macOS Sierra public beta test

I have installed the latest update on one of my 2009 MacBooks (I have two of them. Both of them purchased as second-hand. One had a broken keyboard and I had to replace them).

By the way, 2009 MacBook can jump to Sierra and this is the oldest machine that can upgrade to the next macOS. My other MacBook, 2010 MacBook Pro can also the candidate for the upgrade. I happened to own three MacBooks that are still eligible for the next macOS. This is totally incidental.

Anyway, as reported (for example on the user forum at Mac Rumors), some of the machines are experiencing the problem of not being able to shut down properly. My 2009 MacBook is also showing the symptom.

As also suggested on the forum, I can shut it down by NOT directly selecting "Shut Down" from the Apple Menu bar but by selecting "Log Out ..." and then "Shut Down".

This is a glitch that will soon be fixed, I hope. As I don't have time for now (I am looking for a job for the moment), I haven't spent any sustained time on this machine yet. I don't know how Siri works there.

As expected, the booting time got a bit longer. The machine is equipped with a SSD, and the booting time under Maverick, Yosemite, El Capitan was roughly under 30 seconds (before the log in screen appears). For the moment, the booting time seems to be 5 to 10 seconds longer. This may improve also. I am not sure.

Since it has to load Siri and other features, the booting time may remain longer. It is OK as it has an SSD on it. It won't bother me too much.

If someone is using an old HDD on it, it may bother him/her. I guess it will take 1 to 2 minutes to boot this kind of old MacBook if it is using a HDD.

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Limits and Neo

Crowdfunding projects that I am currently involved in;


I hope Neo is doing fine. I mean by Neo a bike light by Reelight.

Reelight: http://www.reelight.com/
Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1651132789/neo-worlds-most-powerful-friction-free-bikelight?ref=nav_search

Last time they gave us, campaign supporters, an update a month ago, the finished products were going to be shipped by freight (by ship, literally) from China (whereelse?) to Europe and that as soon as they arrived after a month of travel in Denmark, they would start sending them out to us.

It has been a month and there has been no words. We all wonder if everything is rosy or not.

Are finished products already on board a cargo ship? Have they arrived? When do they start shipping us the goods?

No update for a month to us is a bit rude, don't you think?

Limits power meter

The latest update, No. 84, was out relatively in a short time after its previous one because they had something positive to tell us.

Is it a human nature that we hate to break bad news? Yes, it is. It is most of the time true.

Here, people at Limits Technology have nothing to LOSE when they tell us about the obstacles they encounter on the way,... except for the dignity, self-esteem and ego.

When they admit that they are having problems, most of the supporters will understand and wait for the solution they might eventually come up. Not telling the truth only fuels the anger of some supporters. They have done too much damages in this respect.

I can tell that by the way they post the updates they (at least the top boss) don't want to say 'sorry.' It is a word relatively easy to pronounce. How to avoid to say sorry? He opens his mouth when he has excuses for not saying sorry or another pretence to say something positive as a diversion.

Instead of saying, "Sorry, we are late as we have been working on the solution to overcome the obstacles. Please be patient" he says, "We have (secretly and covertly) solved the problem (of which we have not mentioned previously) but everything looks peachy now" after a month of silence or so.

It is a PR disaster.

When (or if?) my Limits power meter arrives (at all?), I will enjoy the bike ride outside as long as it is fine (at least not raining). I am also thinking of using my still unopened Minoura trainer indoors. I know that riding indoors is boring as I have done that before.

How about Zwift? Would it help? I only have to buy a USB ANT+ dongle for my MacBook.

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It is a small gadget that makes a cup of espresso (or espresso-like coffee?) without an electric outlet nearby.

The failed Kickstarter campaign "Sippy" could have been my favorite non-electricity-dependent espresso maker but since it did not materialized, I had to look elsewhere.

I actually paid for the Sippy but since it did not materialize, PayPal kindly refunded my investment.

A Handpresso or Minipresso? That was the question then. I settled with Minipresso.

Which makes a better espresso? I honestly don't know. Watching Youtube videos only makes you puzzled as so-called (or self-claimed experts on the matter) experts are divided on the opinions.

Which one is cheaper? The answer is easy. Which one leaves less mess? The answer is also easy.

The Minipresso NS, which is the latest product from the maker that uses Nespresso® capsules, was my choice in the end. It is currently being sold cheaper than other two variants so it was a easy decision.

I even subscribed for an e-mail notification for the product when it was still not in stock (but scheduled to launch at an unannounced time). $10 reduction from its regular price was the incentive to be enrolled. In the end, the manufacturer decided just to sell them at US $49, 10 dollars cheaper for everybody for a while.

I thought I would receive a $10 voucher code in the notification mail. I did not.

It (I also ordered the matching case) will arrive soon.

Indiegogo or Kickstarter (or for that matter any other crowdfunding sites but I am not aware of them) are full of projects. I just know the two as I personally paid for some through them.

I wish someone comes up for a bike drink bottle that plugs into a USB power source and heats up the content inside. The idea is that I would like a hot espresso on top of, say, Mont Ventoux or while resting somewhere during a cold Winter ride. Its power source could be a dynamo hub. It should have a selector for the maximum reaching heating temperature; warm and hot.

Warm for keeping sweetened tea agreeable for example and hot for keeping coffee hot or making a cup of espresso.

Its liquid contents will be less than 300 ml and the remaining (out of usual 500 ml capacity) volume can be used for the heater and the inevitable insulation material stuffing.

A security measure will be necessary for not burning the heater itself when the bottle is empty.

There are devices heating up the shoe soles. Why not a drink heater for a bike ride?

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Limits Power Meter and I am still waiting patiently

The latest update on the progress they (Limits Technology) are making (or not making) was about the finding they had discovered concerning the inconsistency and inaccurate data feedings reported by DCR (www.dcraimaker.com). By the way I am a proud supporter of his activity (www.dcrainmaker.com/support).

They said that they found the cause of the erroneous data output and it was a firmware bug. They resolved the problem and would start updating the firmware on the devices they had at hand. They indicated that they have 200 pieces in the UK and 440 more in the production line.

So soon (I am not sure how 'soon') they will have 640 pieces of working devices ready to be shipped to supporters.

I took a look at the bottom of my e-mail inbox and found that I paid up for the device in May 2015. More than a year ago (a year and two months to be exact). Wow! Time flies!

I am pretty sure that I am within 640 early supporters of this campaign. I am hoping that I will receive mine by the end of August (or September).

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Update, much much needed one

I have been busy with things and haven't been able to update my blog for some time by now.

So I do it now.

I only had one week of vacation away from work and followed the Tour, from the Grand Depart to the stage where ARPAJON-SUR-CÈRE was the start. The last day I went to the hotel where team Trek-Segafredo were staying and greeted them. After this I headed home, about 1,000 km (a bit shorter than 1,000 km).

Today (I am writing this 23rd of July) I will head to Paris to see the last stage of the Tour.

Things have been happening around me and around the world. I did not have time to write about them.

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