elgato eyeTV mobile (hardware) and eyeTV mobile (software)

I have an iPhone 4 (2010) and an iPod touch (4th generation), both of which feature that 30-pin Dock connector. Apple has moved to lightening scheme when iPhone 5 came out (2012?).

My iPhone and iPod are old but works. My iPhone 4 shows signs of aging but works OK. Its home button is like half dead.

Anyway, today I found something on ebay and I had to give it a try. This entry's title is about the item I bought (but not delivered yet, of course). It is elgato eyeTV mobile (hardware) for 30-pin iOS devices (the original, second and 3G iPhones are not included).

Before i decided to buy the product at a rather discounted price, I hurriedly downloaded elgato eyeTV mobile (software) from App Store and tried to install it on the devices aforementioned. It failed to install on iPod touch (4th generation) as it has iOS 6.1.6 and the latest version of eyeTV mobile is only for iOS 7.

At this point, I almost decided not to buy the product. Before totally giving it up, I googled "older version app iPhone" and found that there are cases where Apple allows users to download the older versions when it is deemed necessary and fair.

I figured that I was entitled to download the iOS 6 compatible version of eyeTV mobile if I (was going to) own the hardware once sold for iPod touch that only supports up to iOS 6.

With iPod touch (4th gen.), I opened the App Store and tried to download the latest version of eyeTV W (not compatible with iOS 6). App Store kindly informed that I could download the oder version that supported iOS 6.

Success! I now have the right software on both iPhone 4 and iPod touch (4th gen.). Now I went ahead to buy the hardware from the United States of America.

They (software and hardware) turn my Apple devices into a TV. Wait a second I already bought a elgato eyeTV W a while ago. It turned out that iPod touch (4th gen.) is not compatible with eyeTV W, so I think it is not a waste of time. I will use them for the right occasions.

I was curious about the DVB-T coverage in Luxembourg area (specifically, the capital area where I live). I finally did some looking around on the net and found the following.

There are four antennae (or antennas) near the capital. Two of them in Luxembourg, one in Germany and one in Belgium.The one in Luxembourg on the border with France is specialized in broadcasting the French stations, of course. Among them, we (capital area residents) have the possibilities of receiving up to 45 channels.

It is just possibilities because the reception is not guarantied at all. You have to be on top of a hill to get better reception of the signal. The fact is if you are located at anywhere lower, you won't get anything at all.

For example, at my humble studio inside my room I get no signal. If I step out of the entrance and stand outside of the building, I get close to 40 channels. Just 4 meters and two or three walls make the signal almost dead.

DVB-T signal is fragile as I have already written about the reception instability before.

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GP de Fourmies 2014 Part II

I can not help thinking this road race as a race in Belgium. I drive to Fourmies, which is a French town of course, but almost all the time I am driving in Belgium on the way and back. Even some of the course is in Belgium. During the race (two years ago I was there), I crossed the French-Belgian border several times while going to and back from the ravitaillement and other watch points.

It is a French race. They (organizer) have just updated the site a bit, just a bit. The front page shows that the coming event is the 82nd version. Just while ago it still showed the 81st edition.

Course info, team hotels and othere are yet to be updated!

Anyway, I worked on the Garmin BaseCamp.

By the way, I don't like the BaseCamp program too much and I sometimes miss its predecessor, the good old Garmin MapSource, especially when I look for cities. The BaseCamp does not get me the cities I want to find. This is crazy. It tries to find some extra thing from the Internet and does not look for the simple city names.

I have to rely on Google search to find cities. If I don't have the net connection, finding cities are hopeless. Is is a joke or a bug? It has to be a bug that nobody reports, right? A map program that can not find a city?

I already know that the local police strictly enforce the overdone traffic control tasked by the organizer. I have to be prepared. I have to find the routes to circumvent the road closures.

It will be done in time.

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GP de Fourmies 2014

I intend to go to GP de Fourmies 2014 on Sunday, September 7.

GP de Fourmies (http://www.grandprixdefourmies.com) seems to be the official site of the organizer's.

This will be the second time I visit the town for this racing event if I make it. It was two years ago, I think the last time I was there. Last year I did not go there because my team, RadioShack-Leopard, was not there. This year my team, Trek Factory Racing, will be there. They haven't posted the names of participating riders yet.

The town of Fourmies is about 270 km from my place (south part of ville de Luxembourg). It will be a easy relaxed drive of 3 hours and half. On the way, I thought I will pass through the town of Cimay, Belgium. This name is widely known to the fans of Belgian beers. I did not see, however, any signs that indicated that the town was the home of the famous beer. Maybe the production is not being made in this town anymore. I don't know and I don't care.

There were a lot of unpleasant things the last time I was there.

The traffic controls enforced by the local police seemed to be overdone. This was what made the last visit to this race event so difficult.

Road closures took place way long before the race passed. This is something I did not understand.

Bigger races like Amstel Gold Race or other Belgian races have more relaxed traffic controls.

GP de Fourmies takes place on Sunday in an area where there are no big cities and no major routes. Anyway, all I have to do this time to enjoy the race is to plan ahead and plan well.

