De Ronde van Vlaanderen 2017 and an Android tablet

The bickerings between UCI and (big) race organizers continues. ASO has repeatedly threatened to part ways with UCI if their demands were not met. Their relationship has been rough since I got to know it. Introduction of World Tour (or its predecessors) has made it worse, I guess. I am relatively a new comer to this road bike race world so I really don't know about the relationship between them before 2003.

Latest issue that has come up between them is the "proposed" reduction of team riders in bike races organized by ASO, RCS Sport and the Belgian organizer which owns RVV and others (Flanders Classics).

8 instead of 9. Pros and Cons were pitched by some parties (organizers and teams).

UCI has stated that those organizers could not decide the matter on their own. It is against the UCI's rules.

It is not too early to know which way this latest argument will go but it has to be sorted out before the Spring classics began in late March.

Speaking of the Spring classics, the race course of RVV 2017 has been announced. I checked it out roughly and saw how different they are from that of 2016 on my Garmin BaseCamp. They are different.

For some reason unknown, the start city was changed to Antwerpen from Bruges (Brugge). People around Bruges had to be very disappointed to now that. Why would they change that? Is it temporary or semi-permanent? Are they planning a long-term construction or something in Bruges next year? Or city of Bruges suddenly found itself lacking the money to hold the event? Did Antwerpen suddenly wish to promote itself?

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ACTON BLINK/QU4TRO hit US $800,000

US $800,000


Chronological order of hitting US $800,000 illustrated below. This happened in a matter of a couple or several minutes.

Almost there and supported by 1,113 people (or separate payers)

It hit $800,000 by a $455 margin by 1,113 people

Soon, the figure changes to $800,026 by 1,112 people

Obviously, some people were changing (cancelling and/or upgrading) their pledges (orders) after seeing the Cyber Monday Deals. This cancel/upgrade thing will keep on going until this deal ends.

Now I can safely say that my ACTON SB backpack is secured. The amount may fluctuate but it will stay above $800,000 until the end.

Many supporters are expecting that the next extended goal (freebies) will be set by ACTON and ACTON (CTO Peter) seems to have that already in mind judging by his replies to some of those comments left by supporters. Maybe a US $1,000,000 goal and $1,250,000 or so. What could they be? A helmet? Replacement wheels? Or still unknown (not yet shown publicly) gadgets?

If, hypothetically speaking, it hits $2,000,000, everybody may have a free BLINK S or BLINK LITE. It won't happen but I will keep my fingers crossed.

I had long pondered over ordering EON by Unlimited Engineering before switching over to ACTON BLINK. I still occasionally look at their campaign page but they are not doing as well as ACTON.

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The Great Wall of China and ACTON BLINK Indiegogo campaign

ACTON SB backpack is mine

I was going to write an entry about the ending phase of the ACTON BLINK campaign which was going or not going to reach its extended goal of collecting $ 800,000 (USD).

I am writing this after the campaign got extended for 3 weeks.

Toward the end (of the original campaign) any requested ACTON to extend the campaign for a week to reach this extended goal, which would give the supporters a nice free SB backpack.

The (second) extended goal had not been accomplished in time but the campaign got extended for another 3 weeks until 19th of December. So it is almost a sure thing that the extended goal will be accomplished.

I will get a second charger (the first extended goal) and a skateboard backpack for free. Wow and Yay!

ACTON has changed the perks during the original stretch of campaign and may do so during the extended campaign. Some people jumped to the Santa Deal or Cyber Monday Deal and cancelled their original pledge.

Those later day perks would appeal to those who have kids (but at the same time a lot of money), those who have skateboard buddies (college friends or so) or those who

I think I am sticking to my original perks. I know that I would have to pay some extra tax on it when it get cleared by the customs office here in Luxembourg.

I am expecting by the announced time frame for the shipping, I will get mine sometime between Late January and early March. I hope the weather will fine by then in Luxembourg.

The title includes a mention to the Great Wall of China but nothing about it has been written so far.

