TdF 2015 Watch Plan: Where to sleep II

Not yet finished

08/07/2015 (Wednesday) Arras - Amiens

Pre-stage Transfer: 5 km to the Ravitaillement (feed zone)

To Do
1) Watch the race and do some shopping for food

Post-stage Transfer: 100 km to 200 km (via tollway) toward Le Havre. Possibly the feed zone or Côte de Thilleul. I have not decided yet.

Sleep: At some camp site

09/07/2015 (Thursday) Abbeville - Le Havre

Pre-stage Transfer: To the ravitaillement
To Do
1) Paint?

Post-stage Transfer: To the next stage's ravitaillement km

Sleep: At a camp site

10/07/2015 (Friday) Livarot - Fougères

Pre-stage Transfer:

To Do

Post-stage Transfer:


11/07/2015 (Saturday) Rennes - Mûr de Bretagne

Pre-stage Transfer: To Mûr de Bretagne km

To Do

Post-stage Transfer: To


12/07/2015 (Sunday) Vannes - Plummelec

Pre-stage Transfer: None

To Do
1) Paint and wait

Post-stage Transfer: A whopping big transfer of around 900 km

Sleep: At a parking along the tollway where I had to sleep on the way in the car seat.

13/07/2015 (Monday) Rest day in Pau

Pre-stage Transfer: Rest of the remaining distance till a hotel in Pau where TFR are staying.

To Do
1) Shop for food
2) See TFR

Post-stage Transfer: To La Pierre Saint-Martin

Sleep: in the mountains

14/07/2015 (Tuesday) Tarbes - La Pierre Saint-Martin

Pre-stage Transfer: None

To Do
1) Enjoy the climb in the morning
2) Paint

Post-stage Transfer:


15/07/2015 (Wednesday) Pau - Cauterets

Pre-stage Transfer:

To Do

Post-stage Transfer:


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TdF 2015 Watch Plan: Where to sleep

Don't forget this blog is my diary. You won't find any useful information here.

02/07/2015 (Thursday) Team Presentation

(European style, US style would be 07/02/2015, anyway, July 2nd 2015 Thursday)

Transfer: From home to a camp site near Utrecht -- 390 km between 02/07 01:00 to 07:00

To Do
1) Check-in at the camp site for two nights
2) Drive close to Lepelenburg Park and find a parking
3) Wait for the Team Presentation Ceremony

Sleep: At the camp site described above for two nights -- Thursday and Friday

03/07/2015 (Friday)

Transfer: None

To Do
1) Visit the hotel where TFR is staying
2) Find some candidate place for the ITT on Saturday

Sleep: above

04/07/2015 (Saturday) Utrecht - Utrecht ITT

Transfer: ?

To Do
1) Meet a friend at the Utrecht Central Station
2) Watch the race

Post-stage Transfer: Possibly to Rotterdam or nearby -- 80 km

Next day's watch point will be Neetje Jans but the distance is 150 km and by the time I get there it will be too late to check in a camping site there. So I will instead stop to sleep somewhere in the middle.

Sleep: Rotterdam?

05/07/2017 (Sunday) Utrecht - Neetje Jans

Pre-stage Transfer: Rotterdam to Neetje Jans -- 70 km

To Do
1) Find a nice place near Neetje Jans

Post-stage Transfer: To Huy -- 230 to 240 km??

Sleep: ??

There are some camp sites near Huy or on the way to Huy but IF I decide to be on Mur de Huy, I have to be there really early in the morning to get the best place. Sleeping is not the priority but getting there in time is.

06/07/2015 (Monday) Antwerp - Huy

Pre-stage Transfer: None

To Do
1) Watch the race

Post-stage Transfer: Possibly to Namur -- a camp site -- 40 km

Sleep: A camp site near Namur

The watch plan is two point watch for the Stage 4

07/07/2015 (Tuesday) Seraing - Cambrai

Pre-stage Transfer: Almost None

To Do
1) Watch the peleton at the Côte de la Citadelle in Namur

Mid-stage Transfer: 80 to 100 km

2) Watch the peleton at one of the pavé sectors near Cambrai

Post-stage Transfer: To a camp site near Péronne

Sleep: At a camp site near Péronne

08/07/2015 (Wendesday) Arras - Amiens

Pre-stage Transfer: 5 km to the Ravitaillement (feed zone)

To Do
1) Watch the race and do some shopping for food

Post-stage Transfer: 100 km to 200 km (via tollway)

Sleep: some camp site

to be continued ..........