I also intend to visit Antwerpen on Sunday, September 14.

SCHAAL SELS (http://www.schaalsels.be/) seems to be the official site. The info is old. It is not updated yet as of August 28.

It seems that the it starts in MERKSEM and finishes in BREDABAAN, both of which are just suburbs of Antwerpen. I don't the parcours (course) as they don't have the map on the site. I assume that it takes place in the suburbs of this big city.

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Do you like outdoor cooking?

It is all about outdoor cooking.

The seller, from whom I bought the used Jetboil Helios Cooking System via ebay, notified me that he had sent the item and also expressed his gratitude. According to the photos he put up on ebay and his description of the item, it should be in an excellent condition, I believe. I’ll see.

Before clicking on the ‘Buy now’ button of the Jetboil Helios, I had other items on my watch list and been looking for other options.

A gas burner (compatible, not genuine part) for my Trangia was on my watch list and I had planned to buy it in a week or so.

The Jetboil Sumo cup (1.8 L) was the other option I was thinking of.

Now my plans for the next year’s Tour de France trip are going well. The main theme is; less luggage and better food.

One of the features of the Helios is that it can maintain stable fire power under rather extreme weather conditions - specifically, under zero (Celsius) temperatures. 0 (zero) degree Celsius is 32 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the freezing point for pure water under the normal airpressure condition.

Anyway, I have experienced sub-zero temperatre during the Tour twice as far as I remember, I guess. That was the time I stayed on the mountain pass (passable for automobiles) in Europe. When we (friends, others and I) woke up in the morning, the water pads had thin? ice on the surface and I had frost on the roof of my tent. During the day, the temperature rose over 20? Celsius, I guess.

The other time, it was on the Col du Galibier, once day before Andy Schleck won the stage there. Believe it or not (remember it or not) it snowed and we had snow storm on the top there. We (avid fans) stayed in the mountain despite the discouragement by the Gendarmerie officers. The snowfall was about 10 centimeters, which is about 3 inches. It all disappeared by the next day.

I don’t expect to run into these kinds of extreme weather conditions next year but I’ll be prepared when I do.

I once read (I think I had read) that carrying gas gartidges on board automobiles on the under see tunnel running through the English Channel was forbidden for security reasons. I could be wrong. That was part of the reason I first looked for the ferry tickets between Calais and Dover this last summer.

I don’t expect to having to buy yet again ferry tickets next year for the Tour de France trip (2013: Nice - Corsica and 2014: Calais - Dover) but I will if I have to.

Shopping for the trip next year is getting complete.

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Pot au feu (Pot on the fire), yay.

What do I eat during the camping trip when I follow the stages of the Tour de France? I know you are not interested in what I eat.

For the last eight years (I believe) I had camped out in France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Lichtenstein most of the time at various camp sites but out in the wild, too.

I have used Jetboil PCS (the original product) and the Trangia (alcohol burner). The Jetboil PCS companion cup is too small to cook anything. As you may know (if you have ever cooked with tall pots) that the boiling water with any kind of food inside a tall pot rise up and overflow. If you cook the same thing in a flatter and wider pot, the contents are not likely to overflow.

My Jetboil companion cup is a tall pot and it is good for cooking water for some hot drink. It is not optimal for cooking.

The Jetboil has started the trend in the outdoor cooking equipment. Its fluxring system got copied to other products. The way other companies adopted the fluxring-like system in their products gives the fluxring a credit. It seems that it (the fluxring) works.

My trangia Series 25 (group cooking) has two pots and a pan. I have used my Trangia for cooking spaghetti, Capellini, Tagliatelle and other things (mostly some kind of pasta or noodle). The alcohol burner is stable once it gets stable and really good for cooking pasta.

I have grown a bit tired of eating the same thing over and over. I have long eaten pasta with Bolonaise sauce. This year I finally said goodbye to Bolonaise sauce and tried cheese based sauce or others.

One of the friends that I encounter almost every year during the Tour cooks this pot au feu and I ate it with me a couple of times. It tastes good. He uses a multi-fuel burner.

Next year I want to try something new and healthier. Yes, that where the title of this entry comes in. It is not exactly a traditional pot au feu but similar one.

I just bought a used Jetboil Helios cooking system on ebay (it will be delivered to me soon). I wanted to buy the 'guide' version of this cooking system but the 2L standard system is not bad at all. The standard Helios system includes a 2L pot and the guide version has an additional 3L pot.

With this Helios cooking system, I will try to cook some healthier dinner.

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PowerTap PowerCal power meter: the first ride experience

I don't know how to use this device (PowerCal) yet. I just rode my bike today for about 60 to 80 kilometers half or less time with the Edge 800 showing the 'power' display. I tried the 'power' or 'power average 30 sec' or 'power average 3 sec' and so on.

I headed for Mersch. This town hosts the start of the Tour de Luxembourg for the last ... as far back as I know. The town is somewhat located in 15 kilometers away from Luxembourg via shorter route for automobiles. I took a bit longer way as I chose the safer route for bikes like roads running through small villages and pastures. There were many other bikers, families, couples, mountain bikers and road bikers.

