Walking around the surrounding area

Burning some calories by walking around

Today I walked around. I felt like it. I had a day off and I had some choirs to do and since my car (or Ka) is almost broken and not available I walked around.

I went to the local post office to get the digitier of my tablet Archos 70 Oxygen. I went to the city center to buy the lottery (Euro Millions). I also bought some T-shirts at H & M.

Then I walked to a place to see a friend of mine and on my way home I made an extra excursion to see the places where I always wanted to see if there were connections between the two areas separated by the motorway.

In all, I think I walked more than 20 km Today. Now I am back and writing this. I feel good about walking around.

I made a discovery that I can take my bike and easily ride to one of the places I work sometimes. I used to take my car but I found I could also take my bike to get there. There is a motorway between my humble home and the place I work sometimes but not too often. I can easily drive there but I always wanted to take my bike to get there.

Today I explored on foot and found the route over the motorway.

Tour de France

It is approaching. One of my big concerns is that who are going to participate in it from Trek-Segafredo. Is Fumy Beppu on his way back to the TdF roster?

Today they (Trek-Segafredo) made the roster for Critérium du Dauphiné.

Alberto Contador
André Cardoso
Edward Theuns
Fumiyuki Beppu
Haimar Zubeldia
Jesús Hernández
Markel Irizar
Michael Gogl

Many of the CdD members will make it to the TdF along with some of the TdS (Tour de Swiss) members.

I am almost sure that Hernádez, Zubeldia and Irizar will make it along with Contador. Will he (Beppu) make it?

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€uro Millions' Jackpot still growing and now at €139 million

€uro Millions Jackpot is now at €139,000,000

Let's see what happens!

Digitizer for Archos 70 Oxygen arrived!

I have just picked it up at the local post office and now I am back. I was going to study the backside (hidden side) of the panel to see how it is constructed and to decide how to replace the broken old one with the new one.

On inspection I immediately realized (as already expected) the panel is glued to the body with that ubiquitous "3M" two-side adhesive tape. There seem to be no other tricks. There are some recesses or cutouts on both sides of the panel rims but they seem to be there to ensure the fitting on the exact place.

So I precede to heat up the rims and then ply open the panel with thin plastic objects. Now I know exactly where the adhesive tape is and this makes me operate with much ease.

The panel has Archos logo on it and this makes me guess that it is directly (or almost directly) from the factory in China where Archos get their products.

Now I have to operate on the device. Let's see what happens!

And I should not forget to see if the mysterious rapid loss of charge even though the tablet is turned off from 100% to less than 20% in a matter of one day will go away (be solved) after this panel change.

This Archos 70 Oxygen has an extra feature. When it is turned off and it gets the charging cable on, (it does not get automatically turned on as iPads or iPhones do but) the screen wakes up (of course some part of the logic board wakes up, too) and the screen shows an animation of battery being charged along with the message of how much it is charged at the moment.

This means even if it is turned off, it is still active inside.

The mysterious rapid loss of battery charge could be related to this feature. As the digtalizer is broken and having a slight short cut or is sensing multiple touches, the digitizer itself or the part of logic board which is standing by to give up that animation and battery analysis is consuming the battery.

If this symptom subsists after the panel change, I will have to say that the panel change was a waste of money and time.

I will intend to use this Archos 70 Oxygen as a dedicated DVB-T TV or dash cam on board my car. For these uses, the charging cable is almost always plugged.

Let's see what happens!

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€uroMillions Jackpot is growing (now €129 million)

Wow! Nobody (including me unfortunately!) has won the jackpot last Tuesday and the carryover is now estimated at €129 million for this coming Friday (it is Today).

I am going to win this jackpot, ladies and gentlemen. I will be a millionaire Today.

Here's a short list of what I am going to do with the money and the free time that comes along with it.

1. Going to a flight school and eventually becoming a light plane pilot for fun
2. Having a cat or cats

What do you think? Aren't they nice?

