Mazda Connect Display - iPad mini and my Birdy

iPad mini 2 on Mazda Connect screen

I bought this rubber band with a metal clip on both ends. It is intended as a holding assistance for some tablets. I use it as a help to keep my iPad mini 2 stay in front of Mazda Connect screen. The first image shows how it look like in my point of view.

The side look is shown here. The rubber band clings on to the display.

In the back the back camera is usable.

My Birdy looks like this

This is a typical view of the compartment where you can ride with your bike (or similar objects like wheelchairs or baby carts) in Luxembourg. I miss those racks where you can put your bikes against the wall like those found in France.

The rear end is protected by this red LED light (magniclight first generation, in other words, non-intellient meaning without "stand light" function).

This front light has been taken off as the light was not stable here nor was it not convenient when the front suspension arm was folded. This is also the first generation magniclight front so when I slow down, it shuts itself down. I switched to a battery operated Niterider light.

A while ago I wrote that my Birdy (sold under the name of BD-1 due to the trademark conflict in Japan at that time) was made in Taiwan and here's the proof.

I think I once heard that a company called Cycle Europe of Taiwan (or so) owns the right to Birdies among other bikes (like Bianchi or ??).

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Thursday, October 25, 2019 and only 3 cups of coffee

I feel good (or I am feeling well)

I am thinking about getting a small device that measures the blood sugar level like Keto Mojo (I just saw a YouTube video introducing this small gadget). Or is it redundant since I have been (not too carefully but consciously avoiding carbo-hydrate food) practicing Ketogenic diet for three weeks or so.

I am still getting some inevitable amount of carbo-hydrate food (in the form of sugar that hides itself as a seasoning in some sauce or such) or some amount from fruits (I am avoiding them but I consume a modest amount of lemon, lime and strawberry).

I am burning fat on my body as I can visually see it disappear and also feel it by touch. My body is getting used to burning fat and I believe the transition phase (from sugar to fat as the source of primal energy) has already passed.

I am biking regularly now (an hour and a bit almost everyday) and doing push-ups minimum 100 times a day (not so deep but at least 90 degrees at the elbows).

Today (shown as the title) I have consumed only 3 cus of black coffee and probably will take cups of ACV (apple cider vinegar) before going to bed but I can propel myself on my Birdy and feel good still.

I don't feel hungry and this is amazing!

I have to note that I am taking cold showers for some time by now. No hot or warm water! I feel good!

My body is constantly burning fat all day and I don't feel cold even when I take a cold shower. Of course I don't let the cold water run down for an extended time but for a short period time long enough to let the soapy foam down.

I would like to keep it up as long as possible.

Time to say goodbye

It is time to say goodbye to my current work and say hello to a new one. I am sending a letter (registered mail) to my current employer(s). I am finishing my work by the end of November. I have accumulated worth 2 weeks of unpaid work days so exit will be easy by mid November. I the current employer agrees to pay for the unpaid work days I will stay a bit more by the last week of November I don't want to work anymore.

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Apple Cider Vinegar Pipkin and Bragg

Today's topics (This is my diary)
1. MacBook Late 2009 "fast boot" problem
2. Apple Cider Vinegar Pipkin and Bragg
3. TomTom GPS navigation devices using Linux

One of (two) MacBooks Late 2009 has a minor (or major) problem. Up until now it has been behaving well (except that its keyboard's shift key or some other function keys sometimes don't work. Yesterday I noticed that it boots into "fast boot" mode.

When it boots into fast boot mode, it responds sluggishly. I did not know why it did so or what happened. I found a cure, though. When I press and hold "option" key while it is booting, it boots normally into normal mode.

It may has something to do with the HDD that resides in the former DVD/CD drive bay. This HDD got stuck (or ceased to work or spin) about a year ago and I noticed that it started to work at the same time this MacBook Late 2009 began to be plagued by this fast boot mode woe.

I have to remove this HDD physically to see it the symptom would go away. For the moment I have no time.

I purchased Pipkin brand Apple Cider Vinegar and enjoyed it (2 quart bottles). When I wanted to have more, I purchased Bragg brand Apple Cider Vinegar (12 pint bottles).

They taste a bit differently and look slightly different.

Bragg seems to have more of apple residue than Pipkin. This does not necessarily mean that Bragg has more good stuff.

