Magnic light and its review (not yet)

OK, the weather is bad here in Luxembourg. And what is more, I am lazy for the moment.

Last night I installed the magnic light front adaptor (bracket) on my bike. Now I am ready to test them (2 front and 1 rear) in dark. I will test them and compare them with Shimano LPR-600 (with halogen bulb 2.4W 6V).

I think I will attache iPhone on the handle bar and shoot a movie. I will upload them on my YouTube account if they proved to be useful (I doubt a bit).

There is a pitch dark stretch along the cycling/jogging/walking/horse-back-riding road along the Alzette streamlet. I might be able to shooot the follwoing movies at 20km/h. For the moment the Moon is not full and it is always cloudy so not much interference from the moonshine, I think. I opted for 'sports' version of Magnic light front, meaning that they start to shine brightly past 6km/h. In fact, the rear red light emits a bright beam at much lower speed than the front. The specification of a hub dynamo is like 'at 15km/h it should generate enough power', which is around 2.4W or so. So 20km/h seems to be fair for all three lights.

1) Magnic light - 2 front lights
2) Shimano LPR-600 (dynamo-hub Shimano)
3) NiteRider MiNewt USB 300 (mode brightest)

I am very sure that the third movie will show a much clearer view of the front. They won't even be a fair comparison since magnic lights installed at the rim height, LPR at the hub and NiteRider on the handle bar. Three different height levels.

I have not shot a movie on my iPhone in the dark. Let's see what happens!

In Japanese:









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Garmin MapSrouce and City Navigator NT re-installation headache

As you may have already know, I use Garmin GPS devices intensively and also Garmin's PC software called MapSource intensively.

It has to do with my hobby; following the road races in Europe. For example, I followed the Tour de France 2012 version from the Team Presentation in Liège to the final stage in Paris. I mean by "follow" that I literally follow the peloton. I drive and get to places where I can watch the stage.

Without the help of GPS devices like my Garmin Nüvi 2340 or TomTom Western Europe by TomTom on my iPhone, it is simply not feasible. Sure if I had a very skilled navigator (human like those navigators on the WRC rally cars) who will tell me exactly where to turn, it is feasible. Who has such a human navigator? Actually I know a Dutch couple (German wife and Dutch husband) who do just that with a paper map. But that is exceptional.

I have written about this jinx (or tradition) of losing my Garmin devices just before the Tour in two consequent years (2011, my Nüvi 245W broke and 2012 it was stolen). I could guide myself through France with my iPhone 4.

I could manage it with my iPhone because I knew where to go. I had planned the routes well before the Tour with Garmin MapSource. So without Garmin MapSource (additionally Google Earth, Wikipedia or a web site www.velowire.com), I could never have managed it.

I love Garmin MapSource. The problem is that Garmin had abandoned this software product. They stopped developing this software years ago hoping that the users would adopt its successor, Garmin BaseCamp.

This Garmin BaseCamp is fine but it lacks a feature that MapSource has. It does not handle waypoints' categories. MapSource can place waypoints into 14 (?? I forgot) categories. Usually I name them like "TdF2013", "TdF others", France, Belgium, Germany, etc..

I used to have close to 1,000 waypoints of my own before the computer which had that file on it was stolen in 2012. If you have waypoints close to 1,000, you have to sort them nicely. Otherwise, you don't find the waypoints on the map because the icons of those waypoints are overwhelming.

I wonder how other users of BaseCamp manage waypoints.

Anyway, I had a problem with my computer a while ago and now I have it back after a repair. I have to give HP a credit for this quick repair service.

Now I am rebuilding my PC environment as the repair service necessitated a complete wipe-out of the HDD; everything is gone.

I knew re-installation of MapSource and City Navigator NT would be a pain. Now I am having it. I think I have to contact Garmin support for help. City Navigator NT 2012 has already refused to be installed on my new Windows environment. Oh, well.

In Japanese:










と、メールが追いかけやって来て、このソーラーパネルも「別便」で発送されたとのこと。梱包の関係で別便になったようだ。上手くゆけば2週間程度で届く、追加加工と実験をしなくてはならない。追加で必要な部品を購入しておこう。必要なのは、裸の状態で届くDC・DCコンバーター基盤を入れる防水・防滴がある程度できる小さな樹脂性のボックス、そしてシガーソケットの部品だ。基盤は5 cm x 4 cmの大きさなので、小さな箱でOK。

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EFI boot and Linux

Just in case (I don't think this is the case but) someone is curious about booting Linux on a PC with EFI firmware, I write this.