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Dynohub (Sturmey-Archer) and modern Dynamo Hubs

It was a source of wonder for me for a while. Why do dynamo hubs have the electrical connector on the right side of the hub? I live in Luxembourg and here in Europe (except for the UK and Ireland) vehicles stick to the right side of the road.

I have one of these gadgets. This one is from KCNC and is NOT the one I am using but you get the idea.

It replaces the Quick Release Nut and functions as a perching bar for lights. I use one of these gadgets because it makes it possible to minimize the hassle of tucking the wire between the dynamo hub and the light. I need only 8 to 10 cm of wire. If I should mount the light on the handle bar, I will need 50 to 60 cm of wire and some biding stuff to guide the wire and fasten to the fork and frame. I don't want to do that.

Naturally, my newly acquired Exposure Lights Revo MK1 perches on the bar on the right side of the bike. It is OK.

What if the electric connector were on the left side? Well, first the background of my plight.

I am riding on the right side of the road and most of the time the far most side of the right side. Cars passing me are on my left.

Do you know one of these gadgets?

These plug into the external power port of some Exposure Lights lights and emit a red beam. I could buy a Red Eye Micro and plug it into my Revo MK1. Well, technically yes but the beam will be almost totally blocked by me and the bike and won't reach the passing traffic behind.

Yes, if and only if the electrical connector were on the left side of the bike.

I wonder how this has happened. How do seemingly all of the dynamo hubs have the connector on the right side? I wondered if dynamo hubs were first invented and marketed (and subsequently popularized) in the UK or in some European countries where in earlier days of motorization the traffic rules were like those of the UK (cars on the right side; Sweden and so on).

I looked it up in the Wikipedia. It seems that my hunch was correct. It tells me that one of the pioneering manufacturers was Sturmey-Archer based in the UK.

Nobody (Shimano, SON, Shutter Precision etc.) has the courage to break away from this tradition? OK, Shimano (Japan) and Shutter Precision (Taiwan) don't as their native countries do have the same rules as the UK.

How about SON (Germany)? What are their excuses? They may gracefully say (this is just my imaginaiton) that to conform to the StVZO (traffic regulations for street vehicles) the light has to be either just above the front wheel center or on the handle bar and not on the perching bar beside the hub. So the position of the connector is not the issue at all.

OK, I understand.

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Does anybody know if I can make a radially spoked wheel with SP PV8?

SP (Shutter Precision) PV8 Dynamo Hub

For my rim brake front wheel, may I lace it radially (no crossing)? Should I cross the spokes? And if so how many times?

I can not find any document describing the rules. If I were going to make a wheel with a disk brake system, I would cross it according to the established rules.

Exposure Lights Revo MK1

On Saturday I took my bike out in a broad daylight to see how my Exposure Lights Revo MK1 acts. The light was set to beam upward so that I can monitor those 4 LED chips. The light was installed at the hub, directly next to Shimano dynamo hub.

Shimano states that this dynamo produces enough juice (to feed a 6V 3Watts light when used with 700C wheels or similar) at around 15 km/h. So all of those 4 LED chips should start to glow around that speed.

Two of them (horizontally placed) start glowing soon after the wheel turns but the remaining two hesitate.

Even though you speed more than at 15 km/h, it seems that you have to wait until the buffer capacitor gets fed enough until all LED chips shine.

It was after 30 to 50 seconds (?) as I pedal more than 15 km/h or so when those vertically placed LED chips woke up.

They stayed up but as soon as I slowed down at a tight corner two shut down and only two stayed up.

When the output from the dynamo goes less than 6V/3Watts, the circuit cuts off the vertical two chips, so it seemed.

I must have appeared strange to those bikers and pedestrians who I came across on the way. I could learne about the Revo MK1 a lot.

2017 Grand Départ in London?

According to an article on cyclingnews.com, London is likely the Grand Départ location in 2017. London has the money to entice A.S.O. I am sure it will get the torch. Do I have to book Ferry tickets to cross the English Channel again? No problem! I got used to doing the crossing.

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Only 8 days until the Team Presentation in Utrecht, the Netherlands

Only 8 days!

I am excited about the Tour but on the other hand really really disappointed by the news that Fränk Schleck won't be there.

***** News Flash *****
Now (just now I checked the tracking information) It arrived at the Luxembourg in the morning and went to delivery truck in the afternoon.

