Leaves are falling onto the cycling road, again!

I noticed a few days ago that (dead brown) leaves started falling (and accumulating) on the cycling/jogging/horseback riding/dog-walking road along the Alzette. Some trees shed leaves earlier than others, thus the accumulation of leaves are spotty (not ubiquitous).

This (accumulation of leaves) gives me some difficulties. The relatively narrow road along the Alzette is paved. The edges are not so clear. Due to the thick forestation and the damp air (of course, from the streamlet), the asphalt and the earth are wet almost all the time during late-fall/winter/early-spring. I try now after dark not to run into the soft and damp road shoulders. When the leaves accumulate thick enough to cover the entire asphalt, it is very difficult stay on the paved road even during the day (once I fell in broad daylight straying into the road shoulders).

In October and November, I often see workers (city of Luxembourg is responsible for the security of the road) cleaning the road. It is that time of the year again.

Yesterday evening on my way home from work, I saw (I believe I saw) a baby deer or two. I heard rattling sound from the bush so that deer could have been with his/her sisters/brothers or his/her mother along the Alzette. Annual events for me.

They (baby deer) were born in Spring. By now they are almost on their own, I guess. I don't know how long mother does take care of their babies.

From what I witnessed last year, I think when they are left alone (from their mother), first they stick together for a while before eventually go around independently.

I was using the Magnic light (rear red LED) on my way home a few days ago when I heard that plastic thingy rolling on the ground. It fell.

It was dark but I found the fallen parts (light and the adapter) but could not locate one screw. I tried to retrieve the small screw the next morning in vain.

These images will let you understand the situation. The screw is not loosening-proof. It will eventually loosen and the adapter will fall. I think I have to find some glue to secure the screw.

later... probably on Friday (European time)
(Image 1: the overview)

(Image 2: the parts)

(Image 3: the missing screw)

The metal part also droop after riding through cobble stone sections. As the path I take for commuting is not too smooth, this inevitably happens. I would (if I could) design the metal part differently.

There is a reason why I set April as the time limit for my diet. In April 2014 (as I did so this year) I will be overhauling my bike. If I were to get O.Symetric chainrings, it would not be later than April. O.Symetric chainrings require a tricky Front Derailleur setting. I will be rewiring everything in April (or late March).

I would like to get O.Symetric chainrings. If I fail to get my weight under 62 kg before April, I would reset the bar. I will set a new goal; I will buy Power2Max (power meter crank set) for my bike before the Tour de France if I can get my weight under 61 kg.

Oh, this will motivate me, I believe.

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1.3 tons of cocaine seized in France on its way to Luxembourg

Wow! According to wort.lu (English edition), there was a biggest (in France) drug seizure in history. 1.3 tons of cocaine was seized by the police. The drug was on the way to Luxembourg and the final destination was presumably the Netherlands or the UK.

Let's do some math, here. According to the news piece, 1.3 tons (1,300 kg = 2,866 lb) of cocaine (neatly packed!) was stashed inside 30 suitcases. OK, so one suitcase contained roughly 43.3 kg (= 95 lb) each. Those suitcases must have been robust ones. Let's assume that a suitcase weighed 5 to 7 kg. So the suitcase already weighed 50 kg without anything else.

They (smugglers) tried to hide the cocaine and must have put something (clothes, shoes or so) to disguise those suitcases to look casual. Let's say each had 5 to 7 kg of something else as a decoy.

Do 30 suitcases weighing roughly 60 kg sent from Venezuela to France to be picked up by a person or persons sound casual to you? Don't they smell fishy?

Authorities knew the contents of the suitcases but did not seized them immediately. They waited until someone picked them up and loaded them for transportation. Obviously the French police finally apprehended the perpetrators just before they crossed French/Luxembourg border.

I am very impressed that Venezuelan airport security is very tight (of course, I am being sarcastic). [1.3 tons of cocaine seized in France on its way to Luxembourg]の続きを読む
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Losing weight is not easy at all

Losing weight is not easy at all! I think I may be gaining some weight back.

I seriously need some psychological help. How do I fight off appetite? For this I initially gave me a carrot. I decided to buy O.Symetric chainrings for me when my body weight hits 61 kg before April 2014. This is not working.

How do I make myself ride my bike more often? For this, I know the help is coming.

From October, the police start enforcing the use of winter tires when the weather conditions are icy. I have no choice but not to ride my bike to work. In October when the weather is good for riding, I will ride more than just commuting and burn more calories.