Successfully installing Linux on a PC with EFI firmware and successfully booting into the preferred OS (Windows and Linux) is a pain in the *ss.

I sometimes refer to this guide (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling_GRUB2). It helped me a lot.

In Japanese:
今回のLubuntuのインストールではEFI対応の最近のPCでLinuxをインストールして、他のOSと共存させることが難しい作業だということを思い知らされました。実際にUbuntuのFAQとかガイドを読むとエラーアンドトライアル(試行錯誤)が必要だと書いてあります。なんとか乗り越えましたが、以前まで経験しなかったトラブルを今回経験した理由はまだ分かりません。windows 8から全面的にEFI方式の起動になったようで、世の中のPCがすべてこの方向に行くようですね。僕のHP EnvyもEFI起動に対応してるので、Windows 8に移行できるようです。でもしませんけどね。


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Baloise Belgium Tour 2013 Part IV

Oh, what a miserable day! It was cold and wet. Raining most of the time with no Sun showing all day.

Riders came back all wet and muddy. It was not a day you can enjoy riding a bike.

I thought I would bring my bike and take a spin. I did not. I left my bike at home.

Here is a brief concise report for my future reference.
I left Luxembourg around 7 o'clock and drove easy on the gas (diesel). I arrived in Banneux around 9 o'clock or a bit earlier.

I had not known before I got there that this rural town attracts a lot of visitors. There is a (famous? and big?) Dotre-Dame cathedral. I did not see it but there were many souvenir shops before the gate that read "Dotre-Dame" etc. There were hotels and bars. For a small rural town of this size, there was excess of those facilities. I had to conclude that this Dotre-Dame cathedral must be famous.

They (workers) were setting up the Start/Finish area. I looked around to see where the team parking was. A very simple layout.

I got Fabian Cancellara's autograph before the race and Thomas Rohreggar's and Andreas Klöden's after the race. Jan Bakelants was no show (probably DNF of the previous day or DNS that day). I missed Gregory Rast's autograph today.

I saw the riders leave. I drove to Cote de la Redoute and saw the race. I drove to the feed zone next and got Argos Shimano's food bag with a bidon and other food bag. This 'other' food bad has no team name on it. I don't know which team used it. I recorded the jettisoning of the bag on my iPhone. I may be able to discern the jerseys.

Only Faiban Cancellara's bike had a new Dura-Ace 9000 series SRM crankset on it. Only Fabian's bike (Domane) had that new Schwalbe diagonal pattern tires on it.

In Japanese:
雨の一日でした。ルクセンブルクを出たのが午前7時ころ。現地のバヌー(バノー) に着いたのが9時頃。のんびりドライブしたので、この程度でしょう。片道160kmしかありません。着いたのはゴール前500メートルのカーブでした。ここで車は進入禁止。とりあえず偵察に出かけた。シンプルな会場構成。チームバスの駐車場も簡単に見つかった。ゴールを過ぎた直ぐの場所。







バイク機材では、カンチラーラのバイク(ドマン)だけが、Dura-Ace 9000シリーズのSRMのクランクを装着してました。同時にカンチラーラのバイクだけが、新型のシュワルベの菱形パターンのタイヤを履いてました。


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Baloise Belgium Tour 2013 Part III

OK, I can only go see the last stage but at least I am going there to see the peloton.

My plan (as I did not have time to plan anything) is to go to Banneux (Start and Finish) and stay by the RadioShack-Leopard team bus. After they leave, I would wonder away toward Aywaille (Cote de la Redoute) by bike.

Nothing special. I just hope the weather stays dry. It is going to be wet.

By the way, my HP Envy-14 is almost back to what it was before it was sent out for repair. Lubuntu (Linux) 13.04 is up and running (after a lot of time-consuming installation and re-installation). Windows 7 is also up and running. What is missing is Garmin MapSource. iTunes is there and Google Chrome and Earth are also there. I don't need anymore. I follow the wise saying, "Just keep it dumb and simple."

