12-32 Cassette and SRAM Wifli modification

LIMITS power meter
(Because I am one of the original crowd funding supporters and waiting for mine)

The last official update on the Indiegogo site was about a week ago. Yesterday I found an article on "Cycling Weekly" (http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/latest-news/limits-power-meter-put-to-the-test-for-the-first-time-231043).

According to this article, this was the first time that the device was available publicly. And this article contains a short and sketchy review of the product. Really sketchy as it says that this person tested it briefly on his bike against the Stages power meter. The result (not so conclusive) was that there was a 10 % (presumably consitant) difference between them.

Is this good or bad?

What happened to the real tests done (or to be done or being done) by independent testers? I wondered.

The answer may be this, "Cycling Weekly, which exclusively revealed the project in April 2015, will be running full tests of Limits." I am quoting a passage in this article. It won't say when it will be published. I am waiting.

SRAM Wifli

I bought a SRAM Red Wifli rear derailleur while ago. I haven't got the time to set it up on my bike. I have not bought a cassette to go with it, namely, a SRAM 12-32 cassette. I have to find some time setting up my bike.

I have to buy the cassette soon.

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Limits Power Meter update came May 24, 2016

The latest one says that the first 50 units will be shipped to us (campaign backers) no less than 10 days. I don't think I was one of the first 50 backers so I won't be receiving one of these.

This update does not mention the promised third party testing at all. What happened to that?

One another thing mentioned in this update was that they decided to reopen orders from the general public before the general public launch. One set of Limits power meter can be ordered at US $289 now. These perks are limited to 500 in number.

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Anther update and again Sippy

Neo by Reelight

This "Kickstarter" campaign update came one week or two weeks ago. They (the Chinese factory, I guess) finally nailed it (the mass manufacturing process) and the mass production has been scheduled. To us, crowdfunding backers, they (Reelight) will start shipping sometime after June 21st, 2016. I have to wait for the actual thing for another month.

Sippy, again

This neat espresso machine is somehow not so popular and the crowdfunding is not going too well. The campaign is closing in one month but the funding goal is far away, so far they made only one percent of the goal amount.

Only 6 real backers so far. 8 backers but 2 of them just donated 1 dollar each and they don't count to much.

I would very much like to see it make it. The idea is not bad and the prototype product looks very fine.

I found out that 12g CO² cartridges are mainly used in toy air guns, at least, in Europe. I can find bulk sale products advertized in that way on Amazon Germany.

I was tempted to purchase one of those "Handpress" (www.handpresso.com) devices. The one that does not require electricity is desirable for a camping trip. The one that plugs into Car's 12 VDC outlet is too expensive for me and not so convenient.

They (Handpresso Pump espresso machines) have two strikes, I guess. One, I am not too sure about its durability. It has too much mechanical stuff, namely, the hand-pumping mechanism and the pressure gauge mechanism. I am afraid it may break anytime soon after using them on a daily basis.

I was seriously thinking about getting an Aerobie Aeropress (http://www.aerobie.com/product/aeropress/). It is not an espresso machine but a French press born again.

Is there anyone out there who's interested in Sippy?

This Sippy, if it ever materializes, will take a Nespresso™ capsule. What else?

I like it because it has less mechanical stuff in it. The air valve mechanism to release and seal the CO² gas from the cartridge is the only real mechanical stuff. It looks tough enough to be used on a daily basis. It may eventually require O-ring rubber seal replacement to keep it airtight. It takes at least a year or two.

It is really shame that the funding campaign is not so rosy so far. Why not? It is true that $180 (US), which is the expected MSRP, will buy a real Nespresso machine but you can not use one of those Nespresso machines on the run.

I sincerely hope that the funding campaign will be fulfilled in time.

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Limits Power Meter update ... as suspected

Limits Power Meter updates

It came. I have been suspecting that they had been having hard time producing the quantity (or quality) in time as there were more than two weeks (almost three) since the previous last update. Well, if everything were in pink, there would be no reason to hide the 'good news' from us, would there?

The company gave us the update e-mail and at the same time gave an interview to Cycling Weekly obviously.


They had been having problem getting the expected yield from the production line.

Now they seemed to have overcome the difficulty (maybe not entirely but) and be ramping up the production so that the crowdfunding backers (I am one of them) will have the thing by the end of June. Super early backers will have them soon as the first batch of them are already on the way to UK.

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