In a YouTube video by Peter, CTO of ACTON, mentions it and laughs at his relationship with it. He has been to China 20 or 30 times but never visited the ancient monument although he has been invited by his hosts to pay a visit there in China numerous times. He says that he has been busy making deals and overseeing the production or so.

I have never been to China and also never been there to see that ancient monument.


I am thinking of riding my ACTON BLINK in near future here in Luxembourg. It has built-in LED lights, front (white but not too strong), sides (white) and back (red but not to strong). They will keep me relatively safer when it gets darker. I am also thinking of buying a can of spray that contains reflective particles in gooey liquid that clings on fabrics or other surfaces.

I am also thinking of buying a helmet. I looked around for it on the net and Bell Segment might be a good one to buy.

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The last uphill battle: ACTON BLINK Indiegogo campaign

Tram track construction going on in Kirchberg area

Today I drove to Auchan Luxembourg (Auchan is a French hypermarket) to do something. It was not for shopping but I had something to do in the area. Construction was going on heavily in the area. The roads were blocked and the traffic was diverted.

While being there I went to the PC/Tablet section to see if I could find the ARCHOS Oxygen 70. They were there. Sadly the device was locked (needed PIN to get to the home screen) and I could not try it. I thought I could hear that cacophonous sound output from this tablet but I could not. The price was €99.

I watched the unboxing and a brief review of Oxygen 70 on YouTube. Its speakers were said to be disastrous, which I don't really mind as I don't intend to listen to music on it.

If I buy this tablet from www.archos.com directly, I would pay €89 and the shipping is under €8. I pay slightly less if I buy online.

Buying from Auchan has some advantages. If the tablet does not function well, I can just take it to Auchan's customer service counter and leave it there. They will handle the repair service with the manufacturer so I don't have to do any further hustle.

So I should decide to buy one, I will buy it at Auchan.

Back to construction. They were digging up the road to construct the track for the tram. The fact that they were really digging up made me think that they were more than just making the surface construction but something else.

The construction spans further back to the direction of Findel Airport. It is said that the section between the central station and Kirchberg will be complete in 2017.

ACTON BLINK Indiegogo campaign

The last uphill battle. In road cycling races, it is really the last uphill battle that decides the outcome. For ACTON BLINK campaign it is a figurative expression but in cycling it is literally so.

Over the past one month the campaign page had gradual but steady makeovers. New pictures, new descriptions, new videos and other were added. One recent big change they made was removing the Early Bird perks and replacing them with Happy Holiday perks (ACTON caps thrown in).

I am happy that I ordered my wished BLINK board while they had them on Early Bird International extended perks.

Anyway, the last uphill battle is if they can make it to the next stretched goal, $800,000. When this goal is reached, we all get a ACTON backpack for free. The last few days have seen acceleration of joining forces.

Let's do the math.

For the moment the pledged sum is around $580,000. $800,000 - $580,000 = $220,000. There are 5 days left. 220,000/5 = 45,000. If we see $45,000 every day for the next 5 days, we will reach the goal.

45,000/500 = 90. $500 is the amount that I put as the average pledge. Some buy $350 S and other buy $1,100 Qu4tro.

We need around 90 people every day. If the final amount is $790,000, will ACTON give us free backpack or not? I hope they will throw in the backpack.

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BkOOL USB ANT+ receiver and element Mohave Olive/Black backpack

Christmas gift No. 1 from Germany

Just moments ago I received the packet from Germany that I was expecting. DPD, who was responsible for the delivery, delivered it. The box was broken in one of the corners and the contents were visible.

I was a bit worried until I found the tiny BKOOL USB ANT+ thingy inside. It had not been lost despite the broken cardboard box. I guess it was not totally DPD's fault that the box broke. Because the element Mohave backpack is cushy and the stuffing (paper) the shop inserted was even more bigger in volume than Mohave, when the packet got no doubt pressed down under the load (of whatever went over the box), the box crumbled resulting the breakage.

The shop (Bike24) should have added more tape mending around the corner.

Anyway, the important thing is that they all arrived.

