Waiting for the rain and Android 8.0 Oreo

Android 8.0 Oreo

My Google (LG) Nexus 5X is guarantied to receive this update, Android 8.0 Oreo (and subsequent 8.* bug fix updates). After this 8.* updates, Google won't promise any more updates like Android 9.0 or so. It is OK.

999 km and more


The odometer hit 999 km this evening on my way home from work. Now it is over 1,000 km. I am planning to do the break-in for the first 1,5000 km or so. I have not revved past 3,000 rpm yet. After hitting 1,500 km, I will gradually rev the engine and start to hear the engine roar.

Today, I had a small experiment inside my car. I brought my 4G USB Modem (mobile phone network modem) inside the car and connected the Mazda Connect to the Internet.

I learned that this way I could get some information from the net while driving. For example, the navigation software can get the weather and traffic info. The gas price info did not function but technically it should work somewhere where this info is available on the net.

It might be a good idea to have this small 4G USB Modem on board when travelling in Luxembourg. This 4G modem can connect to the net inside Luxembourg. I don't think it can roam outside Luxembourg. It is just for fun and not too practical.

Speaking of the navigation software onboard, I will check to see if the map updates are available. The URL I need is http://www.nng.com/partner-materials so says the navigation software's about information screen. If I remember correctly, the map and its updates are free for the first three years and after this I have to pay some dough to get the further updates. I am not sure if I will pay after three years as my Garmin Nüvi device is the main navigation device. I don't use the Mazda Connect navigation software for any important routing.


Speaking of navigation software, my iOS app, TomTom Western Europe, will have another major update in September (supposedly then updated for iOS 11 platform) and after this TomTom will drop the support for this app. They are gently urging old users (of those various region specific navigation software versions) to upgrade to TomTom Go mobile or whatever it is called. As a bonus for us (old users), the first 3 years we get the software license for free. After this we have to pay (about €50 for further 3 years or so).

I will see. My iPad mini 2 has TomTom Western Europe on it. As my iPad mini 2 is a wifi only version, it can not navigate at all. I am considering getting a Bluetooth (connection capable) GPS signal receiver.

It will be nice if I can use cheaper GPS receiver but iOS does not allow it. For iOS devices, only expensive GPS receivers will do the trick.

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The death of Archos 70 Oxygen and other things

The death of Archos 70 Oxygen

It is dead! I hate ARCHOS, a French son of bitch!

The battery seems to be dead! I could (not any more at this moment) charge it but now it is totally erratic.

I could charge it. When I plug it to the power source, (even when it is turned off) the screen lights up and shows the battery animation and shows how much left in the battery. I could do it until a few days ago.

Now when I plug it, the animation shows up briefly and (sometimes show the %) it (animation) turns off, only to repeat this process after 10 seconds (or so) almost infinitely.

When I could charge it (say overnight) and unplug it for a day (tuned off all the time), the battery level went to less than 10 %. I thought it discharged continuously over 24 hours for some internal defects.

It turned out that the battery is dead and as soon as I unplug the tablet, the battery goes down to less than 10 % or simply 0%.

I changed the digitizers for no avail.

When I turn it on with the charge cable plugged, it shows the start-up screen (logo of Archos) but the it (logo screen) shuts itself off after a brief moment only to repeat this over and over, and over!

I looked for the replacement battery but could not source it.

1. Archos is a sh*t! I will never buy their products again!
2. I will abandon the tablet.

This sh*tty company cost me a lot. First I was led to believe that 64 GB micro SC card would work (and their support insisted in their mail when I complained) with it and it turned out it did not. I had to buy a 32 GB one after that.

I purchased a new digitizer but the battery went broken on me.

I purchased some micro USB cables and stuff for this tablet and now they are wasted (almost).

Damn you, ARCHOS and Goodbye forever!

Or should I try something else? The battery inside has a model number "GPC 298292" and rated specification of 3.7 V 3000 mAH. I tried to source it with the model number or "ARCHOS 70 Oxygen" and failed.