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Love Mei iPad mini 2 case


This is the manufacturer of the case of my purchase. The site currently has a case for iPad mini 2 and it is named MK2. Probably mine is the first generation, thus retrofittedly called "MK1".

THis is what it looks like and is different from the MK2.

Today it arrived. Actually I went to the local post office to pick it up. I immediately felt that the package was a bit heavy. Too much packing or the case was heavy I thoght.

On opening the package, I realized that my fear was real. The case was heavy, indeed.

It looked sturdy but it was not totally water-proof. The iPad mini inside will survive some splash but the warer will come inside he case.

I thought the front glass was attached to the front cover but it was separate from the case. Any water on the screen will permeate the case through the gap between the glass and the front frame.

It is sturdy for sure; it has to be so as it is really heavy.

One major problem: The charging/sync lightning port opening is tight and my rugged lightning cable won't fit!! As the rugged cable has thicker cord and the cinching plug must be also thicker too. I can not use my beloved rugged cable. I have to settle with my rugged micro USB cable with an adapter (lightning - micro USB). It works and it is OK. Now how should I make use of the rugged lighting cables?

Another minor problem is that the back panel is made of rubber and its surface is slippery and almost no grip feel at all.

Overall I have to say that I don't like this case too much.

Wahoo RFLKT+ firmware update with iPad mini 2

A few days ago I update the firmware of RFLKT+ with Nexus 5X from 1.2.16 to 1.2.20. Today the firmware update was done with my iPad mini 2 from 1.2.20 to 1.2.28.

What does this mean? This means that Wahoo is actively working on the firmware improvement or just that Android support is so weak that it did not get the latest firmware update a few days ago?

I did some configuration on RFLKT+ on the iPad. RFLKT+ seems to turn off often. Configuring it on the iPad is easier as the screen is bigger.

This firmware update means that Wahoo is actively updating the firmware?

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€uroMillions Jackpot is growing (now €116 million)

I did not know too well about this lottery so I googled it and found this site.

It is none other than mighty Wikipedia page


According to this, initially the UK, France and Spain joined together to hold this lottery (Friday, 13 February 2004). Later Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Swiss joined (since 8 October 2004).

Luxembourg is one of the members. That is why I can buy the lottery tickets at almost anywhere in Luxembourg (Kiosks and other places).

I want to win if I can.

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Android Nougat 7.1.2 Cellular reception issue?? on Google Nexus 5X (solved?)

Google Nexus 5X on Android 7.1.2 (Nougat) cellular issue??

I have already written about it in the previous entry about this. Today after several reboots, the cellular reception seems to be better than it was Yesterday (immediately after updating to 7.1.2). There is some story to is and that is why I am repeating this.

Today, I noticed that there were two more updates awaiting me to react to. One was some Google stuff and the other was "Carrier Services." It sounded just as if it had something to do with cellular network stuff (to me).

I installed it and to make sure it is in place, I voluntarily rebooted the device.

Did it make a difference? I guess maybe. Now the cellular reception seems much better than it was Yesterday. I will keep watching it for a while.

Wahoo RFLKT+ firmware update and setting up with Google Nexus 5X

This morning for the first time (after its purchase just a couple days ago), I switched on device. I did not know which one of the four buttons. I do not remember how I turned it on but I did. After paring it with my Nexus 5X, I opened the app (Wahoo Fitness). I could see the device (RFLKT+) and clicked on the icon on the screen.

The app kindly told me that there was a firmware update and when I clicked on it (the button on the screen - Nexus), Google Play Store started and prompted me to download the Wahoo Utility app. Obviously it is the app that handles the firmware flashing.

Wahoo Utility app handled the downloading and flashing. So far so good. Wait a minute! My Wahoo RFLKT+ stalled! The screen on RFKT+ said, after flashing, "I am working" but it was not. It got frozen and pressing the button(s) for a short time or pressing them for a white did not solve the freeze.