BKOOL's tiny USB device was inside a zip lock plastic bag. It did not have a package of its own or anything. It was OK as I don't want any overly decorative packing. I am happy in an ecological point of view that way.

Christmas gift No. 2 from the UK

LIMITS! Not yet arrived, of course! There was an update from Limits Technology. They are scrambling to send out the products destined to EU area by the of this week or early next week. They will hopefully arrive at the hub destination (Germany or Holland?) on the continental Europe and then will be individually forwarded to the backers.

They will arrive at the backers in December, I hope.

Poor Asian and Oceanic supporters! I myself am one of the earlier supporters who should have received the perks earlier than others. I waited patiently and quietly.

The Bluetooth support that Limits Technology had promised has not been fully implemented yet. The current support of Bluetooth is limited to firmware update use as I learned from one of the comments (on the Indiegogo campaign page). The full implementation is yet to be made by the future firmware updates.

For the moment I don't have the needed device to work on the firmware update via Bluetooth. Bluetooth 4.0 is the key word. I have to buy something (iOS or Android device) which is capable of handling this protocol.

Which device should I choose?

iOS or not iOS (Android), that is the question. Used or new? Latest or outdated (cheaper)?

It all boils down to this question; how much do I want to spend for that?

I don't want to spend more than €200. I have already spent a bit of money on ACTON BLINK this month. I am not rich so I have to be thrifty. I work and get paid regularly, of course.

The budget that I allocated does not allow me to buy an iPhone 7, which I don't want anyway considering the drastic changes that iPhone 8 will see in 2017.

I might choose one of those cheap (low resolution camera equipped and outdated) Android tablets.

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Online security and ACTON BLINK

3D Secure

Online security is a concern that we should take seriously.

This applies to wide varieties of things.

Recently (just moments ago), I activated the 3D Secure feature of my credit card. Supposedly this feature makes those who want to scam me by using my credit card information (number, name, expiration date and etc.) have hard time impersonate me. I hope so.

For sometime I have blinded the front-facing cameras on my MacBooks. This was prompted by that famous picture of Mark Zuckerberg doing so on his notebook.

Am I being paranoiac? I don't know.


Finally I purchased it. I am a supporter of ACTON BLINK campaign on the Indiegogo.com site. The campaign has caught on fire and for the moment the campaign has collected more than a half million USD. It surpassed the $350,000 mark a white ago, so we will all receive an extra charger.

This extra charger will come in handy to those who use the board to commute to their office or so. One charger at home and the other at the office to keep the board charged at the expense of their employers (hahaha).

The range (range covered with one full charge) is the key. BLINK S covers up to 7 miles (under an ideal condition a.k.a. on a totally flat and smooth road, a skinny tiny person, mild acceleration, no headwind and a bit of tailwind?), BLINK S2 covers up to 14 miles and BLINK Qu4tro up to 22 miles.

Conversions: 7 miles = 11 km, 14 miles = 22 km, 22 miles = 35.5 km.

In reality, with ups and downs and rough surface of the road, not too skinny me and heavy headwind make the range down. Even so I expect them to deliver 65 % of what they promise on the spec sheets. That would be enough to cover my commuting needs (12 to 13 km round trip).

I can not wait. Wait a sec! The current ACTON app on iOS requires iOS 8 or later and again my iPhone 4 is only capable of running iOS 7. I need a newer iPhone (iPod or iPad) or an Android device.

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Thomas Dekker's Book: I want to read it but it is only in Dutch

Mijn gevecht

I would like to download it (in other words, purchase electronically) and read it. Just like I did it so with Tyler Hamilton's book.

Alas, it is only available in Dutch (which I don't understand) at least for the moment. An English edition (translation) may be on the way. I hope so.


It seems very promising; promising to give me a ton of entertaining moments.

Please publish the English version as soon as possible!

This book finally exonerate Fabian Cancellara from the suspicions that he had been the Luigi on the Dr. Fuentes client list. It came after Cancellara's retirement but it is always 'better late than never'.

It is really time to get a newer iOS or Android smart phone

Enough said! I have been writing about this it for some time by now.