I could still find the matching (almost) battery by its rating or size among the generic batteries on the market. Should I buy one of those and install it? The battery seems to be 95 mm by 75 mm. I don't know the thickness now but I assume it is 4 mm (or 6mm). It is NOT too expensive.

A new iPad mini 2 case, yet another one is arriving

After finding out that LOVE MEI iPad mini 2 case (MK1, my own naming retrofitting-ly) was extremely heavy and heavily slippery (and subsequently extremely disappointed), I immediately sought for replacements.

I found ones. I ordered them and one arrived and one awaiting my pickup at the local post office.

LOVE MEI iPad mini 2 MK1: The case weighs more than the iPad mini 2 does, I think. It is simply ridiculous!

I should take some pictures of these cases and write a review on them!

Since bloody ARCHOS 70 Oxygen is gone, this iPad mini 2 is the only tablet I have for the moment.

Oh, I purchased an app called "duet" on the iTunes store. It enables iPad (or other i-devices) as a second screen for the Macs (for my case MacBooks) or Windows PCs. It cost me dear but It might be fun to have an extra screen beside the 13-inch screen on my MacBooks.

I like iPad mini 2 and I will like it better when I am able to jailbreak it.

duet - deutdisplay.com
I bought it on the iTunes store at €10.99. I installed it and gave it a brief try. It worked and it is very interesting. One thing I learned immediately was that I need a rigid fixing device (a stand, holder or the kinds) to fully appreciate the function it offers.

It's not a bad idea to have an extra screen at hand.

Wacaco nanopresso

Wacaco currently offers their latest invention (still in development but close to mass production for sale) nanopresso as a pre-order product (at supposedly a discount price)?

I already own their minipresso (as in mini SIM, micro SIM, nano SIM) Nespresso® compatible. In fact, I am going to have a expresso break soon after finishing this entry with this device.

They have not announced the time frame of product launch yet but I hope the launch is close. They are accepting the pre-order orders from the customers. The nanopresso is going to launch as a fine ground espresso tamping system, not as a Nespresso® compatible system. Due to the restriction set by the size, I wonder if they ever introduce a Nespresso® compatible nanopresso system. I kinda doubt it.

I already enlisted myself for this pre-order nanopresso.

Added a few hours following the initial entry
On their blog there was an update (https://www.wacaco.com/blogs/news/nanopresso) which was released on Today, yes the day I wrote this June 05, 2017. According to the update on the comment section from their earlier entry, I can tell that the launch is nearer, the accessories like double espresso add-on kit won't be released initially but will be available later, there could be adapters for Nespresso® system or CA system.

The accessory kit for double espresso won't fit in the protective case, I guess.

Let's see!

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€uro Millions' Jackpot still growing and now at €139 million

€uro Millions Jackpot is now at €139,000,000

Let's see what happens!

Digitizer for Archos 70 Oxygen arrived!

I have just picked it up at the local post office and now I am back. I was going to study the backside (hidden side) of the panel to see how it is constructed and to decide how to replace the broken old one with the new one.

On inspection I immediately realized (as already expected) the panel is glued to the body with that ubiquitous "3M" two-side adhesive tape. There seem to be no other tricks. There are some recesses or cutouts on both sides of the panel rims but they seem to be there to ensure the fitting on the exact place.

So I precede to heat up the rims and then ply open the panel with thin plastic objects. Now I know exactly where the adhesive tape is and this makes me operate with much ease.

The panel has Archos logo on it and this makes me guess that it is directly (or almost directly) from the factory in China where Archos get their products.

Now I have to operate on the device. Let's see what happens!

And I should not forget to see if the mysterious rapid loss of charge even though the tablet is turned off from 100% to less than 20% in a matter of one day will go away (be solved) after this panel change.

This Archos 70 Oxygen has an extra feature. When it is turned off and it gets the charging cable on, (it does not get automatically turned on as iPads or iPhones do but) the screen wakes up (of course some part of the logic board wakes up, too) and the screen shows an animation of battery being charged along with the message of how much it is charged at the moment.