I had to unscrew the four screws on the back and remove the battery to reboot (reset)! OMG!

After this forced reboot, it began to work again.

I tried to see how to work with RFLKT+ but could not work it out. I will try to go deep with the setting later.

Wahoo RFLKT+ setting up with Apple iPad mini 2??

I am wondering if it is easier or thorougher to set it up with iPad mini 2 than doing so with Nexus 5X. The quality of iPhone (iPad or iPod touch) support of RFLKT+ seems to be better than that of Android devices.

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Google Nexus 5X on Android 7.1.2 (Nougat)

Nougat 7.1.2, baby!

My refurbished Nexus 5X originally arrived with Android 7 installed on it. The pop-up window soon prompted me to upgrade to 7.1.1. When I checked it was about 1.2 GB of data download.

Today I had the means (faster connection to the Net) so I upgraded. It took me while as soon after downloading 7.1.1, the system prompted me to install three security updates and then also prompted me to update to 7.1.2.

I was a meek sheep and I did what I was prompted. There was also another security update following this update.

So now my Google Nexus 5X is on the latest "stable public" Android operation system. The next version is already on the horizon and my phone is to get it by September, 2017.

Is it only me who think the GSM sensitivity (catching the signal) went drastically down after this update? It is extremely strange. Maybe it is only me.

Jailbreaking iPad mini 2 on iOS 10.3.1??

My second-hand iPad mini 2 came with iOS 10.3.1 already installed on it by the ebay seller, the previous and at the same time the original owner of the device. How do I know that he/she (as part of protection of this person's privacy, I don't specify his/her gender) is the "original" owner?

Because his/her name is etched on the back!

Currently stable or publically and widely available jailbreak method only lets certain iOS devices on 10.2 jailbreak. I'm not (or my iPad mini 2 is) eligible yet. I trust soon my iPad will be jailbroken.

This is for using a cheaper GPS receiver to let iPad feed on the GPS signal through Bluetooth from that GPS receiver.

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Wahoo RFLKT+ and Google Nexus 5X

Google Nexus 5X: the eagle has landed

The micro SIM, which has been nested inside my iPhone 4 has been cut with a SIM cutter into a form of nano SIM. Now it resides inside Nexus 5X. It went smoothly. It connects to the Internet without any problem.

I don't know if my old prepaid SIM is capable of handling 4G (LTE) network. Google Nexus 5X asked me (while I was fiddling the network settings) if I preferred 2G, 3G or 4G connection. I selected 4G and whenever I connect to the Net, the small icon show "H." What does that mean?

Wahoo RFLKT+

It was about 4 months ago, I think. Local shops and stores were having a sale everywhere. Was it in January, 2017?

Anyway, I found some gadgets (in rather battered packages) thrown in a sale wagon at the local shop (Saturn to be specific). Wahoo's cycling related stuff like iPhone 4 or 4S bike case (ANT+), RFLKTs and iPhone 5 bike case. I was interested in Wahoo RFLKT but did not buy it on the spot. They were really cheap. Some were only €15 and others were like €50?? I don't remember the pricing now.

I came home and did some research on it.

After a few minutes, I decided not to buy it. At this time I referred to the comparison table showing the specs of RFLKT and RFLKT+. I thought I would buy RFLKT+ but not RFLKT.

I don't remember seeing RFLKT+ in that wagon. I forgot about them until I found them again in the same shop.

This time I found RFLKT+ among others already mentioned. They were all sold at €30 now. So I took it.

Now I am figuring out how to use it and how to make use out of it.

It was originally meant for iPhones, iPod touches and iPads (capable of Bluetooth 4.0). It now works with Android devices but the software support of Android devices are not too complete.

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Google Nexus 5X and others

Google (LG) Nexus 5X

I went to the local post office to receive it. I opened it and found the phone alone. It was a second hand phone and included no accessories at all. I already had the necessary cable delivered a few hours ago.