Bragg (to my tongue) tastes a bit sweeter (or less sourer) than Pipkin and feels a bit fizzy (?) than Pipkin.

Pipkin costs less than Bragg. When I purchase Bragg products in bigger quantity, they cost almost the same.

I did not know that those TomTom devices ran a Linux-base OS until recently. I read that Microsoft changed its mind and decided to let Linux systems use its (Microsoft's) patented technologies under certain conditions.

So let me guess that Garmin GPS navigation devices are not using Linux-derived OS. What could be the base OS for Garmin devices? DOS like FreeDOS?
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To proceed or not to proceed with Birdy modifications?

Buy more stuff or not to buy more stuff for my Birdy modifications?

But I have already bought a lot of things (although none of them were too expensive)!

I am really interested in brazing (with aluminium or even steel, stainless steel or copper) technics that I discovered on YouTube while toying with the idea of Birdy modifications.

I would like to go ahead and do something with brazing. So this Birdy modificationis a good motivation for me.

I have to buy more stuff.

1. 28H disc brake hubs (F & R) that I have already discribed and shown the images of here.
2. Brazing rods (I don't know how much, in weight-wise, I need but)
3. An angle grinder
4. Rotary rasp bits (for metal work)
5. an electric device to work with the bits above
6. Aluminium material (sheet or angle form)
7. Files (for metal work)

8. A Tap and Die set
9. Spokes
10. Spoke thread chaser (like Hozan C-700 or its copy product)
11. A primer and finish paint

(Metric Tap & Die set from 3mm to 12mm)

(This is just an image of similar products but I will choose something suitable for Aluminium)

A long way to go!

Since I am set to start to work for new employers and get occupied (probably busier) starting next month (the end of November), I don't think I have time to do any of the metal work that awaits me for quite some time.

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Hubs arrived! (and also wheels)

Picked the stuff up
Corrections (20. October):

I noticed just now that I put the rotor on the hub the wrong way, inside out. That means the correct rotor position is much (about one centimeter) outward. I hurriedly put the front hub on the bike and saw that the rotor is rubbing the fork (suspension fork)! Not so good!

I thing this kind of modification is required if I really want to make my old Birdy have a disc brake on the front.

This modification is really difficult.

So I drove to the supermarket (specialized in natural products, I guess organic stuff and others?) and collected the wheels sent from the UK. The woman who went behind the curtain (storage place) brought the wheels. When she scan the barcode on the filmed (yes! two wheels were filmed together so I could see what's inside) package, she told me that the scanner had indicated that I had one more stuff waiting for me.

So she brought another box. It was the box sent from Germany. This contained hubs, rotors and small thingamabob (cable cramps).

Later I put the rotors on the hubs and put them on the bike so that I could see if the rotor (160 mm in diameter) could fit.

OK, so far, so good! Both front and rear rotors can go round without hitting anything. The clearance (gap) between the front rotor and the fork (suspension arm) is tight but there won't be any trouble at all.

The wheels are also OK (at least they look OK). I want just the rims and they are 28-hole rims. That was exactly what I wanted.

(I don't care which it was but it was either Shimano FH-RM33 or FH-RM35)

(Shimano SLX HB-M675)

(These are the hubs I would like to have. I think they might be re-branded Novatec hubs)

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A cheap Chinese copy cable and others

A cheap copy product

Today, I had a small package in the mailbox delivered by the local post office. It was charging and syncing cable for Suunto Spartan watch (and its family products).

I bought this watch as a second hand watch. I war it everyday. It is not fancy but it tells me the time and it helps.

I have a charging and syncing cable but I wanted one more to keep it at work or in the car for ease of access. There was seemingly genuine Suunto cable sold at Amazon Germany but I decided a cheap one (presumably a copy product) a try as it cost around 40% of the more expensive ones.

It was a cheap Chinese copy product at all! It works but it has some flaws. I will take pictures and describe what the problem with the product was later.

Today I was off work. So I had a rendez-vous with the potential new employers to talk about the matter. I drove to a slightly remote city in Luxembourg but I took my Birdy with me. I had time before the meeting so I took my bike out and rode. It was a chilly but sunny nice day after all! I enjoyed riding.

Today I had two cups of coffee and a few cups of Caro® (by Nestlé). So I took almost no calories and I feel good. I did halfway push-ups around 300 times. I feel good.