And NOW (just as I was writing this!!) it arrived! I have the package now!

When the door bell rang, I was filling in a contact form on the dhl.lu site to request that I would like to pick the package myself the next day.

Of course, I scraped the contact form immediately after I received the package!

Hurray DHL! Good jog!
***** End of News Flash *****

Only 8 days before the team presentation ceremony in Utrecht. I can not wait.

Update / Exposure Lights Revo MK1

As I had suspected, the connector is Shimano compatible. I think I am going to ride my bike a bit before I go to bed.

And the light was fantastic. It is way way way brighter than 6V/2.4W or 9V/2.4W filament bulbs (of course it is way way way more expensive than those bulbs). I am not sure if Revo MK1 is brighter than NiteRider Minewt Mini 300 as I did not compare them. This test will come later.

Nice thing is that Revo MK1 uses capacitors (or condenser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor) to hold the energy to stabilize the light. I think it utilizes condensers not rechargeable batteries. No flickering! You have to rotate the wheel for 5 to 10 seconds before the light comes on. The light emits a beam only after its capacitors get fed. The beam goes stronger as you pedal more.

I just rode for a while on a road with no street lights at all. I did not know whether all of the four LEDs were on or only two of them were on. According to the specification, initially only two LED chips go on and when the dynamo supplies enough juice, all of the four LED chips go on.

800 lumens? as the Exposure Lights Revo MK1's specification suggests. Is it brighter than NiteRider Minewt Mini 300? This has to be tested. I will do more testing after the Tour de France.

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Tour de France 2015 Hotels and

Hotels and hotels where during the TdF 2015 teams are staying

Today is a National Holiday in Luxembourg. Last night (Monday, 22nd June) there were fireworks in the sky but I did not see them but just heard them in my back. I was not in the mood for the festivity.

Today I am working on the hotels, trying to plot important hotels in Garmin BaseCamp.

Hotels in (near) Utrecht, near (or not so near) Pau and Gap are the primary targets. Supplementary, I will plot the hotels in Maurienne Valley. I have time to visit these hotels when I have time.

On Friday, 3rd July, the day after the Team Presentation Ceremony and the day before the Grand Départ, Many fans are visiting the hotels where teams are staying. I will one of them.

On two rest days, I will be visiting the hotels, too.

I may have time to visit the hotels when they are staying around Maurienne Valley.

Fränk Schleck TdF non-starter

Big disappointment.

According to cyclingnews.com, Trek Factory Racing's roster will be like this;
Julian Arredondo (Col)
Fabian Cancellara (Sui)
Stijn Devolder (Bel)
Laurent Didier (Lux)
Markel Irizar (Bas)
Bob Jungels (Lux)
Bauke Mollema (Ned)
Gregory Rast (Sui)
Haimar Zubeldia (Bas)

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Exposure Lights Revo MK1 and PV-8-QR ordered!

Exposure Lights Revo MK1 and PV-8-QR

I ordered them and at the same time payed for them. I am now waiting for them to arrive. Unfortunately, the time frame is tight. I am leaving for Utrecht, the Netherlands in the evening of July 1st (or early morning of July 2nd).

I hope they arrive before that date but it is possible they won't. I am stopping my mail delivery beginning that day during the time I am away (as I follow the Tour). I may see them after the Tour.

If they arrive in time, I will give the Revo MK1 a try. I will hook it up to my Shimano dynamo-hub wheel (WH-3N71) and ride at night to see how they compare TO;

1) Shimano LP-R600 (Google 'lp-r600' for images) with filament bulbs or LED bulb

2) NiteRider MINEWT MINI 300 (not 350 version).

The PV-8-QR (28H) hub must be first assembled into a wheel. For that I need some time and money. I have to select the spokes and rim to match them up. I am not too sure but I may build a 20 inch rim wheel for my Birdy.

Ooops! Just right now I got a dispatch notice from the UK online shop from which I bought these Exposure Lights stuff. They sent them with DHL. I got the tracking number. It might arrive quicker than I anticipated but I have to watch out for the delivery. Perhaps I will be working when the delivery is expected, I will put some paper on the d oor bell button or send them notice to change the delivery address.

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Tour de France 2015 Course change for Stage 20?

According to cyclingnews.com's article, there will be a change in the course of Stage 20. It is likely that Col du Telegraphe and Galibier will be replaced by some other climbs.