In Japanese:


修理から戻ってすっかり初期化されてしまったHPのEnvyですが、なんとか復帰へ向かってます。以前には経験しなかったトラブルにぶつかった理由が不明です。修理したついでにBIOSのバージョンをあげてくれたのでしょうか。それとも?。とにかく時間がかかりましたが、Lubuntu 13.04は無事に入りました。アップデートもできてます。必要なソフトもほぼ全部入りました。設定(ネット接続とか)も終わってます。日本語入力もこのように(これはEnvyから書いてる)できてます。

一方ウインドウズの環境もかなり復旧しました。必要なソフトがApple iTunesとGoogle ChromeとEarthと後はガーミンのマップソースです。PDFを見るためのソフト(アドービアクロバットは大きいので、別の容量の小さいソフト)が必要でしょう。その他は必要無しです。ウインドウズは究極のシンプルさに止めます。嫌いですから。日本語も入力できないようにしてます。使う気がしません。使いたくありませんから。


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HP ENVY-14 and Magnic lights

Last night (23, May 2013) I scrapped everything on the HDD of freshly serviced Envy-14 and started rebuilding my preferred environment. It took me while since Windows 7 install image on the USB stick refused to install without a CD/DVD drive present. WTF? Luckily I had purchased a USB connection DVD drive before. I don't know why the installation required the presence of a CD/DVD drive since the drive just sat there doing absolutely nothing. I installed the system from a USB stick!

Anyway, installation of Lubuntu 12.04 onto the Envy was also a pain in the ass. For unknown reason, grub2 refused to be installed. It failed many times. I had to connect Envy to the internet to get past that point.

Today, I am updating them (two system software, Windows and Lubuntu).

A lot of time to kill. And I realized something. The installation of Lubuntu did not go as expected so I have to re-install the system once again.

I realized that grub2 failure is because of EFI thing. Traditional BIOS versus latest EFI boot enabled PC stuff. My Envy turned out to be equipped with EFI thing.

Anyway, later I downloaded Lubuntu 13.04 software and burned a DVD disk to do the installation. All went well after a lot of headaches but the Envy did not boot. It shows "grub rescue >" prompt on the screen. What the f***? I manually re-installed grub and it went well after all.

Magnic light works. I installed the rear brake adapter and spun the wheel to see if and how the magnic light works.

It shines! I did not have time to install the front adapter.

In Japanese:

明日はLubuntu 13.04をアップデートして、追加で必要なソフトを入れておしまいです。



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2 x UPS and 1 x Post in one day

I had 2 UPS delivery (one direct and one in Post Box) and 1 post (Post Box) today.

Let me explain.

A post packet from Germany containing "Magnic Light set" (www.magnic-innovations.com or www.magniclight.com). As I did not take my bike to work (raining), I can not try them on my bike until this evening. Wow! I can not wait to see how they work.

A UPS tiny packet from Germany containing titanium bolts (ordered through ebay).

A UPS delivery carrying my repaired HP Envy-14. The service report says that the main memory (SDRAM) was exchanged and they re-installed the system software (Windows 7). I have to re-partition the HDD and start building my preferred settings from scratch immediately. OK, it takes time for a while but it (re-installation of the system software) was expected. I booted the German version Windows 7 and shut it down after 20 seconds. It works OK.

Busy I will be tonight and tomorrow. A lot of things to do I have. (Yoda style)

For my HP Envy, I have to:
1) boot it from USB stick (or USB DVD drive) using the Lubuntu system and erase everything on the HDD and SDD. The HDD has (I vaguely remember) four partitions or so.
2) re-partition the HDD for Windows and Lubuntu.
3) install Windows 7 on the first partition
4) install Lubuntu 13.04
5) update the both systems to date
6) install Apple iTunes and Garmin MapSource
7) back up the iPhone / back up the Garmin Nüvi
8) optimizing the both system environments

1) 20 mins 2) 20 mins 3) 1 hour 4) 1 hour 5) 2 to 4 hours (depending on the Internet speed) 6) 30 mins 7) 20 mins 8) 1 hour

Something like that. Some of the work will not be done until next week.

For my Magnic lights, I have to:
1) install the brackets on my bike
2) optimize the installation (the gap between magnets and rims)
3) optimize the angles of the beam

This won't take too much of time.