Today I went to SNCA (or SNCT basically the same organization under two different names) and did some paper work done. I then went to my auto insurance agent's office to drop some paper in the mail box. Then I went to my bank to get some paper work done.

SNCA is a Luxembourg organization that translates like National Association of motored vehicle registration. It is much like DMV in the USA. So the second errand is naturally connected to the action (or actions) performed at the first location.

The third action has something to do with my credit card. Lately, the rise of online shopping has been a source of problems for the banks who issue the credit cards. Fraud. Someone just steels card information and make a purchase online where presenting the ID is not required.

Now the banks are more careful when it comes to allowing their customers to use the credit cards online. It requires more than giving the number, the expiration date and the security code (which is not secure as it is just written on the back of the card). Now I have to provide a one time code every time I use my credit card online at least when I have to provide the credit card number online.

I suppose it does not apply to the purchase done via PayPal.

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BKOOL USB ANT+ receiver purchased

BKOOL USB ANT+ receiver

Finally! Just one day before I wrote about it. It was out of stock and the date for restocking was not unknown. And voila! The item was in stock suddenly and I could order it successfully with the backpack that I wanted to have.

LIMITS USA shipping

It was reported on the Indiegogo site that all the USA-bound power meters had left for the USA and were supposed to arrive on 11th or 9th of November, everything together. I suppose that the individual packages were to be forwarded to the destination. We will be hearing the reports of arrivals from the USA supporters anytime soon.

I don't know the detailed plans for the EU shipping, of course as I am not part of the company. I suppose that one of those big package handling companies like DHL, UPS or others will take care of the individual delivery.

I hope that our power meters will be on the Continent by the end of November.

One of the reports (comments) on the Indiegogo LIMITS campaign page tells us that the company had been very much occupied with the USA shipping and could not take time for anything else. It might have been true or just a smoke (pretence for not being able to listen to the requests from the supporters).

In any case they have not been able to improve the firmware, I suppose.

Wacaco minipresso NS after several months

Before deciding to buy this gadget, I considered buying others like handpresso or never-materialized Indiegogo project (I forgot the name but I supported the campaign and paid for it).

This Indiegogo espresso maker that never took off looked good. It is a shame that it never materialized. This device used (or was going to use) a small CO² cartridge (5 g?) to pressurize the water. Although the idea and the mechanism was elegant, eventually it would accumulate a heap of used cartridges. This pile-up could have (if I had one) discouraged me to frequently make a cup of expresso.

After several months, I can say that my experience with my minipresso NS has been a satisfying one. It is easy to make a cup of expresso. It requires only human power to make a cup of espresso as opposed to other electric devices or others which consumes some form of natural resources.

I wonder if I need to pre-heat the device. Would it make the espresso taste better? Would it matter?

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BKOOL USB ANT+ 2.0 receiver

I have been waiting for this small item to be available at the online shop I often use. It seems that this small item has been in a strong demand from customers.

Another online shop tells that it will be available after December 5. 2016.

On the other hand, the net shop of BKOOL itself tells that is is available.

Why don't I buy it from the net shop at bkool.com? Is it because it is sold at the retail suggested price and my favorite shop carries it at a lower price?

Yes and no. It will be nice to have it at a slightly discounted price but the main reason that I want to buy it from a particular online is that I want to buy yet another item (not BKOOL stuff) with it so that I can save on the shipping cost and at the same time I don't have to expect two separate delivery visits. I don't stay home all the time and retrieving the deposited packages is always a bit of pain.

The other item is a backpack from Element. It can hold a skateboard (or similar thing) tied to the backpack.


I am expecting another delivery from the UK. Yes, I am expecting the Limits pedal power meter. I have no idea when I get it.

According to the latest update from Limits Technology, the UK and US customer who had ordered before August (supposedly August 2016 but it could be August 2015) should have already received their items. I assume so as I think it was around August 2016 that they (Limits Technology) announced that they would start shipping the power meters.