Then why don't we have an individual time trial at Alpe d'Huez like back in 2004? Or was it in 2005?

I was going to be at Alpe d'Huez during Stage 20, so my will won't be affected.

I guess the peleton must first head for Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne and then turn to Alpe d'Huez. It wll be around 130 km that way.

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Exposure Lights Revo MK1 and PV-8-QR

Exposure Lights Revo MK1

Exposure Lights (ultimatesportsengineering.com) sells very attractive line of bike lights, at least very attractive to me. They look rugged and sexy.

OK, it is my personal impression. They are attractive to me because;

1) I like the color black (my bike is in primarily in black and supplementally in white and silver for example. My car is totally in black, Ford Ka. Most of my clothing is in black and so on).

2) I like CNC machined aluminium things (I use Osymetric chainrings, Rotor 3D+ crankset, Nokon outers, Ciamillo Negative G and so on).

My eyes have been on this Revo MK1 for a while because;

1) I like 'ECO' stuff and I own a Shimano WH-3N71 wheel, which is a rather short-lived brilliant brain child from Shimano in my opinion. It is a dynamo-hub wheel with 20 spokes which is rated at 6V/3Watts. This is my everyday use wheel.

2) I own a Shimano front light paired with the wheel above-mentioned. It originally came with a filament bulb rated at 9V/2.4Watts. It was not bright and I replaced it with 6V/2.4Watts one. Later I replaced it with an LED bulb. The LED bulb shines bright but it has major (or minor) problem in its construction. I use it but not too happy with it.

The problem is that it is a bit too long. The reflector expects the light source to be at the filament of a standard bulb. The LED bulb (which is, although, meant to be a dynamo-driven filament bulb replacement with over-voltage protection built-in) does not have the LED chip at the same position as filament bulbs do. Consequently, the reflector does not function. So the light emitted from the LED chip just expands forward giving an unfocused and uncontrolled projection. It might be perfect for a safety light (to be seen) but not optimal as a front light (to see what is ahead).

Strong light emission for dynamo power source. I have been looking for answers. Several German companies offer products. You may already have heard of them.

I don't know why but German companies seem to be very eager in this field (bike lights). It may have something to do with their (Germany's regulations and laws) rather strict regulations for vehicles, including bikes, on the street. Their light regulation is also known to be very specific.

My favorite light was always Exposure Lights Revo MK1 from the Great Britain.

In the near future I may be able to give it a try and also able to give my humble review here.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ

[Exposure Lights Revo MK1 and PV-8-QR]の続きを読む

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German Grand Départ in 2017 - Tour de France??

An article on the site, cyclingnews.com, titled 'News Shorts' a mixture of smallish news pieces casually and nonchalantly refers to the rumored German Grand Départ of the Tour de France in 2017.

Really? It was the first time I heard of the rumor and of course I am just a cycling sport fan and not an insider so it was natural for me to NOT know anything.

For years the German media (TV and others) had given cycling sports a cold shoulder after several doping scandals that followed the retirement of Jan Ullrich, who is, to date, the only real German cycling sport hero.

For the last couple of years, the German media have been partly interested in the Tour and A.S.O. helped those people working towards re-building the foundation of cycling sport support in Germany by inviting the German teams (NetApp-Endura or Bora-Argon).

Now a German city (which one?) is willing to spend millions to host the Grand Départ in 2017. I hope this possible German candidate city is located somewhere close to the French or Dutch border.

Personally, I want it to be Cologne (or neighboring cities) as it is so close to the Belgian and Dutch border, only 30 to 40 km? I don't have to use the German soon-to-be tollways to get there.

Germany's famous 'Autobahn', high speed freeway network, is soon to be NOT freeway network anymore but (rumored to be Austrian style) tollways. I the host city is located deep inside Germany I may have to buy the short term vignette (tollway pass) just for this Grand Départ events.

The aforementioned article also mentioned Limburg (Dutch area, where Amstel Gold Race is held) wants to the Tour pass through the area as it is supposed to lie between this possible German Grand Départ city and France.

I am happy to hear this as it means that the Grand Départ is not going to held on an island (Corsica 2013 and GB 2014). I don't have to buy a ferry ticket.

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Ciamillo's Brake Pad Holders and

Negative G from Ciamillo

There was a bubble-wrap-sheet-lined envelop in my mail box Tuesday afternoon when I came home. The post woman (I saw her doing the round instead of the man I knew. I guess the regular guy whom I greet almost every morning when I leave for work was on holidays) must have delivered it in the morning.