The raw power display showed somewhat erratic figures as when I stop pedaling, it should always show 'zero' theoretically. It did not show 'zero' but showed, instead, a lot of power figures. This is because this 'power' was just calculated from the changes in my heartbeat. It is OK, I did not expect the PowerCal to show the exact power output.

I did not take any logs today as I did not know the right way to analyze the log. Upload it to the Garmin connect? Today I just wanted to watch what would show up on the display.

The heartbeat figures were sometimes not really stable. As a result, the power readings were also unrealistic like '2200 watts' or so.

I have to read something (like Mr. DC rainmaker's review?) to make the best of the PowerCal as a training companion.

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PowerTap PowerCal power meter to match with Garmin Edge 800

I received the package from a German on-line shop and I opened it to find the two items inside.

One CamelBak RaceBak hydration system (thermo base layer with the Antidote reservoir to fit in a pocket on the back) and one PowerTap PowerCal.

I don't plan to use the RaceBak soon. I will try to fit it and see I had purchased the right size.

I wore the PowerCal heart rate monitor and tried to match it with my Garmin Edge 800. It took me while to complete the task. One reason is that I never read the manual for the Edge 800. It does not need too much of previous knowledge to use the device. The on screen message is almost helpful enough to use it. After trials and errors, you learn how to use it.

I additionally took a look at www.dcrainmaker.com as I knew he had written a review of the product. I guess he did not have problems with making his Edge 500 recognize the CycleOps PowerCal (at that time of his purchase, it was still sold under that brand).

I had problems successfully matching them. The solution was to turn the Edge 800 of and turn it on again several times while having the PowerCal on. It is not possible to turn the PowerCal on and off as it has no buttons to push. It automatically turns itself on when it is worn (I guess).

After several trials, the PowerCal was recognized as an ANT+ heart rate monitor and an ANT+ power monitor. I have to stress the fact that it has to be recognized as two devices (heart rate and power monitor). You have to make sure the Edge gives you two separate messages.

I am ready to go but the weather does not permit me to go. It is raining outside. Sunday (Tomorrow, 24th) it will be fine. I will ride my bike then.

Second half of the review will be written later in this fall, I hope.

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Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite Beta 2 (public) testing, Garmin map and DPD

Today (European time August 21st) Apple released the send Beta version of the coming OS Yosemite. I would like to download and install it but downloading such a big file will require a fast stable wifi connection. I will see how to down load it. There is not much "new" features included in this version according to some sites. iOS 8 related functions or programs are not included obviously since iOS 8 is not available to the public at all.

I am not sure if I should use the SSD (Toshiba recently purchased) to install the beta 2.

Today I also noticed that Garmin's map data has been updated. The new version 2015.20 is available for download. It is 4 GB big for both PC/Mac and a GPS device (nüvi 2340). It takes a long time to download the data and subsequently install it on the nüvi 2340. The last time I updated the map on the nüvi 2340, it took almost all day (including the interruptions I had to have). So this time I may skip this update. I don't plan to make long distance trips during winter.

I want to have more update map data by the end of Spring next year when I start planning for the Tour de France. By then the update will be 2016.10 or something.

Today I emailed DPD (logistics company) Luxembourg branch to let them know my intention to pick up the package that had failed to reach me last week. They came three times to my humble studio apartment when I was not home.

They never left any kind of notice in my post box but I knew they were trying to deliver it since I had the tracking number and I could check the delivery status.

Anyway, they replied that my package would be waiting for me tomorrow. It includes two items sent from Germany, namely the CamelBak RaceBak and Powertap PowerCal. I can try them this weekend. I am excited but the weather forecast discourages me telling that we are expecting some rain.

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elgato EyeTV W first impression and others Part II

I received it at the local post office. I charged it with a micro USB cable that I had with me.

OK, the conclusion. It turned out that it does not stream the video but it sends to "a" single device paired with the device. Wow! I did not expect that. Yes, it did not (in the product description at www.elgato.com) tell that it streams the video over WLAN.

I repeat that it gets paired with one device and sends the video to that device. Once a device logs in the WLAN, no other device can log in.

It tunes in a lot of free DVB-T stations and the quality of the video is fine.

Anyway, the iPod touch 3rd generation (iOS 6.1.6) seems to be not able to be admitted in the wireless LAN that eyetv w offers.

The device (eyetv w) is small and light. It is smaller than Garmin Edge 800.

Overall rating for the device: *****ooooo (5 stars out of possible 10)
If it 'had' a streaming function, I would give 10 out of 10 (sigh).

Pros: small and light, good tuning reception, long battery life (not tested by me but ..)

Cons: only one device at a time, no WLAN management (setting password or changing)

Additionally, the device is not water-proof so you have to be careful when taking it outdoors.

Do I recommend it to others?
NO. Because ......

If you have Android devices, you can buy a tuner that connects to your device directly. If you have iPhone 5 or later devices, you can buy a tuner that connects to you iPhone/iPad directly.