I am setting my this Nexus 5X but have not yet inserted a SIM. The SIM cutter had been also delivered a few hours before I got the phone in the same box which had the various gadgets including the USB type-C cable described above.

I think the phone is doing fine except that I did experience an incident of unintended restart once.

I have installed about 10 apps and it now is powered off until fully charged.

ARCHOS 70 Oxygen

I thought I turned it off after charging it fully at 100%. Today I re-plugged it since I had just had a delivery of a package which included a tough microUSB cable. I just wanted to check the plug fitting. Oddly, the tablet said that it was only 12 % charged. How come? I'll see if it was me who had been mistaken or it was the tablet's battery that was draining.

Where is my iPad mini2?

I am waiting a move from DPD Luxembourg, which seems to be doing the last delivery. The iPad started its journey in the UK and POST NL seems to be the contractor (ebay Global shipping) but it has been passed to many delivery companies.

On the tracking info page, they (DPD) attempted to delivery it Yesterday (Wednesday) but I was not there. I am waiting for their next move because I did not have any notification slip in the mail box. Without it I can not contact DPD Luxembourg. Please do something, DPD!

Cycling jersey and bib shorts received

I went to the DPD pick-up station near the Central Station and picked up my stuff.

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Euro-Millions and its current Jackpot is €107 milion


€uro-Millions lottery is now offering a jackpot winning of €107 million for the next draw, which will take place this coming Friday evening.

I wish.

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Archos 70 Oxygen screen panel digitizer glass ordered

Archos 70 Oxygen Android tablet

I ordered this part from China (of course, where else?). It will arrive in 2 or 3 weeks from now. I will take a look at this replacement part and then decide how to proceed.

I don't know exactly how to remove the broken glass from the tablet. I am counting on the replacement part to give me the idea how to removed the old one. I am almost sure that I have to ply open the glass by heating up the rim to loosen the glue. I can wait.

It cost me about €16 or so including the shipping ($3.00). This extra $3 will make it arrive a bit earlier than not paying for the shipping. The seller offers free shipping but it will take much longer for the part to arrive here.

The cracks (v shaped) have now fully developed, meaning that the each crack reaches the opposite end from where they started (right down corner). Now it is impossible to use the tactile function of the tablet. The crack has totally messed it up. I can use a mouse with a USB dongle and click on specific locations but the digitizer is erratic as it is sensing ghost touches. It is now shut down and will be kept so until the operation day.

DPD woe

A shipment from Germany (online bike shop) has unsuccessfully tried to reach me twice in my absence. The driver left notices in the mailbox. I was supposed to use the information on these slips to tell them (DPD Luxembourg) to what to do or what I wish to do.

There are three ways to login:
1. Parcel number / SMS code
2. Parcel number / NAB
3. NAB / Postal code

I had these notice slips so I had NAB or reference numbers. I had the parcel number from the online shop.

I thought I could login by the method 2 but could not. After many trial and error attempts, I found that I could login by the method 3.

I asked to divert my parcel to a local pick-up station located near the Central (train) Station in Luxembourg city. I hope they will do so.

What I don't understand is that the driver did not automatically divert the parcel to this local pick-up station. Why not? For the last two occasions (a space saving spare tire from the UK and another parcel from the same German bike online shop), the parcels were automatically deposited at this pick-up station.

Why not this time?

Maybe the driver (for the last two occasions) and the driver this time are different. Maybe the regular guy (I assume it is a guy) is on a vacation.

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Tour de France 2017 camping tour

This year's my "tour" will be a bit different from those of the past.

One good thing is that I will be immensely enjoying driving all day (and sometimes night) following the stages as my new car is arriving in June and this car is guarantied to be fun driving.

One down side is that this new car has very very limited amount of luggage space on board. I have to be very careful about what to take with me and what should be left behind.