So I assume I burned 200 grams of body fat or so. I am looking forward to weighing myself on the scale which I keep at work. Hopefully, the scale will show around 65.0 kg. In a few weeks, also hopefully, it will indicate around 64 kg.

Apple cider vinegar

The Amazon app on my Google Nexus 5X told me that the package containing 12 bottles (pint each) of Bragg apple cider vinegar arrived at the pick-up station near the Central Station. I will pick it up Tomorrow (Friday).

In all I have more than 6 litters of apple cider vinegar in stock including the remaining contents from the last order. I am happy.

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28H rims (wheels) from the UK and a vinegar maker?

A dent in the rim's rim

I found a dent on one of the rim of the rims. These wheels are for kid's bike with supposedly V-Brake system (in other words, rim-brake). As the wheels were very lightly wrapped in thin film, this kind of accident is prone to happen.

I will later leave a sour review of the product (or transaction) on ebay. I have to but I won't give them that much negative rating. They were cheap, right?

Anyway, as I intend to use it as a disc-brake wheel set, this minor dent has no effects on my intended application. So I fixed it as much as possible with small pliers. I am also thinking of painting the rim black (as the rest of the rim is already black).

A vinegar maker?

I saw this YouTube video (no URL supplied) and a guy was reviewing a so-called vinegar maker (of sorts). You put slices of your favorite fruit and some vinegar in the bottle and let it do the job. It takes about 24 hours before the contents get ready for consumption.

The idea is add flavors from the fruit to the vinegar by slightly heating the mixture. This heating helps the process quicker.

The suggested recipes from the manufacturer encourage the users to add sugar in it. Sugar! Are you kidding me? Why add sugar? I would not use any sugar at all.

I am now consuming generous amount of apple cider vinegar almost everyday without adding any kind of sweeteners (or sugar).

The device is sold in Japan (and presumably made in Japan?) and it is not easy to get it here in Luxembourg. If I could, I would like to use it.

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Shopping (till you drop) at Amazon Germany

Amazon Germany

I don't shop much at local shops or stores in Luxembourg. They (local establishments) are either expensive, too small to have a wide variety of goods or not so convenient for me because Luxembourg is too small and relies too much on neighboring countries for well just about everything.

Almost all car dealers are extensions of Belgium businesses. Apples Store (online stores only and no physical Apple Store) is also the the same as car dealers. Look at their prices of cars and Apple products (online)! They have small fractions in the end because the Belgium prices are like €1,000 or €999 but Luxembourg's VAT is tiny smaller than that of Belgium's so the resulting conversion always includes small fractions. Can you imagine a car price tag that looks like €22,001 or so. You wonder if the final €1 is just a printing error if you don't know what that means.

We don't have a real power plants here in Luxembourg (maybe some solar panels or windmills). We buy electricity from France or others.

We don't have IKEA or Decathlon stores but kind Belgians build ones (where Belgians sparcely live and almost everybody commute to Luxembourg) just for Luxembourg right on the border.

So I shop at Amazon Germany mainly and sometimes at Amazon France when it is convenient (shipping charges, out of stock or anything that does not meet my needs at Amazon Germany).

But the irony is that Amazon Europe locates its European Headquarters in Luxembourg without bothering to create online Amazon Luxembourg.

Anyway, the next shopping cart will contain; 6 bottles (each pint) of Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (different brand than the one that I purchased last time), some small bike parts and some tiny knives from Japan.

I don't say shopping at Amazon is addicting but terribly convenient and certainly I understand why Jeff Bezos (have I spelt it correctly?) is the richest individual on earth.

DPD woe

I knew that I had a package coming from the UK. It is an 18-inch wheel set (for kid's bike) that I bought on ebay. I checked my mailbox (not e-mail but the physical box in front of my humble residence) everyday but did not see any 'Sorry you were not available' note there. I knew that this package was a bit overdue.

So I checked my other (e-mail or ebay mobile app notification) mailbox and noticed that it had been delivered to some deposit location for me to pick it up there. How did I not notice that? The driver did not leave a paper notice in the physical mailbox?

There has been some construction (renewing water line along with other cables buried under the ground in front of my humble residence for a while. The road section (about 400 meters?) just in front of my apartment has been dug up since late August (or early September).

So the delivery people (local post mailman and others) have difficulty of reaching some doors and mailboxes for a while. I guess that was why this delivery guy (usually a male worker) did not bother to leave a paper notice.