It turned out (in the Setting section under about/info it says "Meron ...") that the device was developed by Siano.

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elgato EyeTV W first impression and others

This small device was going to be delivered this morning when I was not home. The post delivery man, whom I saw on my way to the bus top about 200 meters away from my studio apartment. He left a slip in my post box. I will pick it up tomorrow.

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 19th August) I have an appointment with the local tire shop. I will drop my Ka off around 08:30 and drop in on the local post office to pick the package up. I am assuming that it is from Apple Store Luxembourg (a shadow store of the Apple Store in Belgium). It could be a package from Germany (PowerTap PowerCal and CamelBak RaceBak).

I intend to drop by the Ford dealer later in the afternoon to have a service appointment later this week.

I have been writing about how to make the luggage that I bring to the Tour de France 2015. Those kind readers out there don't have to read this at all. It is all for me, myself.

I want to carry (on some occasions) the white paint with me on my bike. The reasonable solution will be putting the paint in pet bottles (because they are disposable and omnipresent). A normal bike bottle case accepts a cylindrical object 74 mm in diameter. A 1.5 litter pet bottle is of about 85 mm in diameter.

I found these on ebay. They came in various colors and I like them to be black.

There were other seller that sold these (but alas in red and blue only) at a cheaper price. I think I am going to order two or more of them.

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EnecoTour 2014 the last stage (Riemst - Sittartd)

I am leaving for Riemst (Belgium) in the morning. At this moment that I am writing this, it is still Saturday, August 16 but soon it is Sunday, August 17.

The last stage is a simple course. It is just around Maastricht, Holland. Riemst is just several kilometers away from Maastricht but it is in Belgium.

The plan is simple; watch the start in Riemst - going to the fourth climb of the day, Loorberg - going to the feed zone - finally driving to the finish in Sittard.

It is about 200 km from Luxembourg to Riemst. I will set the alarm at 6 o'clock and then start driving.

Fabian Cancellara did not start today's stage. He is going to participate in la Vuela a Espa&ntilda;a. He is using EnecoTour as a preparation for the Vuelta and also using the Vuelta as a preparation for the World Championship. He does not have the intention to finish either of the stage races. The team also support his ambitions to be a World Champion.

I expect to see the remaining riders tomorrow.

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New tires and "contrôle technique"

Today I went to a local (closest to my residence) tire service shop and made an appointment to replace the two rear tires. The front tires were already destroyed back in April on my way to Brugge, Belgium. This episode had been mentioned here, I guess.

Now I need a new set of tires on the rear. They have been well worn out. It will cost me around 200 euros. I will have new tires by the end of next Tuesday.

Next I have to make an appointment with my Ford dealer mechanic to have my Ka inspected. The brake pads on the front have to be replaced and I suspect the rear brake could be serviced, too.

I had a letter from SNCA, Societé Nationale de Circulation Automobile, which is like DMV in the United States if you have to know what this organization is like. A new car has three years and six months before its first registration certification expires. It it time for my Ka to renew the certification. Before bringing my car to the inspection site, I have to make sure it is fit.

In Germany it (automobile registration certificate system) was simply called TÜV (pronounced like ’t-you-ff’ as ü is you and v is f.)

After this 'contrôle technique' I will have two more years until the next inspection. By this time I will have to decide if renewing the registration is worth it or buying a new car is a wiser choice. That decision will be made later.

Tomorrow (Friday, August 15) is a holiday in Luxembourg and some of the countries surrounding Luxembourg. It is one of the Catholic related holidays and it is safe to assume that France and Belgium has the same holiday in their countries. Holland and Germany (Remember that Germany is much like the USA and each state can decide which days to make its own holidays. Catholic states have more catholic related holidays and Protestant states tend to have more less Catholic holidays), I suppose, don't have this holiday.

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TdF 2015 Utrecht Grand Départ preparation

TdF 2014 just finished several weeks ago. Now I started the preparation for the next year's event. There is not much information so what I can do is very limited. We know at least that it starts in Utrecht, Holland and that the first stage is an ITT (but not a prologue, longer than the prologue distance) and the sketchy details of the second stage.

I can check the camp sites near Utrecht. That's all I can do for the moment.

I am shopping for things to reduce the amount of luggage I have to carry in my car. This is also part of the preparation. Learning Dutch is not part of it since they all speak English in Holland.

Did I write about the thing I recently ordered a day ago? It is a multi-purpose small tent from China. It serves as a bathroom, where you can take a shower and so on. This is part of the efforts to reduce the amount of luggage. I have a bigger multi-purpose tent (it can also be a living room) but I think it is too bulky.

On the other hand, I am buying more of cooking ware for the next year. Trangia with the alcohol burner is my main stove and Jetboil is the secondary stove. I am going to buy a compatible (not genuine) gas burner for the Trangia and also a Sumo (1.8 litter) pan for the Jetboil.

I am also thinking of taking a cool box with me that I purchased several years ago. It can actively cool the contents with the 12 V DC power from the car. It does not work as a refrigerator but it can keep things from going bad too quickly. The space that I save for dumping that bulky tent will be filled by this cool box.