Last year I started commuting by bike from October to February. This last winter was a nasty snowy and cold one. The temperature often drop below minus 10 (Celsius) and sometimes minus 15. It snowed a lot.

The snowfall and snow accumulation did not bother me. Icy road did not bother me too much. The weather/road condition that bothered me was the a warmer (above zero Celsius) stretch of daytime high after snowy days. When the snow on the road got thawed (daytime) and then frozen (at night), the frozen tracks left by cars made steering the bike really difficult.

Power meters are on the market. (Some of) SRM's patents have expired, I guess. If I had extra money, I would like to get a Power2Max. It is not too expensive compared to the rivals. You can change the chainrings as you like.

First PowerTap wheels seemed attractive but I would eventually want to have a light weight carbon rim wheel in addition to a training rear wheel that I would buy first.

Power2Max has some advantages over Stages as it is from a German company. Repairing, upgrading (firmware or so) and purchasing will be way easier than Stages, which stems from the United States of America.

In any cases, I am not buying one of those very expensive equipment for me any time soon. If I won a lottery, I would.

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iOS 7 and my iPhone 4

Oh, well. I suddenly decided to upgrade (the system software on my iPhone 4) to iOS 7. I guess (and firmly believe) that jailbreaking is coming to iOS 7 in near future.

The progress (since my iPhone is jailbroken) takes much longer than on a normal iPhone as it requires "restoring" instead of "upgrading".

And the verdict is:
I like the look (and this is one of the main reason I decided to upgrade). Back in the old days when Mac was still officially Macintosh (80's and 90's), I used many Macintosh machines. In those days Motorola 68000/68010/68020/68030/68040 were still used in them. Around the time Apple (headed by not Steve Jobs) introduced System 7.5.x and the icons on the Finder went 3D'ish. I hated that 3D'ish icons.

So in short, I welcom these flat 2D'ish icons. I love them.

I don't, however, like the "animation" effect feature. In those days, I used a utility software on my Macintosh to "turn off" the animation effect to save my time and save machine's resources. I hope if and when the jailbreak comes to iOS 7, it is possible to turn this effect off by a nice jailbreak utility.

The control center is good, not perfect. Maybe Apple learned something from the jailbreak community. The biggest reason why I prefer jailbreaking my iPhone is the ease accomplished by SB setting toggles on a jailbroken iPhone. You can reach to a toggle button to switch on/off Wifi, Bluetooth, Plane mode, etc. iOS 7's control center is a copy cat of this jailbreak utility. Some toggles are missing but I can wait till "real" jailbreak utility accomplishes the missing toggles on the control center.

The overall response of my old iPhone 4 is OK. I don't see any big lags in responsiveness.

So I say iOS 7 is good.

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Tour de France 2014 Presentation

Wednesday, 23rd October is the day when ASO presents the rough parcours of the Tour de France 2014. I won't be there but I am looking forward to it.

We already know the first three stages are held in the United Kingdom. We already know the start and finish places.

What we don't know is where other stages are held.

According to a cite (velowire), these cities are listed. I will make my own parcours map with Garmin MapSource later.

Stage 4. Tuesday 8 July 2014: Le Touquet > Villeneuve-d'Ascq

Stage 5. Wednesday 9 July 2014: Team time Trial ??
1) Comines Comines-Warneton (Belgium) > Ypres (Belgium)
2) Ypres > Ypres
or ??? > Ypres

Stage 6. Thursday 10 July 2014:
Ypres (B) > Reims (or surroundings)

Stage 7. Friday 11 July 2014: Epernay > (close to Nancy)

Stage 8. Saturday 12 July 2014: Tomblaine > Gérardmer

Stage 9. Sunday 13 July 2014: Gérardmer > Mulhouse

Stage 10. Monday 14 July 2014: Mulhouse > Planche des Belles Filles

Rest day 1 Besançon

Stage 11. Wednesday 16 July 2014: Besançon (or Pontarlier?) > Oyonnax

Stage 12. Thursday 17 July 2014: Bourg-en-Bresse > Saint-Etienne

Stage 13. Friday 18 July 2014: around Saint-Etienne ? > Chamrousse

Stage 14. Saturday 19 July 2014: Grenoble > Risoul

Stage 15. Sunday 20 July 2014: Tallard > Nîmes

Rest day 2. Monday 21 July 2014: Carcassonne

Stage 16. Tuesday 22 July 2014: Carcassonne > Bagnères-de-Luchon

Stage 17. Wednesday 23 July 2014: Bagnères-de-Luchon > Pla d'Adet

Stage 18. Thursday 24 July 2014: ??? > ???