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LIMITS, they were not dead

I thought,well almost, that the Indiegogo campaign was dead as the Kickstarter Zone campaign by Brim Brothers was.

An update came Today. It made me realize they (Limits Technology) were not dead but just deaf. Don't take me wrong that I'm not making a politically incorrect statement. I am describing the way they conduct their business.

They totally ignore the comments or requests or whatever written on the Indiegogo site so they won't listen to the supporters at all. By this action (or inaction) I described them as deaf. You know figuratively speaking.

So the much much delayed update was s surprise.

It reads that they've (almost) done with the UK and USA shipping except for the returned ones.

If course there had to be undeliverable ones as they did not listen to nor ask supporters for address changes. There are numerous concerns from supporters who were moving and all of them were ignored.

Anyway now they are starting to ship to me, I mean EU region supporters like me. Wow does this mean that I am going to receive mine in mail soon?

Will it make it by Christmas? So one year (almost??) later than initially promised I might have it.

Keeping my fingers crossed! Hit me baby!

Michael Moore was correct

I belatedly read the prediction written by hm and I could not agree more.

Who had the time and the patience to wait in line for a long time to vote? Who actually went to vote? Those who were comfortable with their living and wanted no change or those who had the opposite plight?

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President Trump and German Autobahn tolls

The Sun and the wind

Wow! I did not see it coming. Almost all polls and predictions from research companies predicted and confirmed the victory of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Brexit was not predicted by almost nobody but it happened.

Many people (who were eligible for voting) regretted that they had ever let it happen. Even the high court judges are having a moment of hesitation to let it happen. They recently decided that the it was not the people to decide the fate of the UK but the Parliament to decide. The Parliament now have to have a vote if they really want to leave the EU. What happens if the Parliament decide to stay? Are they going to have a second National Poll?

I wonder how people (who were eligible for voting) are feeling right now in the U.S.A. Good news is that there is no going back. It has been decided. It is a done deal.

I was in favor for the former First Lady. I was shocked and dumbfounded. Disappointed. On the other hand, people who supported President-to-be Trump must be really angry with the way their country had been run by those so-called establishment. They (people who voted for Mr. Trump) have high hope that something will change in favor for them. Let's see what happens!

One of the mistakes that the opposing Party and other opponents within the same Party (GOP) was to mock him and tried to make him look inexperienced and a fool. Those who supported him in the first place for a change felt that they had been also insulted and made their mind even firmer to support him. This is one of the basic psychological reactions commonly known.

Have you read the wind and the sun story? The travelling man clung even stronger to his coat under harsh strong wind, remember? Who made him take off his coat?

Autobahn not free anymore?

The European Commission has approved the plan long suggested by the German government to end the free Autobahn (highway network) in Germany. It was reported. I always read the Luxembourg Wort for some English version of the news around me.

German resident will not have to pay but people from other countries passing through Germany on its highway will have to pay. I will try to avoid highways in Germany. Luckily I don't have much to do in Germany lately.

Only one thing on my mind for the moment, namely, the Tour de France 2017. I will try to use only those non-highway to get to places in Germany.

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iPhone 4 just restored and ACTON Blink

My old iPhone 4 was acting strange for the last 2 weeks or so.

"Push" (notification) stopped working and every time I launch some apps that were supposed to notify me when I got some new incoming messages gave an alert window saying something like "Connect to iTunes to get Push notifications ...."

I did many times but nothing happened. I mean I did plug my iPhone to my MacBook and launched iTunes numerous times but the iPhone continued to annoy me with the exact pop-up alert messages.

What was I supposed to do after launching iTunes?

So I had to restore it. After restoration it seems that everything went back to normal.

Restoring this old iPhone 4 (purchased in 2010) is a bit of pain in the royal keister. Why?

Because the most apps (or many of them) have moved on to the iOS 8 or later platforms and have abandoned the iOS 7 support long time ago. This means that the latest apps on my MacBook Pro are not for my iPhone 4. So after restoring the iPhone 4, I have to manually download the older version on my iPhone 4 one by one.

I told you so, ACTON!