I am hoping that the Team Presentation ceremony takes place in a public place* and it is free of charge. I had to pay for the entrance to the First Direct Arena, where this year's Team Presentation ceremony took place. It was expensive and was not so entertaining to the eyes of a typical road race fan like me. The show was more for the Yorkshire people who had paid their way to bringing themselves the Grand Départ event. I don't know how much they paid (or raised the money) but it must have been a lot.

* I found out that the presentation ceremony takes place at Lepelenburg Park, which is not far from the big central train station of Utrecht in the city center. I can safely assume that this event is free of charges.

I talked to friends of mine (a couple from Holland) during the Tour and they told me that Utrecht raised 12 million euros to invite the event.

What had troubled me for the last two years was the ferry tickets as the events took place on islands (Corsica and then the Great Britain). I don't think I have to book ferry tickets next year. This is a relief. Although getting on board a ferry isn't bad. I am getting to like it.

There are lot of camp sites around Utrecht. Some of them are so-called family resort camp sites complete with pools and other facilities. I normally try to avoid one of those as they tend to be pricy and crowded with annoying kids.

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PowerTap PowerCal power meter

It has been long since first I was interested in measuring the power (wattage) that I was producing as a biker when climbing uphills. You can calculate it by hand.

If you finish a climb (known height difference) in certain time and you know other factors as precisely as possible (factors like your height/weight, bike profiles which affect its friction, etc). Your average power output during that climb efforts.

I used to do this. I timed the climb and calculated the wattage and compared the data with previously accumulated data. It was fun. It encouraged me to do more training rides. When I was living in Germany, I used to go to the same climb (height difference 400 meters plus with about 6.7 km long). If the climb is this long, the hand calculated average power output is very accurate for the purpose of comparison.

The downside is that I did not know the realtime output power when climbing. For this you need a power meter on your bike. There are many power meters available on the market. I like (or liked) the power2max. Those power meters are expensive.

If you need a less expensive solution, you can opt for this PowerTap PowerCal (formerly CycleOps PowerCal). It is inexpensive but it is not an accurate power meter. It only gives you the guessed power output calculated from your heartbeat (or the changes in heartbeat rate?).

Well, guess what! I ordered one for me.

I wanted to order CamelBak RaceBak for me but I also ordered PowerCal.

I will try it and write about it here later. I can not comment on the accuracy of the power reading, though. As it is widely known and written that its accuracy is not its strong point.

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DVB-T reception situation in France.

I did not take nay notes as to where I could watch DVB-T broadcasting or I could not. Over the years, the coverage has been expanding, so seems to me.

I could watch TV at Hautacam (three or four kilometers from the foot of the climb). Chamrousse (13 kiometers from the summit) was also covered. Risoul (3 K down the summit) was also OK although I had to walk across the road (just a couple of meters) to get the reception.

It happens that these few meters really matter where the reception is weak. I don't know why but these few meters make a great difference. It also happens that the direction and angle of the antenna matter where the reception is weak.

St-Lary Pla d'Adet was out of reach of DVB-T signal. So were Port de Bâles, Col de Grosse Pierre, la Planche des Belles Filles and le Markstein.

As long as I remember, DVB-T reception was not available on the climb of Alpe d'Huez. On col du Tourmaret, the signal reached near la Mongie but the reception was none closer to the summit.

I wish I had a tiny DVB-S (or DVB-S2) receiver just like elgato EyeTV W and a foldable tiny parabola antenna.

A note: on the official site (www.elgato.com), it is clearly marked that iPhone 4 is not one of the supported devices. I can installed the app (elgato EyeTV W) on my iPhone 4 and launch it. I think what they mean by stating that it is not supported is that iPhone 4's CPU is not fast enough so that video on the device may not play smoothly. I have to see if my theory is correct when EyeTV W arrives.

The following paragraphs are about cooking and eating during the Tour.

I have used Trangia (with an alcohol burner) for years. It works well when cooking noodles like Capellini (a thiner version of Spaghetti to put it simply and of course by saying so I am sure I have offended many Italian people). This year I found some wonderful product.

Capellini cooks quickly as it is really thin. On the package generally the cooking instructions suggest that it takes about 4-5 minutes to bring it to "aldente". I kept buying Capellini during the last July and came across a even quicker cooking version of Capellini at Casino, which is a smaller supermarket chain in France. This special Capellini cooks in just 3 minutes. The trick is, it is half cooked already.

This quicker cooking Capellini looks a bit bigger in diameter and less transparent than those normal Capellini. It tastes OK but you can not beat its ease of cooking.

So next year, I first look for one of Casinos and stock up that product as soon as I reach France (as you may remember that TdF 2015 starts in Utrecht, Holland).

I am thinking of getting a gas burner that goes in the Trangia cooker. Why? it (the gas burner) encourages me to cook other things than noodles. The alcohol burner is stable but not strong as the gas burner. I have not decided.

A side note. I plan to drive to Sittard and Riemst (which is close to Maastricht), Holland to see the Eneco Tour.