Stage 19. Friday 25 July 2014: Maubourguet > Bergerac

Stage 20. Saturday 26 July 2014: Bergerac > Périgueux - individual time trial

Stage 21. Sunday 27 July 2014: ??? > Paris Champs-Elysées

The layout looks pretty good! Not like that of 2013 edition (, which was a zigzag layout), in 2014 the course layout is very simple and straightforward.

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iOS 7 and its jailbreak and ... Chris Horner!

Now, according to Pod2g, jailbreak on iOS 7 can be feasible. I have to mention again (and again) that I made a small contribution to the evasi0n team through Cydia (by Jay Freeman -aka saurik). I am proud to say this.

Come September 18 (supposed to be the public release day of iOS 7), I have to look for the comments on the net how the iPhone 4 works on iOS 7. Is is worth upgrading?

Some of my app on my iPhone 4 is already iOS 7 ready. I actually like the look of iOS 7.

Now, let's talk about Christopher Horner (born in Okinawa, Japan).

Amazing! He won la Vuelta 2013 at the age of 41 (almost 42). I have to keep training and keep myself fit. I am old but no one (or I) must not blame the age factor as an excuse for not being fit.

I like riding my bike. I like going uphill. I don't like going downhill. I don't know why I am so fascinated by going against the gravity of our mother Earth. I don't know why feeling the heart beat so hard makes me elated.

I don't know the "there is no contest for the general classification fight in the last stage" agreement is applicable tomorrow. I think it is as the last stage is not a ITT stage.

All Horner has to do is just finish the stage on Sunday and the victory is his.

I did not weigh myself this morning. I hope I am losing fat.

I will be watching TV on Sunday. I am going to enjoy it.

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To upgrade to iOS 7 or stay with iOS 6.1.3

That is the question. iOS 7's public release is closing. September 18 I heard.

I am currently using iOS 6.1.3-jailbroken on my iPhone 4 (not 4s). iOS 7 supports iPhone 4 without Siri, or other features.

I read somewhere that iOS 7 is slow on iPhone 4. Should I upgrade? Should I wait - at least - till its jailbreak arrives?

Why I jailbroke my iPhone?
Here's the summery. I did so because it (jailbreaking) gives me

Images to explain the points.
When I swipe the upper bar area, I can access various bottons. I can switch on wireless network on or off and so on. This is very very neat. I paid for it. I mean I made some contributions to the evasi0n team.

Cydia app icon sits in my home screen. This is the "manage" screen inside Cydia. I can check the programs I installed.

DateCarrier is a neat hack. As the name indicates and as the screen shot shows, GSM (mobile) carrier's name is replaced by date. I love this.

e-wifi used to be an app available at iTunes app store. Now it is only available from Cydia.

MacX4 is an app used to change MAC address on the device. It is useful but with some drawbacks. NeworkList remembers and shows the passwords for wifi network.

I use this set of ringtones. ShiftCaret is also a very neat thing.

This wifi-hotshot/MacDonald's adds MacDonald's locations to TomTom app.

If and when I upgrade to iOS 7 and no jailbreak is available for iOS 7, I have to forgo these comfortable hacks.

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A series of bankruptcies in Luxembourg (a scam?)

I found this (rather sketchy, though) piece of news on Wort.lu. It started a while ago (maybe 2 weeks before?).

It was reported that a series of shops were having problems (financially not sound, employees not paid etc.).

I did not care to read the contents of the news but just scanned the headlines at that time.

Now, the follow-up of those stories got me interested, intrigued and very curious.

It turned out that these series of bankruptcies (of shops selling rather pricey goods under various famous brand names) was brought by a company owned by (seemingly) two people. Castera and Einhorn are the names.

They (I am not sure if they are really individuals) kept setting up companies that each ran those series of shops in a relatively short period of time (the holding company was founded in 2008). They (those shops) are, in turn, managed by a holding company (owned by Castera and Einhorn).

In short, this holding company went belly-up a while ago. Consequently, all those shops ran into a state of bankruptcy.

It seems that they (all those companies) failed to pay for "social contributions." In other words, employees may have problems getting their fair share of protections against such occasions. If your company goes bankrupt, you will get some help from the state if your company "had" paid the state properly as concerning laws mandate.


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DHL, Balaclava and SRAM Red FD

A while ago I purchased a balaclava and SRAM Red FD together from a German online shop. I specified DHL for my choice of delivery means. Usually, so far, there were no problems.