Inside it, I found two pairs of Ciamillo's brake pad holders in blue as I ordered them. They all had brake pads installed. I forgot that they would come with the holders. I guess they were for carbon rims and I am going to change them anyway. I wanted black high profile holders but they had been long extinct.

They are so-called standard (the first generation) profile holders. They are meant to be used with rim width of 18 to 21 mm. The latest trend is that carbon rims are getting wider and wider. They were first 23 mm and then they (the carbon rim manufacturing industry) adopted 'more aerodynamically refined' 25 mm. Nowadays, 27 mm width rims are getting popular. Thus, Mr. Ciamillo had shifted to mid-profile and low profile holders.

As my Zipp 404 (purchased in 2005 or 2006) wheels are of width 20 (or 21 mm) rims, I wanted these high profile holders but not in blue; I wanted them to be black. As it has been long since Mr. Ted Ciamillo stopped CNC machining standard (high profile) holders, they are almost extinct in the market. I insisted to sticking to these standard height holders although the kind representative from the sole authorized importer and distributer in Europe recommended low profile ones in black (easily attainable) with spacers.

Simplicity! Spacers are cumbersome.

I will paint them black and see how the color holds. These holders will be used with my aluminum rim wheels.

Tour de Suisse


"Rising to 2,765 metres above the Austrian resort town of Sölden, the climb is rated one of the toughest in the Alps thanks to an average grade of 10.7% over 12km"

So says cyclingnews.com. I have never been to this climb before. One day I will.

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Tour de France 2015 Watch Plan: after Pyrenees stages

The plans for Stage 13 to Stage 20 is now being formulated.

Stage 12 ends on top of Plateaux de Beille and I will be there. I am planning to take my bike to get to the top. By the time the I am back at the foot of the climb, it will be around 19:00 and I have to either check in a local camping site or drive to the next destination.

The course of Stage 13 is rather flat. This is a 'rainy' day. On these occasions I tend to choose to go to the feed zone in the middle of the course.

To be continued...

I started suspecting that the one (or more) of the bearings in the rear hub (Mavic Cosmos) might be broken. I bought a Mavic Aksium One rear wheel and can now compare these two rear wheels.

According to the exploded diagram shown on various PDF from Mavic, they (rear hubs) are almost identical in their construction.

Why does the rear hub of my Aksium One turns way smoother than that of Cosmos? Why is the rear hub of my Cosmos so irritatingly sticky and abrasively turning?

I have to take a closer look at the bearings when I have time. [Tour de France 2015 Watch Plan: after Pyrenees stages]の続きを読む

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Qbicle Tangent Racing Bike Fender

Mudguards for your bikes

I use, when required, Acor Sports (http://www.acorsports.com/) product that looks almost identical to this one from Qbicle (http://www.qbicle.com.tw/).

I could only find Acor Sports' products in Japan. Recently I found Qbicle's product sold in Germany (on-line shop).

I find these very useful.

Ass Saver v.s. Acor Sports/Qbicle mudguards

I own Ass Savers (first generation). They (Ass Saver' cimpany) updated their products to the second generation. Main improvement is the mechanism that attach the blade onto the saddle rails. I can imagine the latest Ass Savers attach themselves better than the first generation products. I believe the functionality concerning the splash-guard remains the same. I wanted to try Ass Saver Extended as I found the standard version just a bit too short although I did not buy the longer version.

Ass Saver mudguards excels in the following points.
1) Lighter
2) Easier to tack in
3) Inexpensive

Acor Sports mudguards excels in the following points.
1) Less obvious (visibly less noticeable)
2) Works slightly better than AS
3) Can be used for both font and rear

The difference between these two products is their principles.

Ass Savers catch the splashes just before they reach your ass. In other words, it only saves your ass as the product name aptly suggests.

Acors Sports/Qbicle mudguards catch the splashes that would otherwise hit your ass before they leave too far from the surface of the tire.

The latter products have more potential as you can see. You don't? Then I will explain what I mean.

After riding in a wet condition and getting off the bike, you will notice that your bibs and jersey on your ass and your back area have less freckles if you use one of these products. That is for sure.

You will notice that sandy particles on your bike, too. Ass Savers won't reduce the amount of these nasty particles at all. As it can only save your ass!