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[DVB-T reception situation in France.]の続きを読む

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elgato EyeTV W ordered

I want to reduce the amount of things that I have to carry when I'm on the way like traveling through France following the Tour (de France, of course). I have written several entities on this topic.

The last time I wrote on this topic, it was around the CamelBak RaceBak hydration system. I don't want to carry a backpack, saddle bag or any conspicuous thing on me when climbing. On the other hand, I have to carry the minimally required things (already detailed in the previous entry).

The CamelBak RaceBak carries up to 2 litters of water on the back under the jersey. The water tank make a hump on the rider's back. It is not invisible but not too conspicuous, I hope.

I am now looking for bigger bottles, bottle cages that hold bigger bottles or other means of carrying some water solution white paint. Disposable pet bottles are desirable for this purpose but they (pet bottles) don't necessarily fit in the standard bottle cages. I will find some solutions to this problem.

Additionally the remaining problem was the mini DVB-T TV set for watching the live broadcast of the race. I have two sets of portable (battery inside) TV sets. One of them is fairly small. 20 cm by 12.5 cm and 2 cm deep. This can be tightly packed in the back pocket of a bike jersey without thinking of the consequences. I would rather not do that because of the obvious consequences (damages to the jersey).

I was looking for the solution to this problem.

I take this DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial) TV on the Avenue of Champs Élysées. People around me don't have the damn device. They have internet connection on their smart phones and get updates from some sites or friends/family watching the TV home.

I am generous to let them watch it but the limited battery life and the sunshine make it difficult to share the view.

So what I will be writing in the following paragraphs is the solution to the two problems above. I decided to buy a device called "elgato EyeTV W". What is it? Please visit their site (www.elgato.com)!

It is a device that 1) receives the DVB-T signal and 2) broadcast the TV video over Wlan to smartphones or similar devices (iPad, Android tablets and so on) around.

The point is that it is portable (again battery inside) and really small. The battery drives the device up to 4 hours. My iPhone is rather old and battered and its battery does not hold the original capacity any more. I may have to carry extra battery device (USB interface) to compensate for it. Still I have less luggage to carry on me.

I visited the site (www.elgato.com) and click the "buy now" button. It showed me two choices, either going to their web shop or going to the Apple Store. I chose the Apple Store. The device will be delivered to me soon.

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Toshiba SSD (128 GB) arrived and etc

Yesterday (August 8) morning I peeked into the mailbox (not virtual but physical) and found a notice slip from the local postoffice saying that I had some undelivered packet awaiting me. I knew it was this package from Germany containing the SSD and HDD USB outer case. It must have arrived the day before (August 7).

I picked up in the afternoon. There they were, the items that I ordered. I am not going to use them till Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) gets the final release status. As soon as it goes, I will put the fast SSD inside my MacBook Pro and install Yosemite on it (and put the HDD in the USB connected outer case).

On a separate note, I took my bike to work today. I had the everyday use aluminum (aluminium) wheels and realized when I had to brake that aluminum wheels brake well.

I had my old Sidi shoes on. I could not help realizing that the Atop system adopted by Spuik is far better than the "two velcro bands and one ratchet" system. Easier to get in and out and to tighten to get the comfortable fit. I was tempted to use my new Spuik shoes.

Another note. The Hylix all carbon composite saddle that I began using before this year's Tour de France feels comfortable. As long as I have a pad between my ass and this saddle and also as long as I don't ride on a cobble stone stretch, I don't feel any discomfort at all.

There are short stretches of cobble stones everywhere in Europe. Their fascination with the cobble stone pavement is something I did not understand when I first came here from Japan, where smooth asphalt pavement rules. I began to like them. I don't mind now.

This year I rode the Avenue of Champs Élysées on July 27 early in the morning. The day the last stage of Tour de France was held. The avenue is paved with cobble stones. It was not comfortable but I enjoyed it.

On my way to work today I had the Garmin Edge 800 with the OSM cycling map on it. The PCs (piste cyclable = cycling road recommended by some kind of cycling advocation organization in Luxembourg or in other neighboring countries alike) are clearly marked. They look like rail roads on the map.

Take a look at this clip please. This is a screen shot from the OSM (OpenCylceMap) on a program called myOSM (for Mac).

The image is not so clear because I made it smaller in size. The area left to "Hamm" is the capital of Luxembourg. Bastogne (as in Liège-Bastogne-Liège) is just next to "Wiltz" on the left top corner. You can also read the name "Mondorf-les-Bains", where the Schlecks live at the bottom.

I don't know the difference between the blue lines and the red but they are PCs. I am going to try them out to see if I like them.

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OpenStreetMap for Garmin Edge 800

This site (http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl) is useful. It also had links to other related sites, too.

I tried it. I requested the "Routable Bicycle (Openfietsmap Lite)" for Luxembourg region. The file I had to install on my Edge 800 was 27 MB in size. I took a quick look at the map and found out that the PCs (piste cyclable) are clearly marked. Wow, this is neat!