The problem with my work place address is that it is no real or does not exist. The European, Western, system of giving a particular location its address is specifying a street name/number.

There are exceptions, of course. Buildings (say, super markets, stores) in some commercial areas/zones don't have street names/numbers. They are given area/zone names, like Commercial Zone 1 or Lincoln Commercial Zone. Normally you can find those areas/zones on your GPS navigation device. You have to go there and look up to see the store's sign.

My work place sits in a recreational/sports complex (and nobody lives here). Hence no mail delivery (instead PO Box) and no street names nor numbers.

DHL normally makes the delivery to our fake AKA address but the regular guy is either in vacation or was assigned to another area, I guess.

I had to call them to arrange a pick-up at their location. No big deal. I did.

Now I got a Gore Bike Wear balaclava and SRAM Red 10s FD.

The Balaclava is, just I had expected, good. It comfortably sits on my head/face. Breathability is also good.

The FD has to be installed and ridden before reviewed.

Speaking of exceptional addresses, I also had minor problem in Germany.

I used to live in a city where its core "downtown" area uses (still now) an odd system. There, a location in that small area is given a block name and/or name of a passage that passes through the block.

This system is actually close to Japanese address system. In Japan they don't use street names for the official address. In Kyoto (its core area, ancient capital of Japan), they use this unofficial street name system.

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la Vuelta, going on a diet and Andy's kid

According to Wort.lu, Andy Schleck is going to be a father next year. Hurrah! Well done.

La Vuelta a Espana is getting into the final week after the final rest day today (Tuesday, 10 September). RadioShack-Leopard has Chris Horner placed 2nd on the GC. Wow! Only 28 seconds down from the leader. I have to watch TV when possible.

Today, I came home and looked inside the postbox. I found a slip saying that I had missed a delivery of a small package containing Magnic lights parts. Oh, well I have to go to the local post office tomorrow.

Wait a moment. I got an e-mail from the company behind this Magnic light saying that the front mount adapter that I received might break in an extended usage so that they offer a free upgrade.
I can choose one between two options. One adapter that gets fixed between the fork and the caliper brake, basically the same functionality that is now being recalled - only smaller and better.

Or I can get the two adapters that usually used as the rear mount adapter.

Oh my. I just bought the two of the ones described in the latter. I did not have to buy them! Anyways, I have to reply to the questionnaire.

My weight is around 66 to 67 kg. One morning I weighed 66.1 kg. As soon as I start taking water my weight goes up to 67 kg. It is not easy to lose weight.

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Losing weight is not so easy

I am trying to shed off some weight. I weigh now 66.6 kg for the moment. I weighed about 68 kg a month ago. The target weight is 62 kg because Carlos Sastre's weight was 61 to 62 kg and he stands 172-173 cm high, which is also my height.

Eating less is of course the key. It is very difficult to eat less.

Fortunately, I don't get fat. I think it is in my gene. I don't have any fat family members or relatives as far as I know. I ate a lot. Even though I ate a lot, my weight stayed around 68 to 69 kg.

Eating less does the trick for the first 1 kg or so. Eventually the body adjusts the consumption of calories to the amount of the food. Then eating less does not mean too much.

I have to exercise regularly to burn the fat. I am doing this right now. I don't know how much fat I have. I am not sure if I could get to 62 kg. I used to weigh 61 kg when I was younger with the same height as now, so I know I can weigh 61 kg.

On Wednesday I took my bike and made a tour around the area I prowled on the previous Sunday. It was interesting to find what the real route was like. Various maps (Google Maps, Garmin/teleAtlas, TomTom, OpenStreetMap, Apple's map) showed different things. I am preparing some images (including the logs on my Garmin Edge) to illustrate the facts.

It takes time to do this so please be patient.

On Friday I took my bike, too. I think that now I have found a training circuit that looks not too bad.

Images to follow.

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Chris Horner rocks!

I realized now belatedly that I haven't made "Bike Races in Spain" category yet. I have never been to Spain. That's why. I have been to la Vuelta a Espana before though. When they had stages in the Netherlands, I was there (in Amsterdam).

Chris Horner did it again! He took the stage again and won the red jersey again! How exciting! What an amazing guy!

And Euskaltel-Euskadi is not DEAD! Fernando Alonso and his sponsors saved the team. I am very happy for the riders, staff and the supporters. I have Basque friends. I know they are happy, too. I don't know if the team continue wearing all orange jersey next year.

