the future against the odds.

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PowerBook 100 mainboard from the Netherlands

Mainboard and PSRAM card

I won the ebay auction item containing a PowerBook 100 mainboard and an additional bonus PSRAM card. Happy! They were not expensive.

Testing everybody (and some more) in Luxembourg

Luxembourg government intends to test all the residents and cross-border workers in Luxembourg. It was reported in an article that I read that they intend to set up the tenting stations including some drive-through testing locations by the end of July.

By then we will be informed of how and when.

I am curious.

During the lockdown period (2 months), I pretty much kept myself (and my Hannah) contained. I went to a local supermarket (often on foot) only once a week. I went out for a walk in the forest with Hannah but kept ourselves out of any close contact with anybody.

There was a time when I got sick, seemingly with a common cold or slight flu during the containment. Here is a short description of the symptom.

I felt a bit tired and felt slightly feverish during the day. Only when I lay down to sleep at night, I started to cough (not too seriously) for 10 or 20 minutes. I could eventually sleep peacefully and woke up feeling better (or well) the next morning. I did not cough anymore during the day. This went on for 4 to 5 days.

Was this COVID-19 at work on me? Had I touched something at the supermarket that had the virus on the surface?

I suspect the coughing was triggered by the position I took. By lying flat on my back, I let my lungs fold on their own. I guess when I am sitting or standing, my lungs are better positioned and breeze more freely.

This is the only reason that I can think of to explain the sudden coughing before falling in sleep.

So I am curious if I had contracted COVID-19 at that time and have developed the antibody to fight off the virus.

For me (if I have ever contracted) it was just like a slight cold. I did not take a medicine (as I hate one). I did not feel like seeing the doctor nor needing to rest in bed all day. I had appetite and went for a walk with Hannah and went to the supermarket on foot (3 km) and back (6 km). I did not think it was COVID-19 symptoms but it could have been. I am curious.

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PowerBook 100 from Belgium

Collecting the software

I am collecting needed software for my incoming PowerBook 100 (or Portable and other 680x0 Macintosh models).

The one that I bought from Belgium (an ebay auction item) has arrived. I got the non-functinal PowerBook 100 and its matching Floppy Disk Drive in the box.

I still don't have the AC/DC power adapter for it.

In the future when it becomes operational, I will try at least three configurations, System 6.0.8L, System 7.0.1 (or 7.1) and System 7.5.3 (or 7.5.5).

The optimal configuration will depend on the amount of RAM available. They say that if there is more than 4 MB of RAM on it, System 7 won't be a bad choice. If anything less, I will be using System 6.0.8L.

I remember using System 7.5.5 on my Macintosh Plus (with I believe only 2 MB of RAM). Of course I was not using any serious software programs on it. I played a card game (like some Solitaire). It worked good. So I know that System 7.5.5 works on even faster (68000 8 MHz v.s. 16 MHz) PowerBook 100.

From Belgium

A box arrived (actually I had to go to the local post office to get it) containing a non-functional PowerBook 100 with a defective LCD screen and a floppy disk drive.

I had a quick inspection inside. The case was OK and all the screws were tightly in place. It had a seemingly (I am almost certain of its spec) 2 MB PSRAM memory card.

I still don't have a proper power adapter for it so I can not see what would happen when turned on or how it would act. I will get one soon and see.

PowerBook 100 mainboard with bonus 4 MB (?) PSRAM card

It is an ebay auction item from the Netherlands. I won it. I don't know it will work. If it won't, I can not complain. The seller described it as "only for parts, not working." I wanted to get my hand on that 4 MB PSRAM board. For me, the mainboard is a bonus and the PSRAM board was the main attraction.
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