Cars sold in Belgium (Luxembourg), France and Germany

Luxembourg is a strange country in my opinion. Maybe it is much like Lichtenstein or Monaco.

Lichtenstein relies on Switzerland for its financial, military (defence) and diplomatic functions. Lichtenstein's money is Swiss Franc.

Monaco is not really an independent country but a part of France in this respect. Anyway, this is not what I want to write about.

I have repeatedly written here that Luxembourg relies on Belgium in many things. Or should I say Belgium want to make business in Luxembourg.

I wrote long time ago that iTunes Store Luxembourg (online and there is no physical Apple Store in Luxembourg) is actually a Belgian iTunes Store. The strangely fractioned prices show that the Luxembourg prices are just merely a recalculated (because of the slight difference in TVA or VAT in English) version of those of Belgium's.

I also wrote that many if not all automobile distributors (like Ford.lu, etc.) are avatars of Belgian distributors. So on the list price table cars have ridiculous prices like €39,248 (a car randomly I picked up). Obviously in Belgium it is priced at like €40,000 or €39,990. I did not bother to check.

Dealership option prices are neatly trimmed but some factory option (paint or so) prices are still fractioned.

I am doing some catalogue reading for my Project X, that is selecting the right car for me.

The automobile that I have in mind has three grades (equipment level differences not concerning the engines) in Luxembourg and Belgium (essentially the same).

It has 3 grades in France. It has 4 grades in Germany.

I am happy to know that the Luxembourg offers the lowest prices among our its neighbouring countries. The price difference between those in Belgium and Luxembourg is just a matter of the VAT tax rate.

If I were living in France or Germany, I would have given up the car I have in mind now.

One thing I noticed while reading the details of the PDF catalogue: the lowest grade did not offer leather steering wheel. Oh my Jesus! I want a real leather steering wheel covering but don't want those unnecessary gadgets. Do I have to choose the middle grade just for the steering wheel with leather?

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Bike racks from Sea Sucker

I added a new category for my blog "Project X" and it means the project I am working on. A new automobile that will replace my current Ford Ka that is 6 years old by next March.

Project overview:
I have an automobile in mind but I have some problems. It does not have much space in and out.

This car is 100 % guarantied to be fun. There is no doubt about it. I don't know how to put my bike on his car. I don't know if I can take friends around when they visit Europe for road cycling races. There is simply no space for anything. I have done a lot of surfing on the Internet.

After a couple of days I found some bike racks and luggage racks that might solve my plight. Well almost. They are not cheap.

The key player in this game is Sea Sucker, a Florida based company that makes "kick-ass marine accessories, bike racks and board racks for cars, and small electronics mounts for holding iPads, iPhones and similar gadgets. (quote from their site)"

Komodo: (pictures also from their site)
(image 1)

(image 2)
This Komodo is a perfect solution for my bike plight. It is light and takes only a couple of minutes to install it on the trunk lid. It is lacking some security features (locking mechanism or so) but the ease of installation and un-installation offsets the lack of them. I mean you can put the bike and the rack away inside the car while yo are away. It comes with a price tag, a really hefty price tag.

This Revo Convertible Luggage Rack is from the Great Britain. It also features the vacuum suction cups and solves my luggage plight.
(image 3 from boot-rack.co.uk)

There is a slightly cheaper solution to the product above.
(image 4 from boot-rack.co.uk)

I can not afford a Komodo. It is too expensive. Can I somehow imitate it or find a substitute?

(image 5 from www.elite-it.com)
I have a set of Sanremo (not the one in this image but its previous generation product) with me.

(image 6 from www.elite-it.com)
This Sanremo Tour Lock normally attaches to the roof rack as shown in this image.

First I thought of combining Revo Convertible Luggage Rack with Elite Sanremo Tour Lock. It might work. And then I thought of combining Revo Convertible Luggage Rack with Elite Sanremo that I l aready have. Will it work?

The combination of RCLR and Sanremo Tour Lock should work although the rail (of aluminium) may go whipping under load and road vibration.

One thing is sure; this RCLR and Sanremo combination needs some extra improvised parts to work. The rear wheel won't land on the rear wheel rack but the BB bottom and/or chainring will. I have to devise some adapter made of soft cushy material to marry them.

This way (RCLR and my old Sanremo marriage) will save me a huge amount of spending.

If I could fit a trailer hitch on the candidate automobile, I can use one of these. Alas the car maker does not offer that option. Actually a third party manufacturer offer a trailer hitch. I found two of them. One is available from a company in Germany. I don't know how much it will cost. I am not making the inquiry for the moment.

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