Acor Sport/Qbicle products, however, can reduce them. I am working on that. I think if the back side of the blade (facing the tire surface) has some kind of brush function, it would dramatically prevent those sandy or muddy particles from accumulating on the bike. This is what I mean when I said, 'it has more potential.'

Of course, the brushing makes some noice but the contact between tires and wet road surface makes more noise anyway.

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Official Guide of Tour de France 2015 (General public version)

I went to a kiosk (shop specialized in selling newspapers, magazines, snacks and other small things) in the Luxembourg Central Station to buy this magazine. The one I bought (or the only one I found) was a Germen version called "Offizielles Programm Tour de France 2015." It is published by the same company that publishes Procycling magazine.

Usually (or past years that I lived in Luxembourg) these are sold in other Kiosks, too. This year I could not find them in one of the biggest kiosks in the center of the city. And usually I could find both French version and German version, either. This year I could only find German version.

This is a bad sign, an omen. Cycling sport is getting less and less popular in Luxembourg.

I think this year's German edition is not as good as those of past years. Profile images are too small to read what written on them. I need a magnifier of something. It is a total disaster! What were they thinking when editing the magazine?

Anyway, I need it for a daily reference during the Tour.

I have to make more detailed plans for the Tour. There is only two weeks and a few days before the Tour begins.

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Tour de Luxembourg 2015, some small episodes

Andy Schleck

Andy Schleck was there. He was part of the organization. I guess he was part of public relations of the race organizer. Anyway, I saw him on Sunday. We shook hand and exchanged some words.

My impression was that he got some pound on him. His cheeks were a bit bigger and his limbs were also slightly bigger. It is the common symptom for athletes who retire from their professional career.

Less spectators?

Sad to say this. Perhaps the non-participation of Trek Factory Racing, specifically, Fränk Schleck, contributed to it?

I did not like it. Less audience means less public exposure. Sponsors may have realized the effect of not inviting top layer teams. What happens next year?

Foreigners visiting Luxembourg to watch the race?

I was waiting for the peleton at the feed zone. People came to the feed zone area. I noticed their cars had more Belgian or French license plates than Luxembourg ones. What does that mean? Has people in Luxembourg lost their interest in cycling sport? Sad.

Cervélo RS, Tour de France edition

I test-rode my Cervélo equipped with O.Symetric chanrings and ZIPP Tangent Cork Brake Pads. I had to test the FD setting and see if the new brake pads would work as the manufacturer claimed first.

Using O.Symetric chainrings requires totally new setting for the FD. I found the initial setting almost satisfactory but it needs tweaking some more.

Those cork pads felt good on my ZIPP 404. Of course, I just rode some short distance and went down some slopes in dry condition. I have to use these pads some more to make them broken-in.

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Bike maintenance and training for the Tour

My vacation is getting closer, which means that the Tour de France is also getting closer as they are synchronized.

Today (July 8th) a package arrived around noon. It was from the USA and it contained a set of pawls and springs for some Mavic hubs. Now my Mavic Cosmos (bought in 2004) rear hub is repaired. Later this year (obviously after the Tour) I may purchase some rim (or rims) to pair them up to make a new wheel.

Today I also worked on the ZIPP Tangent High Performance Cork Brake pads and Ciamillo design brake pad holders. This picture below is a set of aforementioned pads but they are for Shimano compatible pad holders. It has a dimple (or hole) for the setting screws to keep them in place.


I only had Shimano compatible brake pads in the past and this was the first time I had Campagnolo compatible pads and holders.

I knew how to put the Campagnolo compatible pads in the holders as I once read a magazine article (Tour Magazin, circulating in Germany and Magazin is not a type it is the right German word for magazine). I knew it required force. In the article aforementioned, there were a vise and a big pliers (that those of plumber's) involved. Yes by force (and I mean FORCE, until your fingers hurt) you have to forcibly insert the pads in the holders.

Shimano types do not require any force. They just slip in the holders and you need to tighten the tiny screw on the holder to prevent it from slipping out.

Shimano types are a kind of clever if not minimalistic. I don't say which ones are better. I find Shimano pads easier to work on but I also find Campagnolo pads are minimalistic and simple.

The high profile brake pad holders fit perfectly. There is no need for spacers, no need for using adjusting mechanism of any kind (barrel adjusters or micro arm's adjusters). Hallelujah!

Now that I know that those high profile holders really snugly fit, I want them more for my aluminium rim wheels. Velo-Perso.com (Ciamillo's European agent) sells them but not in black. I will write an email asking about the possibility of getting high profile holders in black.