I told you (ACTON) so! As soon as I got to know the ACTON Indiegogo campaign of Blink S, S2 and Qu4tro, I checked them out and almost ordered the Blink S. The high price tag of international shipping cost prevented me from clicking further.

After this (still the check-out page open) I immediately e-mailed them (ACTON) about it (I mean the high price tag) and I immediately got the reply.

They explained in the email that the international shipping was pricey (basically the same explanation on the Indiegogo site) .

They also they wrote on the campaign site that they would reimburse the money (to whom already paid for the products) if they found a cheaper way to deliver. They meant it really.

Now the international shipping prices have been drastically slashed. Blink S $60, Blink S2 $80 and Qu4tro $100. I knew you guys could do it!

Wow! I'm excited.

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Winter tires on and

Today I changed the tires on my Ford Ka, from summer tires to winter tires. My winter tires are from Bridgestone. I did not chose those but they were recommended by the tire shop I usually go. They were in stock when I visited the shop.

The temperature of Luxembourg stays below 10 degrees Celsius lately. 0 degree Celsius is the point where water gets frozen. 100 degrees Celsius is the point where water (under normal pressure, i.e. not in the Himalayas nor anywhere in the submarines) goes fully to boil (evaporate). People living where Celsius system is in use already know this but those in the U.S.A. may not immediately relate to this mnemonic.

Fahrenheit system is different. 32 degrees Fahrenheit is the freezing point and 212 degrees Fahrenheit is the boiling point.

Our body temperature is around 36 degrees Celsius but in Fahrenheit system it will be a bit under 100 degrees.

You can find a formula (you can find on the Net) to convert C to F and vice versa. You can also come up the formula on your own.

32 0
212 100

What is X degrees Celsius in Fahrenheit?

1) 212 - 32 = 180
2) 100 - 0 = 100 (obviously!)
3) 100/180 = 10/18 = 5/9

So X degrees Celsius can be X* 9/5 + 32. For example, 100 C is (100 x 9)/5 +32 = 212 F.
36 C is (36 x 9)/5 + 32 = about 97 F.

Winter tires are made of softer rubber compound and they normally have greater friction against asphalt pavement. The mileage on your car goes down with winter tires.

In my experience my Smart (first generation) marked 20 to 22 km/litter on a stretch of road with summer tires but the figures changed to 16 to 18 km/litter with winter tires (dry condition).

In Luxembourg it is obligatory to have winter tires during Winter. If found by the Police without ones when they have a control point or when you are involved in a traffic accident, you will be fined and get more penalty.

During Winter I don't drive much. I try to drive as little as possible.

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Import tax forgotten

A couple of entries ago (if this kind of expression is allowed), I did some math and I sucked. There were mistakes in the calculation.

Let me make it up! This time I also use the Eon Cruiser kit in addition to the Solo kit.

**** Beginning of Quote ****
Eon Solo kit (pre-order version) + shipping + a cheap longboard
$449 + $50 (from Spain?) + €60 = around $580

Blink S (early bird) + shipping
$349 + $230 = $579
**** End of Quote ****

Eon Cruiser kit (pre-order version) + shipping + a cheapish drop-thru longboard
$549 + $50 + €60 = around $680 or plus

Eon Solo kit (pre-order version) + shipping + a cheapish drop-thru longboard
$449 + $50 + €60 = around $580 or plus

Blink S (early bird -- almost gone now) + shipping + Import tax (less than 20 %)
$349 + $230 + €60 to €80? = $650 to $680 or plus

This time the calculations should be more realistic, I hope. Because the Eon stuff is coming from Spain (with in EU block), there is no import tax. On the other hand, the ACTON stuff will be taxed for sure.

I was so lame and a fool to forget to include the import tax. I put the price of a cheapish drop-thru longboard for €60 but this could change, too. If I go for a quality longboard, the price will go up.

The early bird version of Blink S will be gone by the end of this week, for sure. I think I have to give it up. I think I should choose Eon Cruiser kit if I should decide to buy an electric longboard.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ [Import tax forgotten]の続きを読む

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