Stocking up food, for example, will also pose a bit of challenge. Usually I will make a brief shopping moment at the local (wherever I happen to be) supermarket every two or three days. Stocking up some long lasting material is a standard maneuver like bottled mineral water, some dried pasta, binned sauce, some bananas or apples, dried meat product and some bread.

I don't think I have enough space to store four day's ratio on me if I opt for some additional food like some fresh fruit, fresh croissant or etc.

There is no back seats at all and the passenger's seat area has to be left free of clutters because whenever I leave the car unattended (like shopping at supermarkets), I have to stack my bike there along with the wheels, which will be moved to the driver's seat. I really don't have any space left.

There is only boot (trunk) area available for storing the bare necessities, which include casual clothes, cycling clothes (also shoes, helmet and etc.), cooking utensils, tents, sleeping bag, electric gadgets (MacBook and others along with those chargers and adapters) and really really needed things.

What happens to a paint bucket? I enjoy painting on the road but I really doubt I have space for it.


I am planning (or am determined) to take a space saving spare tire in the boot (a second hand tire/wheel set 125/70/16 originally sold as a spare tire for 2005 Toyota MR2, which has the same PCD as that of MX-5).

My bike will be on the rack (Saris Bones Solo) attached on the boot lid while driving. Wheels (stacked in a bag) will always stay on the passenger's seat (I guess).

Should I buy this (https://boot-rack.co.uk/car-boot-luggage-rack/) just in case I run out of space or I want to pick someone up and his/her baggage during the Tour?

It will cost me dear but you never know what will happen. I should be prepared for any unseen events. I don't intend to put any heavy stuff on the boot lid to avoid any damages to the lid. It will help me free up the passenger's seat by putting wheels and some clothes there just to accommodate a single passenger.

€136.79 excluding the shipping charges (https://boot-bag.com/store/boot-bags/boot-bag-vacation.html)


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ARCHOS 70 Oxygen: LED screen cracked and going a bit erratic (because of it)

I don't know why and how it happened but my tablet suddenly got two LED screen cracks in the corner. They (cracks) are not on the protective layer (touch sensor) on top of the screen but on the LED module (I guess).

***** later added *****
I think it is the touch sensor module that is broken. I can find the part sold on ebay, amazon or aliexpress. I will try to change them. How do I proceed to take the old one off? By blowing hot air over the rim?

I can not feel the cracks as the surface is undamaged and smooth.

What happened? I don't ever recall having it fall, sitting on it nor pressing too hard. Now one of the crack is widening across the screen. Because the broken glass (of the LED) is slightly bending under the touch sensor layer, touch sensor is detecting ghost pressure or not detecting my touches. Thus its behavior is now erratic sometimes.

For example, I can not use buttons the right down corner or I can not use this area for flicking or scrolling.

Is it possible to find a replacement part? It is really hard to do it. It will be hard to find the proper replacement guide on the net. iFixit does not have it. iFixit does have some repair instructions on other models of ARCHOS but not of this one.

Soon it will get harder to use this device for browsing or other things.

I don't dare to ask ARCHOS support to give me a repair estimate as it is most likely to see the sum they will ask will exceed the price of the tablet itself. It cost only (but not so cheap to me) €99. A new module will cost half the tablet price and the shipping and repairing will cost more.

I will forced to use it as a dedicated dash cam or so.

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Buying a jersey and ebay Global shipping mystery

Sportful kit

My summer jersey and bibshorts along with a gilet and a pair of gloves were stolen from my car last month. I have to find and buy replacement for this upcoming season.

I had a "Sugoi" kit. They were in black and I liked them. This time I am also looking for a black kit.

This time I chose a "Sportful" kit.

iPhone 8 rumors

According to some rumors that appear here and there, the new iPhone 8 (this this next iPhone is ever to be called iPhone 8) will have a fingerprint sensor on the back. This particular location of reminds me of my next phone, Nexus 5X.