Now my Cervélo R3 has those Ciamillo pad holders (on the Negative G) and Zipp 404 wheels on it. I also put the O.Symetric (older generation) on my Rotor 3D+ crankset. I installed a new gear line to properly accommodate the "raised" FD position.

My Cervélo is ready for the Tour. It weighs less than 6.8 kg with pedals and bidon cages, in other words, a ready-to-go condition.

Later Today I will ride it to check the new setting of FD and the feel of new 25 mm wide Tufo tubular tire on the rear.

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TdF 2015 Watch Plan, the Belgian stages Part II

Stage 3: Antwerp - Huy

When there are names like "Côte de ****" on the profile map or time table issued by A.S.O., they usually mean 'slope located near ****.' They don't necessarily mean that they are actually the location names. You can not search for them on the map most of the time. You have to really look for them using the PDD map (from A.S.O.), Google Earth and others to locate them exactly.

There are three of Category 4 climbs and one Category 3 climb during the Stage 3.

1. Cat. 4: Côte de Bohissau (220 m above the sea level)

2. Cat. 4: Côte d'Ereffe (258 m)

3. Cat.4: Côte de Cherave (195 m)

4. Cat. 3: Mur de Huy (204 m)

I know Mur de Huy very well. I have been there many times (more than I can count). This year I was there in April two days (Friday - training ride of the participating riders and Sunday - the race Liège-Bastogne-Liège) and noticed something.

The security was tighter than it was last year. There were more barriers on the climb. The ropes preventing the spectators from stepping of on the road were thicker than they were last year. The guards (wearing a florescent vests that had 'Steward' on the back) looked more professional and tougher than they were last year.

For example there were young people doing the security work on the climb (volunteers, I guess). They were no match for beer drinking spectators and failed secure the road.

We all assumed that this stepped up measures were meant to be a rehearsal for the Tour. I am sure I am right. I was thinking during the race whether I should come here to watch the finish in July or go somewhere else, somewhere quieter and less crowded.


Which climb is for me?

1. Côte de Bohissau (220 m)
From Andenne (71 m) it might be the longest climb (or biggest altitude gain) of all. It is mostly cover by trees, Google Earth can tell that much.

2. Côte d'Ereffe (258 m)
It has the highest altitude of all. On the other and, the starting point of the climb seems to be around 200 meters. It won't be a long climb.

3. Côte de Cherave (195 m)
It seems that this is the shortest climb of all. The starting point of the climb seems to be around 100 meters.

4. Mur de Huy (204 m)

From Huy (100 m more or less) it is a steep climb. The climb will be crowded. I don't like crowds.

My first choice will be Côte de Bohissau (220 m). If I have company of friends, I might be at Mur de Huy.

Tour de Luxembourg - Stage 4

Mersch - Luxembourg

I went to Mersch in the morning. I drove to the feed zone (Ravitaillement - Rah-vit-er-you-mon, so pronounced in French). I was lucky to have one musette (three energy shots and some sweets) from Cult Energy accompanied by a bidon from the same team and a bidon from Leopard.

I drove back to the city and saw the gruesome 5 rounds of steep climb. It was fun. The weather was really good.

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Learning wheel building

It is fun to fiddle with the rim, nipples and spokes.

According to the PDF file "Technical Manual 2004 COSMOS" by Mavic, the straight pull spokes are 309 mm and 311 mm (drive side and non-drive side respectively).

I looked around the on-line shops that I usually use for similar straight pull spokes and found out that spokes longer than 305 or 306 mm were rare.

I was thinking of building a rear wheel by recycling this Mavic Cosmos rear hub. This Cosmos rim's ERD is 602 mm. I can buy a Mavic Open Pro Black 28 H to rebuild the Cosmos. All I have to do is buy the aforementioned rim, (at least) 28 nipples and a rim tape. I was not sure if I should buy spokes or recycle them.

Now I know that 309/311 mm spokes are rare or hard to acquire, I have to either recycle the spokes or I opt for smaller ERD rims (so that needed spoke length will be shorter) and buy new spokes short enough to be easily available.

It is not easy work with straight pull hubs, I learned. Spokes fall of the slots easily. This is what I learned after rebuilding the dismantled Cosmos rear wheel on the drive side. Then I put the spokes on the non-drive side.

Now the wheel looks like what it was before it was dismantled. There is no spokes crossing above the air valve hole. Of course, the wheel is not complete. It is totally out of true and totally improperly dished.