You can also take a look at the PCs in Luxembourg. Please go to OpenStreetMap site.

I can also download other files bigger in size like wider areas or so.

And the important point is that map quality is far better and richer than that of Garmin (Navtec) map. I am not sure if it is better and richer than that of TomTom (TeleAtlas) map. I love OSM.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ [OpenStreetMap for Garmin Edge 800]の続きを読む

テーマ:自転車(スポーツ用) - ジャンル:スポーツ

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CamelBak RaceBak hydration system, is it good?

I regularly visit a site (a Japanese gentleman who enjoys cycling). His recent blog entry gave me an idea how to keep hydrated during the bike rides in summer.

I don't want to carry a bag on my back unless it is necessary. I don't want to put any bags on the back when possible (bags like a saddle bag, triathletes' 'bento box' or others).

In summer, dehydration is a life threatening danger. I climbed up mountains during July (hours before the TdF peloton came up). Other riders (spectators who came up on a bike) normally carry these things on them.

Water, light snacks, sandals, window-breaker-kind jackets for use during descent or in case of rain or against cold weather, other things like arm warmers, leg warmers, knit caps or such things, minimum tools and spare tubes and other small things (money, cell phone, etc.).

Most of them (bikers) carry them in their back pockets, in the saddle bags or tool bottles. Some (not so many) of them had backpacks on their back.

I had a plight. I wanted to carry a small bucket of water solution white paint and a roller on top of the things described above and some flags (Schleck brothers flag and Luxembourg flag with some extra devices to put them up). Most of the time I had no choice but to carry a backpack with me. I also had not enough space left for water.

One of my solutions to this plight was
1) to climb the mountain (like Risoul for example) early in the morning with the minimum equipment to enjoy myself and then
2) to come down to the car (parked at the foot of the climb) to get the full equipment and then
3) to climb up to some point where I thought was a good watch place then
I painted on the road there while waiting for the race to arrive.

OK, it was feasible but still I had thirst. There was a small village 2 km up the place I stayed on Risoul and I went up once to get some water from the fountain there.

How do I carry water (one of the most vital things in summer riding a bike) as much as possible without carrying additional bags?

The CamelBak RaceBak (basically a sleeveless under bike jersey piece with a integrated hydration bag on the back. It can store up to 2 litters of water. 2 litter is enough for a day (typically 4 up to 6 hours on a mountain stage as you have to get to the desired spot before the Publicity Caravan arrives).

I can use the water bottle cages for tool bottles to store things. Maybe I can put two long bottles (capacity 1 litter a piece) to hold the white paint. Maybe I don't have to carry a backpack.

It is a rather expensive piece of clothes but I am very interested. I found one sold at a discounted price. Should I get it?

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Less luggage for TdF 2015 trip, I hope

This July I had a car trip vacation for four weeks. It involved a ferry ride (round ticket Calais <--> Dover) and a long drive.

Except for the first 3 nights near Leeds (when I stayed at an inn, a very inexpensive inn), I either checked in various camp sites, slept in the tent on the road side or just had a short nap in the car. Two or three nights I had to stay inside the car for a short nap because it was impossible to arrive at camp sites during their office opening time.

For example, after watching the last (and the only individual time trial on Saturday) TT, I had to drive more than 550 km to Paris. The usual traffic blockage after the race last rather long and by the time I was ready to tackle a long drive on the highways (after refueling and so on), it was already around 19:00. How do I check in a camp site? It is impossible.

Anyway, a four-week camping trip requires a lot of equipment and clothes. Additionally I had a bike. Since this year's TdF required a ferry (or undersea tunnel if you prefer) ride, I made a decision not to take a roof cargo box with me, which I later came to regret.

My car, a Ford Ka, is small, no doubt. Next year when the TdF kicks off in Utrecht, Holland, I will be there with my Ka. I will have less luggage inside the car, I hope.

There were moments that I realized that I had loaded too much. For example I packed more than 15 T-shorts (and I intended buy more on the way when clean ones should run out). Most of them were made of cotton, which may absorb moisture quickly (sweat) but is bulky and may not easily dry up. Dirty T-shirts piled up but I did not have time to wash them. Some of the camp sites I checked in had coin-operated laundry machines and I had time to use them. The reason I did not wash them was I knew I don't have time to dry them.

I had two sets of bike jerseys and bibs and three sets of sleeveless mesh underwear worn under the jersey. I washed them by hand and dried them. They dried up quickly as they were made of mostly polyester. Then it hit me. Why not wear these sleeveless mesh shirts in place of those cotton T-shirts. I don't have to have a big bag full of T's. Consequently, I will not be bothered by a big laundry bag.

I already ordered 3 of them. They will be more than enough for a four-week trip as they are so easy to wash and so quickly dry up.

There are other ideas to minimize the luggage.

I carried two sets of tents (both of them Quechua by Decathlon); one is the bedroom and the other is a multi-purpose a.k.a. a bathroom. This multi-purpose tent is bulky when folded. I would like a smaller one for the next year.