What is happening with my phone? I ordered it but I have not heard of it since.

ebay Global shipping mystery

Despite the fact that ebay European headquarter is located in HERE in Luxembourg, the service they offer here in Luxembourg is rather poor. Until just recently, Luxembourg was not covered by their own Global Shipping Service, whatever it is.

I found out that under this Global Shipping Service, sending a thing from the USA to Germany costs almost nothing but sending to other surrounding countries like France, Luxembourg or Belgium costs significantly dear. For example sending a small item from the USA to Germany is around €11 but to those countries above written will be more than €60.

Why? Why so much difference? I knew that sending things out from Germany is cheaper than doing so in its surrounding countries.

I know someone who lives in Germany just on the other side of the border and who daily commutes to Luxembourg. I can ask him to receive the item (and pay the import charges) and bring it to me later. It would save me a lot of money.

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Canmore GT-750FL and iPad / iPhone / iPod

I have been looking for a cheaper solution for acquiring real GPS signals for iPad (wifi only model).

By the way, just recently I got an iPad mini 2 (16 GB wifi model) via ebay and I have not yet have it by me as of May 9, 2017. It will be delivered around May 18. Anyway, ...

There are Bluetooth GPS receivers on the market. Some are expensive and others not too expensive. Some are iOS compatible and others are not.

I have looked into dual XGPS 150 / 160 models. I have come to learn about Garmin GLO model, GNS GNS 200 or Bad Elf models. These rather expensive models are iOS compatible and cheaper models are not compatible.

Jailbreaking the iOS devices and using BT Stack seems to be the solution. Is this Canmore GT-750FL compatible with iOS devices using BT Stack?

A Quick search led me to this page (https://code.google.com/archive/p/btstack/issues/460).

Here are the gist.


So according to the conversation between the author of the program and an issue reporter, the issue seems to have been cleared. This means that if I could successfully jailbreak my iPad mini 2, I can use this much cheaper Canmore GT-750FL with my iPad mini 2.

I have not yet received my iPad yet and I don't know how it arrives. Obviously the seller / previous owner has initialized the device so that it won't have any private data on it. Has it been upgraded to the latest version of iOS? I guess so. This means that it is on iOS 10.3.1 (according to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPad_Mini_2).

iOS 10.3.1 can not jailbroken for the moment. iOS 10.2 seems to be the latest iOS that can be jailbroken and at the same time iPad mini 2 is not on the list of jailbreakable models.

So I have to wait until the day comes when iPad mini 2 on iOS 10.3.1 can be jailbroken to buy a GT-750FL.

Currently a GT-750FL can be obtained through Amazon at around €50 but dual XGPS 160 costs around €144 in Luxembourg from some online shop. The price difference is almost €100.

I can go ahead and buy a GT750FL and use it with my Android devices hoping that one day I can use it with my iPad mini 2.

My ARCHOS 70 Oxygen has aGPS function and my (not yet arrived) Google Nexus 5X also has aGPS functionality built in (as it is a phone, d*mn it!) but using an outside help said to elongate the battery life significantly as Bluetooth uses far less energy.

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iPad mini 2 purchased and other stuff

Since I decided to get an Android phone as a replacement for my current iPhone 4, I knew I had to buy an i-device (iOS device) to make use of some of my iTunes purchase like audio books, apps (TomTom Western Europe, for example) and others.

I had an iPod touch (4th generation) but it is only iOS 6 capable.

I was looking for a cheaper candidate that was capable to run the current iOS version (iOS 10). I thought iPad mini 2, 3 or 4 would be OK. They are smaller than other iPads. Cellular connectivity was not needed as I plan to buy yet another gadget to provide GPS location information to this iPad via Bluetooth connection.

I got one from the UK through ebay. An iPad mini 2 with only 16 GB of inner storage. Nothing exciting but it will do.