I was a fan of F1 back when I was still in Japan. I don't watch or follow this sport any more but I support Fernando Alonso. He must be a great guy. I just hope he will not end up like Mr. B*cca here in Luxembourg (someone who picks up his hobby with his money only to neglect it after a few years)

According to Wort.lu (via ... I don't know the original source but), a focused reflection of sun ray on a London building (still in construction) has caused a lot of damages to the cars parked along side the building. The building has a concave shave.

Who is the genius that came up with the design? I guess the designer had previously worked as a solar power generation plant engineer, right?

Sun ray + concave reflection = heat

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Hilly (and quiet) roads near Luxembourg city report

Sunday, September 1, I went on a short tour investigating the area where coutour lines were showing 300 to 400 meters above the sea level. Here is the report. I think I rode about 50 km in total this day by the time I came home.

Sadly the hills at 400 meters and some altitude are the best we have around the capital. The lowest level (where Alzette river is flowing) is already at around 250 meters above the sea level. There could be only 100-meter constant climbs (in altitude differences) around the capital.

Saturday, I did the homework. Clicking the mouse buttons on the map provided Google Maps. Topography maps are my friend.

There were two potentially promising areas just north of the capital close to the place I work at.

The map does not say whether those paths (narrow roads) are either dirt trekking paths or asphalt-paved roads open to automobiles. That I have to go and find out.

Of course, if I ride a mountain bike, I don't care if they are dirt roads or paved. I ride a road bike.

Image 1 (Google Maps topography map showing the capital area)

Image 2 (ditto showing one of the two areas)

Image 3 (ditto showing the other)

Image 2 shows: The "Montée de Doomeldange" circuit
I went to the area but roads in the map on my Garmin Edge 800 was not the same as the oneat "Google Maps." I failed to make the right turn. I have to go back again to check the area out. The area was quiet. If the roads are paved, this Dommeldange circuit will be desirable.

Image 3 shows: The "Eicherfeld" circuit
On the map you can see the small switchback turns. I was very curious to find out whether they were really what they looked like on the map. They were! Wow! I did not stop to take pictures since I did not want to stop. I will take pictures on the next visit and post them later.

I wanted to establish a circuit training course so I tried to make a short circuit. On my way, I found this fascinating steep cobble stone section. This section was too steep to climb down with my slick tires. I walked down the slope. The stones were flat and smooth. I think I need patterned tires instead of slick tires to climb this section. Wonderful!

Image 4 (Garmin MapSource screen shot clip showing the 4.6 km "Eicherfeld" circuit)

Image 5 (Garmin MapSource screen shot clip showing the 5.4 km "Eicherfeld" circuit)

Image 6 (Garmin MapSource screen shot clip showing Montée de Dommeldange)

As it often happens, Garmin's map is not correct and older than other maps (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap or TomTom). I don't know if this is correct. As Image 2 shows, Montée de Dommeldange could be longer than Garmin's map shows.

Image 7 (Garmin MapSource screen shot clip showing the 4.6 km possible circuit)

If this circuit is paved, It would be a great climb. I have to find it out.

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O.Symetric Chainrings

O.Symetric (http://www.osymetric.com/)

I have been keeping my eyes on this product for a long time. Back when Bobby Julich (my favorite rider) was on Team CSC (2004), I noticed that he was using this pieces of equipment on his bike. When he moved to Sky, B. W. started using them and then Christopher Froome this year. Well, Bobby Julich had to move away from Sky at the end of last year.

And I don't care much about BW or CF.

I would like to have these chainrings on my bike because they look hyper-cool! (on a scale of cool, way cool, super-cool and hyper-cool)

They cost around 240 Euro a set. I will buy these when the following conditions are met.
1) When my weight hits 62 kg
2) And when it happens before April 2014

This will give me an extra motivation to lose weight (aka fighting against the hunger).

It is Sunday, September 1. I am watching la Vuelta a Espa&ntilda;a on TV. After watching the live broadcast, I intend to ride my bike.

No!! I was watching GP Plouay on TV. Now I am watching la Vuelta.

Last night I was looking at Google maps "terrain" map near my home. I found hilly areas where contour lines showed 300 meters up to 400 meters. Remember I live in Luxembourg, where highest point of the country is just above 500 meter above sea level. I think the lowest point in altitude in this country is somewhat above 200 meters?

I will investigate these areas. I would like to find a course where I can safely train. Safely means that less automobile traffic.

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