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Open Street Map and Garmin (Navtec) map

I thought that the GPS map that Garmin is using (mainly) was TeleAtlas but it was Navtec. TomTom owns TeleAtlas and Nokia owns Navtec, this is not 100% sure. If you have to be sure, please Google it or visit Wikipedia's site. I am very sure they will tell you exactly what you have to know.

Anyway, the map quality (how current, how accurate and so on) of TeleAtlas is better than Navtec, I think. This assumption is based on the experience (I have used Garmin devices and MapSource and subsequently BaseCamp. I have used TomTom on my iPhone. I have compared some local map details among Garmin, TomTom and OSM).

OSM's map quality is, I believe, better than Navtec. In some cases the map details are better than TeleAtlas.

I don't discuss Google maps here because they (Google Maps data) are not storable on a PC, Mac or GPS devices. Off-line use (specifically on GPS devices) is what I need.

I use Garmin devices in my Ka not because they are better than TomTom devices (or programs) but because Garmin offers BaseCamp (or formerly MapSource) for Windows PCs or for Macs. I intensively use BaseCamp.

If you want to go visit some places that have "address", you will be happy (happier?) with TomTom devices. Unfortunately, places that I visit during road bike races don't have any addresses at all.

An address is given to a building (or its entry point) or equivalent entity. If someone lives in a building structure standing along a street, this person is given an address by the local authority (and I guess the local postal service provider is obliged to deliver him/her mail to that address).

Anyway, the places that I go to are somewhere outside the city limits where the riders get their food bags, mountain peaks or so. They (those places) don't have any kind of address.

Locating those non-addressed places is easier with BaseCamp (or MapSource) on a PC or Mac. Bigger screens help. I depend on Garmin BaseCamp. I transfer those 'located places' to my GPS navigation devices before leaving for the race venue. These located places are called 'waypoints' in Garmin terminology. I have hundreds of waypoints on BaseCamp.

If TomTom provides a similar means, I may switch to TomTom.

Garmin's earlier speciality was outdoor-oriented devices. They (Garmin) still have upper hands over TomTom in those areas (non-addressed places like out in the wild or sea). TomTom is more civilization-oritented, I guess.

OK, enough. I own a Garmin Edge 800. It can store map material and navigate. You can store the map date from Garmin, of course (it costs). It (Edge 800) can also store the map data from OSM and the data are free of charges. I would like to try the map data (converted) from OSM.

http://garmin.openstreetmap.nl/ is one of the sites that provides the data.

Let's see if I like them or not!

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An SSD (128 GB) purchased

I just bought (ordered on-line) an SSD (Solid State Drive) from an on-line shop. It (along with a USB HDD case) will be delivered to me in several days.

It is a part of preparation to replace the HDD inside my MacBook Pro with a faster SSD. It is a Toshiba Q Series Pro 128 GB. I chose this model because ... I don't know why.

The migration will take place when Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite is publicly released (not the beta versions). I will perform a clean install from the scratch. I hope this SSD will give my MacBook Pro a performance boost, a noticeable boost.

I rode my bike about an hour? for about 30 km in the afternoon. It has been a while (a week and couple days) since I last rode my bike. During the Tour (of France), I took my bike out for a ride as often as possible (I tried whenever the stage had climbs and I was nearby).

Le Markstein、Chamrousse、Hautacam、Risoul、Port de Balès、Col de Grosse Pierre、Saint-Lary Pla d'Adet、Col de Brosses are the ones I went up against as far as I remember. Yes all of them are climbs. I like going uphill and hate going downhill as going down means dangers (higher speed) and wear (brake pads rub the carbon rims). Going uphill means safety (low speed).

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Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite Beta 1 (public) testing

Shortly before leaving for the Grand Départ in Leeds, UK, I applied for the public beta testing of Mac OS 10.10 Yosemite. I learned after coming home on July 28 that the Apple had began offering the beta version of the upcoming OS. I downloaded it and installed it on a USB connected HDD.

For the moment I am writing this on 10.9.4 (Mavericks).

Do I like its new flat iOS 7 like look? Do I see any differences between Mavericks and Yosemite?

Yosemite's new look is OK except for the new system font that Apple chose. I don't think it is easier to read on the screen. They (the new font letters) feels smaller, or is it only me feeling so?

I don't like the so-called 3D look with extra shades and gradual decorations at all but Yosemite's look is not so attractive. Is it because I am using a MacBook Pro (Mid 2010) with no Retina display? Does it look better to the eyes on a Retina display?

I am planning a bit of surgery when Yosemite goes in the release version.
1) Finally replacing the DVD drive with an SSD drive (32 GB) to install Lubuntu on it
2) (maybe) replacing the HDD with an SSD (128 GB?) to install Yosemite on it

The first operation has been on a halt for some time by now. This small SSD was taken out of the HP Envy.

The second operation needs a new purchase of an SSD. I have not decided yet what or which to buy. Should I get an SSD (128 GB or 256 GB) or a hybrid HDD (1 TB)? Currently my HDD (the original HDD) is 240 GB big and only 60 GB is used. I can get by with a 128 GB SSD.

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