In Japanese:

UPSが直接配達してれたのが、修理完了のHP Envy-14。ほぼ一週間で戻ってきた。サービスのレポートを見ると、メモリーを交換し、システム(動作確認のためだろうけど)を入れ替えた、となってる。なんだ、メインメモリーがイカレたのか。メインボードだと思ってた。




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Baloise Belgium Tour 2013 Part II

Participating riders:
Andreas Klöden
Ben Hermans
Fabian Cancellara
Gregory Rast
Jan Bakelants
Maxime Monfort
Stijn Devolder
Thomas Rohreggar

OK, whose autographs do I have?
Stijn Devolder (Gent-Wevelgem)
Yaloslav Popovych (Paris-Roubaix)
Markel Irizar (Paris-Roubaix)
Benjamin King (Amstel Gold Race)
Ben Hermans (Liège-Bastogne-Liège Team Presentation)
Laurent Didier (Liège-Bastogne-Liège Team Presentation)
Tony Gallopin (Liège-Bastogne-Liège Team Presentation)
Maxime Monfort (Liège-Bastogne-Liège Team Presentation)
Matthew Busche (Liège-Bastogne-Liège Team Presentation)
Andy Schleck (Liège-Bastogne-Liège Team Presentation)
Haimar Zubeldia Aguirre (Liège-Bastogne-Liège Team Presentation)

So far 11 riders. So if I get there, my targets will be these 5 riders down here.
1) Andreas Klöden
Ben Hermans
2) Fabian Cancellara
3) Gregory Rast
4) Jan Bakelants
Maxime Monfort
Stijn Devolder
5) Thomas Rohreggar

Saturday's stage is held in the area near Fourmies (France). I went to Fourmies to see GP Fourmies last year.

I went to the races:
Pairs-Nice (Prologue)
De Ronde van Vlaanderen
Amstel Gold Race
la Frèche Wallonne
Elsy Jacobs (Women last stage)

I plan to go to the following races next:
.. (now being planned)
Baloise Tour of Belgium (Sunday, 26 May)
Road/ITT National Championship Luxembourg
Tour de France (from Team Presentation to Paris; complete!!)

In Japanese:


参加選手のうち、5人がまだサインを今期もらってないターゲットだ。頑張る。5人と人数が多いので、土曜日・日曜日と二日掛けたいというのが本音だ。土曜日のステージの開催地は昨年始めて行ったレースのGP Fourmies (フランス)のちょっと手前だ。



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Solar panel to the rescue?

I ordered a solar panel for my camping tour. I also ordered a DC-DC converter, which converts 24V DC (raw output) to 12V DC (for my DVB-S satellite receiver and small LCD screen monitor). I hope it arrives soon so that I can do some testing first before the Tour de France.

It (according to the manufacturer's claim) produces maximum 24 Watts of power. I don't trust the claim since it is directly shipped from China. I hope it generates at least 10 Watts. 10 Watts, I hope, will be enough to power up the my mini satellite receiver under the sunny sky.

In Japanese:














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National Holiday in Luxembourg (and many other countries)

Today it is holiday (Monday) in Luxembourg and also in many other surrounding countries in Europe.

A Christian Holiday, I think.

Today I did not take my bike to work (Oh, did I mention that I am working today?). It was raining rather hard in the morning.

In the afternoon (in my break), I changed the rear cassette on my Zipp 404 tubular. It had Dura Ace 7800 12-25 but now it has SRAM PG1070 12-28 on it.

I was not sure if, by SRAM claiming it is Shimano compatible, I need that 1 mm thick spacer on the free body or not.

First I tried SRAM's cassette with the spacer left on the free body. It seemed that the last gear (12T) would not sit on the free body so I decided that I don't need the spacer.

Am I right? The installation manual that came with the product does not mention the spacer at all. It does say that it is Shimano compatible, though.

At that time when I bought this cassette (along with Cervèlo Soloist) back in 2004, Dura Ace 7800's short gauge rear deraileur had maximum capacity of 27T, I remember. Now that I have SRAM's short gauge rear deraileur on my Cervèlo RS, I can use 28T.

Let's see what happens!

Giro d'Italia:
I was watching the TV coverage of the stage 15 where the peloton went up that Col du Galibier. It snowed on top of Col du Galibier (above 1500 over the see level).