This means even if it is turned off, it is still active inside.

The mysterious rapid loss of battery charge could be related to this feature. As the digtalizer is broken and having a slight short cut or is sensing multiple touches, the digitizer itself or the part of logic board which is standing by to give up that animation and battery analysis is consuming the battery.

If this symptom subsists after the panel change, I will have to say that the panel change was a waste of money and time.

I will intend to use this Archos 70 Oxygen as a dedicated DVB-T TV or dash cam on board my car. For these uses, the charging cable is almost always plugged.

Let's see what happens!

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Android Nougat 7.1.2 Cellular reception issue?? on Google Nexus 5X (solved?)

Google Nexus 5X on Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) cellular issue??

I have already written about it in the previous entry about this. Today after several reboots, the cellular reception seems to be better than it was Yesterday (immediately after updating to 7.1.2). There is some story to is and that is why I am repeating this.

Today, I noticed that there were two more updates awaiting me to react to. One was some Google stuff and the other was "Carrier Services." It sounded just as if it had something to do with cellular network stuff (to me).

I installed it and to make sure it is in place, I voluntarily rebooted the device.

Did it make a difference? I guess maybe. Now the cellular reception seems much better than it was Yesterday. I will keep watching it for a while.

Wahoo RFLKT+ firmware update and setting up with Google Nexus 5X

This morning for the first time (after its purchase just a couple days ago), I switched on device. I did not know which one of the four buttons. I do not remember how I turned it on but I did. After paring it with my Nexus 5X, I opened the app (Wahoo Fitness). I could see the device (RFLKT+) and clicked on the icon on the screen.

The app kindly told me that there was a firmware update and when I clicked on it (the button on the screen - Nexus), Google Play Store started and prompted me to download the Wahoo Utility app. Obviously it is the app that handles the firmware flashing.

Wahoo Utility app handled the downloading and flashing. So far so good. Wait a minute! My Wahoo RFLKT+ stalled! The screen on RFKT+ said, after flashing, "I am working" but it was not. It got frozen and pressing the button(s) for a short time or pressing them for a white did not solve the freeze.

I had to unscrew the four screws on the back and remove the battery to reboot (reset)! OMG!

After this forced reboot, it began to work again.

I tried to see how to work with RFLKT+ but could not work it out. I will try to go deep with the setting later.

Wahoo RFLKT+ setting up with Apple iPad mini 2??

I am wondering if it is easier or thorougher to set it up with iPad mini 2 than doing so with Nexus 5X. The quality of iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) support of RFLKT+ seems to be better than that of Android devices.

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Google Nexus 5X on Android 7.1.2 (Nougat)

Nougat 7.1.2, baby!

My refurbished Nexus 5X originally arrived with Android 7 installed on it. The pop-up window soon prompted me to upgrade to 7.1.1. When I checked it was about 1.2 GB of data download.

Today I had the means (faster connection to the Net) so I upgraded. It took me while as soon after downloading 7.1.1, the system prompted me to install three security updates and then also prompted me to update to 7.1.2.

I was a meek sheep and I did what I was prompted. There was also another security update following this update.

So now my Google Nexus 5X is on the latest "stable public" Android operation system. The next version is already on the horizon and my phone is to get it by September, 2017.

Is it only me who think the GSM sensitivity (catching the signal) went drastically down after this update? It is extremely strange. Maybe it is only me.

Jailbreaking iPad mini 2 on iOS 10.3.1??

My second-hand iPad mini 2 came with iOS 10.3.1 already installed on it by the ebay seller, the previous and at the same time the original owner of the device. How do I know that he/she (as part of protection of this person's privacy, I don't specify his/her gender) is the "original" owner?

Because his/her name is etched on the back!

Currently stable or publically and widely available jailbreak method only lets certain iOS devices on 10.2 jailbreak. I'm not (or my iPad mini 2 is) eligible yet. I trust soon my iPad will be jailbroken.

This is for using a cheaper GPS receiver to let iPad feed on the GPS signal through Bluetooth from that GPS receiver.

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