This was just a practice run. I will dismantle it shortly.

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Tour de Luxembourg 2015 begins soon and

http://www.skoda-tour.com/ or http://www.aotdl.com/

The biggest surprise this year is that no Schleck brothers will be there, at least, as one of the participants. Treck Factory Racing will not be there.

Lotto Soudal (BEL) will be there with André Greipel, who despite all the obstacles (repeated steep climbs in the final circuit course) won the final stage.

Cult Energy Pro Cycling (DEN) will be boasting Linux Gerdemann, who won the overall in the past. They (Cult Energy Pro Cycling) have a base in Luxembourg not far from the capital. So for them, this will like their home game. I will be there for Fabian Wegmann.

I would like to watch the race as much as possible. I will try to do some painting on the road.

I will do some research on the parcours so that I can watch the race. Looking at the final result of last year's edition, I realized that Tinkoff-Saxo is not there also this year. The defending overall winner won't be there, Matti Breschel.

The final circuit of the stage 4 on Sunday where André Greipel had a surprise win has been a bit altered but that dreaded steep climb of Rue Albert Unden is there. Wow!

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TdF 2015 Watch Plan, the Belgian stages

Anvers - Huy (or Antwerp - Huy). We knew it for a long time that the finish is that famous (infamous) Mur de Huy. What I did not know was whether the peloton would come up the climb multiple times or not.

Now (as of June 2nd, 2015) I know it for sure; they won't. The A.S.O.'s site has been updated to post the time tables. Shame that they come only once in the end.

Now I have to think about the plan, where and how to watch the race. Should I go to Mur de Huy? I know it is going to be extremely crowded. Do I want that?

Where else should I go? The stage seems to be extremely flat except for some small bumps (three Category 4 climbs) and the final ascent of Mur de Huy according to the one of these time tables.

I don't like crowded places. I always avoided the stretch leading to the finish where (usually the final2 km) barriers are separating the crowd from the riders.

I will try one of the three Category 4 climbs.

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One of the coil springs in the hub is broken

Giro d'Italia

So Giro d'Italia is over. I could watch the TV (live or recorded) feedings sometimes.

Mavic Cosmos Rear Hub

Today, I looked inside the Mavic Cosmos rear wheel hub. I found that one of the coil springs that is pushing the pawls was broken. It is one-third as long as the other 'seemingly' normal coil spring. What the heck?

It did not seem that the defective spring was corroded or was it?. It seemed that it broke off in half and the broken half eventually got out of the place and ground to pieced between the ratchet cogs and the pawls.

What should I do? I don't think I can get a new spring. Is this the end of this hub?

I am hopeful that I will find similar coil springs in one of those ball point pens. You will find me frantically dismantling ball point pens for some time.

Do you happen to know the weight of the rear hub? Now I do. The rear hub weighs 320 grams. It has a steel free body and steel axel and these steel mass makes the hub rather heavy although very solid and durable.

I will measure the dimensions. The bearings are of cartridge type that you can not user adjustable. The axle feels really heavy when you turn it with fingers. Is it so expected?

Birdy by Riese & Müller

I have had this bike for more than 10 years. I bought it in Japan and brought it with me when I moved (flew) to Germany.

Yesterday I had to work in the city and there was also an event in the city. It was an marathon race sponsored by ING Bank (or something). Unfortunately this event disrupted the public bus network. and it made it really difficult to for me to find a ride home.

So I thought about taking a bike to work. I could take my Cervélo but I decided to take my Birdy as I did not intend to wear a bike jersey or bibshorts. I hurriedly pumped both of the tires. It has been a quite while since I actually rode this bike outdoors. More than a couple of years. It was a fun ride to work and back home.

On my way home, I fell once. I was coming to a halt and wanted to step on a side walk to cross a busy street at a signal. As it was dark I did not see the slightly raised curb stones there. I fell gently and I had a tiny scratch on the right wrist. Nothing serious.

Tour de France - Trek Factory Racing

A tweet and accompanying photo suggest that the following five guys are going to be on the roster; Fränk Schleck, Markel Irizar, Bob Jungels, Haimer Zubeldia and Bauke Mollema. Those guys were riding Col du Tourmalet. So five out of nine names are already revealed. Who will fill the open slot?

Can they be one of Fabian Cancellara, Matthew Busche, Yaroslav Popovych, Grégory Rast or?

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