Well, I am not surprised. The day Andy Schleck won on the top of Col du Galibier I was there to celebrate it back in 2011. And I was already there the day before (before they closed the road leading to the finish). It also snowed the day before the stage, remember? I even stayed overnight in that cold weather around 500 - 800?? meters down the finish (about 100 meters? down by altitude). At that time it was snowy above 2,000 meters above the sea level, I vaguely remember.

There was about 7 to 8 cm (3 inches) of snowfall when I arrived there. It melt quickly and there was no sign of snow by the time the peloton arrived.

Yes, it snows there even in summer.

Here are the images of the shoe covers that I am complaining. The tag on them says it is for shoe size 43 - 46 (European size, which is about 27 cm to 30 cm, USA 9.5 to 12.5).

In 2D measurement, it is 26.5 cm long and in 3D measurement (which really counts), it is only 24.5 cm long. Do they fit on shoes 27 to 30 cm long? The answer is NO! I think at the sawing factory, they put the wrong tags.

In Japanese:










例の小さすぎるシューズカバーの画像です。装着状態に近く膨らませると長さが24.5 cmになります。これでどうやって27 cmから30 cmのシューズの上に被せるの?。不可能です。裁縫工場でタグを間違えて付けたと思われます。
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Shoe covers too small! WTF!

This morning I tried (in vain) to put a pair of shoe covers on my size 43 Shimano bike shoes. The shoe cover is "Fuse" Shoe Cover (color black) and its size is 43-46. The material is not so stretchable and it is not possible to cover the shoes with these. No way, Jose! (I used to hear this "No way, Jose!" while in California).

Waste of money. Or? I wrote an e-mail to the online shop from which I bought these pieces of crap.

This (above) is not what I really wanted to write here.

I was watching TV last night (Thursday night to Friday early morning here in Luxembourg). It was EuroSports German edition (freely available) live broadcasting of Tour of California.

That was exciting! Jens Voigt attacked at (almost exactly) 5 km to go and won the stage. This morning I took my bike to work. It was wet and chilly (7 C = 44 F). It started raining soon after I left home. I thought about @jensie winning the stage and I felt good. The wet road and rain did not get me down. It was fun to ride.

This morning I also got the items I purchased the previous week from the same online shop from which I bought the shoe covers above mentioned.
1) A climbing rear cassette SRAM PG1070 12-28
2) Assos shoe socks
3) RadioShack-Leopard-Trek bib pants 2013
4) Free of charge (because of the item above) Craft T-short

In Japanese:












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HP Envy-14 1000sg (German model) is being repaired now

I bought a HP Envy-14 1000sg (German model; German keyboard and system software etc.) a while ago. I did not want to buy a German model in particular but it was a compromise as a German online store had a really good price.

Anyway, it suddenly shut itself down a couple weeks ago. I had to contact the HP service and it has just been picked up by UPS and sent to the service center at an undisclosed location.

Let's wait and see what happens.

I need it back before June. In June, ASO (Amaury Sports Organization) disclose the Tour de France detailed info to the public. I will look into the details and plot the locations in Garmin MapSource.

There is a chance that (according to the repair service terms) the HDD is initialized to the factory default settings during the course of repair. OK, there is no important information on that HDD.

I am now testing this small bike accessory part. It is a rear view mirror that plugs into the bar end. I don't think the English version of the web page is available.


I am not so flexible to be able to twist comfortably my torso to look back for the coming traffic. That is why I wanted to use this.

In Japanese:







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A magnet for Speedplay Zero

It arrived yesterday in the post. I ordered two pieces, which qualifies for getting three for the price of two. Yes, I did have three pieces in the envelop.

It is small. It is just a magnet shaped like a ring.

The genuine part that came with Garmin Edge 800 worked but installing it requires a zip tie. It does not look pretty.

This is what I got.
Here are the trio of Speedplay Zero pedal, a pedal wrench by Parktool and the magnet (Icarus).
The magnet attaches itself to the pedal.

It seems that the magnetic force is strong enough for this piece to securely stick to the pedal under vibrating stress (like riding on the cobbles). If it falls, I will glue it. For the moment I don't do anything special.

In brief.
1) Extremely easy to install. It takes less than a split second. Installing Garmin's genuine part magnet takes a minute or so.

2) Easily removable. When you want to clean the bike or don't need the Edge, just snap it off.