Local electric shops sell iPad mini 4 (32 GB Wifi only) at €399. Currently, Apple Store (online Luxembourg) sells iPad mini 4 (128 GB Wifi only) at a bit more than €472. I weighed the price difference among iPad 1, 2 and 3 with similar configurations but an iPad mini 3 was too expensive for its worth (fingerprint censor and etc) and iPad mini 1 might be too limited (screen resolution, camera spec and 512 MB RAM) so I decided to go for an iPad mini 2.

It cost (past tense, mind you) me around €172 with the shipping fees. I will buy a waterproof case for it and some necessary accessories (like a lightning cable since it does not come with it).

Oh, by the way my iPad mini 2 was obviously purchased at an Apple store (online maybe?) since it has a line of etched letters on its back. I think it is the name of the original owner. I am not associated with him (men's name) and I wonder if somebody who sees it suspects it was stolen from him.

It will be loaded with TomTom Western Europe navigation software when it arrives here. It won't be useful as a navigation device unless it gets help from other gadgets. When I have some extra money, I will get a dual XGPS 150 or 160.

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Google (LG) Nexus 5X and more

One thing I missed in the last entry.

Acton app (by Acton, Inc. the e-longboard maker) requires iOS 8.0 or later. This disqualifies my iPhone 4. Although my Archos 70 Oxygen does run Acton app but it does not have a cellular connectivity. I have to use a Wifi to use the app when I need the application.

What does this mean? Acton app requires the Net to use and this means it is intended for a phone not for a tablet. I don't intend to use this app while being outside the house but sometimes I may want to check the battery level while using the board and for this I may want to access the app. Just maybe.

Some user complained about this cellular connection requirement on the iTunes Store and I think this person has the right to complain.

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A new pair of shoes and a set of Speedplay cleats arrived!

Spiuk cycling shoes

I had a fine pair of white RC15 (top of the line) until recently with Speedplay cleats on when they had been stolen from my car (or Ka) in Liège, Belgium. Sh*t! I hate you, Liège!

I had other things stolen with these described above and now I am replacing them items by items.

The reason I bought RC15 was that they looked decently handsome (to me) and had two dials to adjust the fit on each of them. I liked them but they are gone. Their successor, RC16, was out last year and they were almost identical. Naturally I looked for RC16 but either they are not sold or the ones of the size that I want are out of stock by now.

They (Spiuk) have released yet a new successor to RC16 and they look different now. They have only one dial and one velcro on them. I liked the two-dial adjustment and I wanted to have the same again.

The problem was that my budget was tight and I did not want to spend too much on shoes.

I found a nice pair of shoes also made by Spiuk well within my budget limit. They are Spiuk Pragma (WHITE / RED) triathlon shoes. Yes, they are mainly for triathletes but basically they are no different from ordinary road racing shoes, right?

The only thing that visually sets them apart is the existence of a band loop hovering the Achilles tendon area. These help triathletes on the bike to pull the shoes up during the transition between swimming and biking. They (triathletes) let the shoes attached to the pedals in the transition area and they hop on the bike and start pedalling away before they pull up the shoes, right?

There is no law forbidding me to use these shoes for road cycling! Simply they were cheaper than other shoes with two dials.

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Google (LG) Nexus 5X for my new smartphone.

A short version:

I ordered a slightly used but with a full guaranty Google (LG) Nexus 5X 32 GB black as a successor to my old and ageing iPhone 4.

A long version:

a. APPLE iPhone 4 beef
b. ACHOS 70 Oxygen
c. APPLE iPod touch 4th generation
d. Bluetooth GPS (dual XGPS150 series or 160 series)
e. GOOGLE (LG) Nexus 5X

a. iPhone 4 beef
I have been thinking of getting a replacement for my iPhone 4 for a long time by now. Its (my iPhone 4's) home button ceased to function property since (I don't know but at least) 2012. I bought it October 2010. I need to press the home button really really forcibly several times to make it respond but I don't want to hurt my finger tip to do so.