3) Looks good. Or should I say, it does not appear to be there at all. You never notice it if you don't look for it hard.

I don't know how secure it is. I will see.

In Japanese:






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Tour of California 2013

Do you know that I used to live in Caflifornia, specifically so-called So-Cal? Almost four years many years ago! I miss the sunshine, blue sky or the dry air (that low humidity, which by the way cured my long time since childhood pollen allergy).

That was a very exciting time. I survived Rodney King riots and curfews, OJ trial, Northridge earthquake. I had the best time of all, right?

I lived in the "Valley" first. That is San Fernando Valley, the center of so-called Valley culture. Once I went to see a movie in a movie theater in Encino. The movie was Encino Man (1992). How appropriate! Later I moved to Santa Monica. I lived on a street only one block down from Santa Monica Boulevard. Then there came this hit song by Sheryl Crow, ... Sun comes down on the Santa Monica Boulevard...

When I watch the Tour of California on TV, I stare at the sky, the blue sky, the palm trees on the sides of the street, broad streets or what is on the background. Oh I was there.

At that time I was not a fan of cycling sport at all (I don't think I knew Tour de France at all). I regularly played tennis back then. When you play tennis in summer, you don't sweat. You don't feel your sweat at all. After a while you see salt grains on your skin. I see the same thing happening to the riders.

I never had the chance to visit Palm Springs but everyday when I see the weather forecast on TV or in the paper, I saw the name with above 100 F and I know it is hot there. Usually a couple of degrees higher than the Valley area.

Oh I miss California.

In Japanese:









テーマ:自転車ロードレース - ジャンル:スポーツ

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It has been a while since I last commuted by bike

It's been actually a great great while since I commuted by bike. It was a month ago? What a difference a month makes! The cycling/jogging/dog-walking road along the Alzette streamlet is now teeming with green plants, leaves, weeds and moss.

I could not help noticing that slick tires on the bike made a difference too. Now the ride is smoother and quieter. I wish that I were now faster than before.

There is a minor job left. The FD blade is touching the chain when the chain is on the inner chainring and low gears. This could be adjusted easily. Other than that my bike is good.

The weather in Luxembourg is not good at all. It is rainy and chilly. This morning I had summer jersey and thin vest and bib shorts on with arm wamers and knee wamers. I could as well wear winter long sleeve jersey and long bib tights.

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Baloise Belgium Tour 2013

Baloise Belgium Tour is taking place in Belgium toward the end of May. I looked for the official web site and it took me a while to get the URL.

The official web pages are in French and Dutch (I don't know exactly how Dutch and Flemish are different).

Please click on the image to magnify!

It is a 5-stage race. The name of the race is in English. I guess it is because the use of one of the two languages (French or Dutch/Flemish) would lead to the talk of a very politically sensitive issue in Belgium. The use of English would be neutral.

Anyway, I think I can go to watch the final stage held on Sunday, May 26th. This stage is like a diminutive Liège-Bastogne-Liège.

Fabian Cancellara is scheduled to be there. I am happy to see him.

In Japanese:


最後のステージはミニリエージュ・バストーニュ・リエージュですね。あのCôte de La Redouteを3回登ります。あの地域をぐるぐる回るわけです。おもしろそうです。幸い家から近いので、楽(体力的にも経済的にも)です。








テーマ:自転車ロードレース - ジャンル:スポーツ

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A package arrived from the United Kingdom

A package arrived this morning at my work place from UK. A set of Tufo tubular tires, Token chain catchers, etc.

I have already installed the chain catcher on my Cervélo. I will upload the picture. I also applied some generous amount of silicon clear paste on those parts inside the head tube to stop water and fine sand from coming inside. I also applied it to the slit on the seat tube to stop water and fine sand from coming inside.

It will take 24 hours until the silicon paste to dry up nicely.

When I open up the head tube to do the caulking work, I was surprised to see some rather too much fine sand already on the bearings! I just cleaned everything and assembled the bike a couple days ago. Already sand?!!

It turned out that there were some grains of sand left inside the frame. When I washed the bike and dried it up, the leftover sand stayed inside the head tube since I put the frame upside down. As you can see, the head tube was the closest to the ground. Gravity is to blame.

Now the head tube is sealed. I am assuming this trick will work.