I have been using the virtual home button for ages. As long as it (this virtual home button) worked, I was not to abandon my iPhone 4. It has shown ages but it has helped me through years.

I betrayed a bit by buying an Android tablet last year (December 2016), ARCHOS 70 Oxygen (a Marshmallow tablet). The reason why I bought this cheap tablet has been written before.

One of my biggest beef was that iPhone 4's screen is too small for my eyes to see the details of what's on the screen or that I have to scroll over photos to see them but doing so would be painful because the CPU in it was too weak. Scrolling over photos sometimes made my iPhone 4 seem almost to freeze.

b. 70 Oxygen
This ARCHOS 70 Oxygen has a full-HD resolution (nothing special compared to latest middle to high-end smartphone or tablet screens) in a 7 (thus name 70 meaning 7.0 inches) inch format. Viewing web pages is much much easier with this tablet.

Bigger is better, I have to say.

It does not have a cellular capability but has aGPS (assisted GPS function) so that I can use it as a navigation device. I am having fun with it and since the purchase my iPhone 4 has been a bit neglected than before. My old iPhone 4 has a few superiorities over 70 Oxygen, namely cellular connectivity, protective cases availability and iOS (not that iOS is superior to Android)

I have purchased some iOS apps, books and audio book from iTunes and I would like to keep them. One important app is TomTom Western Europe.

c. iPod touch
The fourth generation iPod touch in my possession works fine (battery may be a bit weaker). I also have a TomTom cradle. The combination of these two devices is not so sweet for the moment.

iPod touch (4th) is only capable of running iOS version 6 and the latest TomTom app won't run on it. For some unknown reasons (bad electric contact between them?) GPS apps on iPod touch will not recognize the GPS signal from the cradle although TomTom's own utility app does recognize the signal and get a fix on the co-ordinates.

On the other hand, iPhone 4 works fine with TomTom app and without any exterior help (like a cradle) gets the location signal. So far the TomTom app on it is the latest one.

I have been thinking of purchasing an iPad mini (2 to 4th generation) with cellular connectivity so that it would have aGPS capability to use TomTom app on it. The cellular models are more expensive than Wifi only models. I had serious reservations to buy a used one on ebay. Is it worth the price I have to pay?

d. XGPS150A
The alternative I have is to get a cheaper Wifi only model and get a Bluetooth GPS receiver to help iPad feed on real GPS signals from the satellites.

Dual electronics (http://gps.dualav.com) seems to be OK for my needs. A XGPS150A will be fine. A XGPS160 will be an overkill, maybe.

I can still use this combo (iPod cradle and iPod touch) with a dual XGPS150A. I can also later choose to buy a cheaper iPad Wifi model to replace it. It will be some time an iPad (2 to 4th) won't run the latest iOS version.

Is this the way to go? I will see if I can find a really great deal on an iPad and when I do, I will proceed to get one of these.

e. Nexus 5X

Why do I need this? As a backup plan for iPhone 4, of course. Why did I choose Nexus 5X among and over others? I found one on a sale because it was a returned product.

The spec is not so impressive by now (2017) but it is directly from Google (LG made). The benefit of paying a bit more for this Google Nexus 5X is that it keeps receiving Android OS updates until September 2017. It is currently on Marshmallow but can be on Nougat or its successor Android O.

What does this O stand for? It is simply O because it is a successor of N (Nougat) alphabetically?

I was not looking for a high-end smartphone but something that I can have fun on. I did a quick review research on the Net. Some YouTube videos helped me jump off the cliff and after ordering it I kept watching those videos and found something disturbing. Some people recommended keeping off the smartphones made by LG generally. I am not sure if I made the right choice but I will keep my fingers crossed.

The prepaid SIM inside the iPhone 4 will go into this Android phone. The iPhone 4 will rest for a while until the time I need it.

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