For those who opt not to ride the bike when it is wet, this sealing trick would sound totally ridiculous. It is experimental.

In Japanese:








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Shopping spree?

A shopping spree? I ordered some bike parts and clothing. I think the knowledge of termination of loan payment on my Ford Ka may be the reason for this spree. I know that I have a bit more money in my bank account starting this May.

Anyway, I bought SRAM PG1070 12-28 cassette. This, I hope, is enough for Mont Ventoux. I bought other things, too.

I will start commuting by bike soon. I stopped commuting by bike since ??? since de Ronde van Vlaanderen?, I think. It has been a long time.

Now my bike is overhauled and ready to go. Small details have to be taken care of, though. Once I start commuting by bike, I ride rain or shine. Riding a bike in a wet weather is not too much fun but it is feasible. Cleaning and maintaining the bike after riding under wet conditions is not easy.

I need a good quality degreaser and then good grease. The Ciamillo Negative-G needs to be taken care of often. I have to wash out the fine sand then apply some grease.

Water coming into the head-tube (from the top and down) is the biggest problem. When I clean the head parts, I find rust on the bearings and some fine sand inside the bearings. Every time I clean the head parts, I have to degrease the bearing completely and then repack them with grease before installing them back.

I am thinking about applying silicon caulking material to the points where water may come in. This would make my life easier.

In Japanese:







潤滑で重要なのは、1)チェーン関連 2)ネガティブG 3)ノコン となります。






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Chain keepers

Chain keeper is not the specific name for the product. It is kind of generic name, I guess. Whatever they are called, they work as a temporary wheel/cassette substitute when the real rear wheel is removed (while being transported).

I have two of them.
"BBB" Chain Grip

"PRO" Chain-tension device rearstay for travelling

I think Pro's product is superior because the cassette cog substitute is bigger in diameter. The bigger the diameter, the more tension on the chain. The chain stays better under higher tension.

Last year while following the Tour de France I did not have this device. I had a different kind of chain keeper (by Pedros) until it disappeared just before the Tour 2102. I think it was in the very bag stolen from my Ford Ka on the day Team Presentation was held June 29th 2012.

So during the Tour 2012 I had to tie the dangling chain with an old stained battered towel while my bike was hung on the bike rack. This worked but it was not sightly at all.

Moreover, the chain under almost no tension slips off the front chain ring. This would inevitably makes scratches on the bike and it also made my finger smeared when dealing with the dropped chain.

This year I bought (not yet delivered) two sets of chain catcher. One for me and one for my travelling mate. Our bikes are on the rack while driving the car. These items (chain keepers and chain catchers), I hope, will make my travelling less stressful this summer.

(image borrowed from the on-line shop from which I bought these, black and red)

In Japanese:







チタン製のボルトも購入です。これはCiamillo Negative-G用です。純正のブレーキシューを持ってません。ブレーキのストロークも短めなネガティブGにはスペーサーを入れて、ブレーキ面とブレーキシューを近づけてあげる必要があるのです。このためにM5x18mmのボルトを購入します。現在M5x10mmのボルトですが、長さが足りてません。

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My Cervélo is now being overhauled II

The most time consuming part is done. NOKON is in place. The brake/shift cables are now done. Tomorrow, I will finish the assembly. The remaining work is taping the drop bar and fine-tuning the shifting.

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My Cervélo is now being overhauled

My Cervélo RS is being overhauled for the moment. Every single part will be dismounted, cleaned, polished, lubricated and then mounted back.

New BB (very light KCNC Scandium axle ISIS), new brake and shift wires, new bar tapes and etc.

Ciamillo Negative-G will be taken apart and mounted again.

I will take some pictures when possible.
Everything was removed and now the frame is taking a shower (at my work place).

The Frame gets dried and ready to go.

Rear/front derailleur and BB are mounted.

SRAM gear shifters are now back on the drop bar with new wires.

Stem, cranks and others are cleaned.

Ciamillo Negative-G is taken apart and cleaned.

There was a problem with my frame. I tried to take this plastic part and clean it. The thread was broken. I could not take it off. I will later glue the part for stability.

The most time consuming part of assembly is cabling because I have to deal with hundreds of small NOKON beads.

In Japanese:














ブレーキ(Ciamillo Negative-G):
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