I did a quick surfing on the net and discovered that since 12th of October (I am writing this on 15th), it has been deposited at a location near me. I have been to this location many times by now.

I will pick it up tomorrow.

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36H (Shimano Center-lock) hubs and matching rotors

Hubs were on Sale!

I was so concentrating on making a new set of disc brake wheels for my Birdy and not recycling the current old (Capreo-built) wheels. One of the reasons for my fixation on the "new" wheel set was that I did not like one of their (current ones) features, namely that the rims have 36 holes and there are as many spokes on each of them. Way too many considering that those spokes are only around 20 cm long.

They (spokes and their density) make pumping the tube difficult.

And then I was browsing a site (that I sometimes use) that sells bike parts and found they were having a sale on stuff and some disc brake hubs seemed to be really reasonable. So I bought a front hub and a rear hub with 36 holes so that I could recycle the wheels that I already had.

They also had good deals on rotors so I ordered a matching set.

I wonder (since I don't have the wheels now as I write) if it is possible to remove the spokes on the cassette side without removing the cassette as the Capreo cassette requires a special remover (wrench). I had ordered it when I ordered some other parts from another side recently but they informed me that getting it (from the Shimano distributor) was not possible for some extended time for the moment and I had to cancel that wrench.

This means that I still don't have a hub set for 28-hole rims. It also means that I have to be very serious about building wheels. I need more tools. I think it is safe to assume that getting short spokes catering such small rims (18-inch ones) is impossible. I think I have to cut and craft my own spokes needed for the work.

I have to buy thread chaser kit soon.

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Apple Cider Vinegar (organic and non-filtered)!

Apple Cider Vinegar from US

So I opened it and diluted with water and had a sip. It tastes good! I was expecting more sour taste but it actually turned out to be very mild in terms of acidity. I diluted it so that the vinegar is around 15 %. I added slices of lemn to the second glass and found it tastes even sweeter to my palate.

Now I have to order more bottles of them!

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Some packages arrived now!

The door bell rang (it does not ring but it roars!)

I think the door bell is too loud and every time it makes my heart jump.

Two packages together. One contained two bottles of apple vinegar (Bio and unfiltered) among other items. The other one contained several bike parts for example, a MTB cable / wire set, a foldable pedal set, a disc brake / rotor set (front and rear) and 10 air valve adapters (French / Auto).

The rim brake to disc brake conversion adapters were not among the items delivered. They will arrive Tomorrow or on Friday, I guess. Now I have to order hubs but I can wait a bit. When I have the hubs (not necessarily the wheels with disc brake hubs), I can really figure out how they (brake calipers) will be placed on the fork and rear suspension arm. With out the hubs I don't really know if they (ditto) have enough clearance.

I did my research on the Net. I collected useful images to advance my understanding on the matter (the matter is how to fit disc brakes on an old Birdy).

First of all the latest Birdys (monocoque and disc brake equipped) have disc brake specific tuning made on them.

The Front:
(originally the image was downloaded from the net and Togopart.com seems to be owner of the image)

Here you can (or I could) see the front fork (suspension arm) has been modified to accommodate the disc and the brake caliper sits on the integrated posts (so it seems). Clever! In addition to that latest Birdys have additional holes for the cable. The hole shown on the image may work as a cable stop (but I don't see an end cap there) or it may be just a hole.

I bought a set of 160 mm (diameter) rotors and I just hope the front disc won't touch the fork.

The Rear

The rear end of the latest Birdy has also an integrated (a.k.a. not a typical) mount points and has totally different shape from my old Birdy's.


On the other hand, there is more room around the rotor on the rear. So the fitting won't be too tight.

Are these modifications made to the original Birdy frame done by the manufacturer or by a third party bike shop?


This front fork suspension arm looks different from the one above and yet it accommodates the disc brake caliper and rotor very well.

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It's a bird, it's a plane. No it was a Bidry.

It was a Birdy!

I knew that there was a smallish bike shop near the Luxembourg Central station. I used to live near that place for a while and drove, walked or biked around it but I had never bothered to stop there and looked into the show window (or when I looked into it, the window was blinded by something?).

Today just out of curiosity I walked over there from the electric store where I happed to be and looked into the show window. I recognized three Bromptons and then a utility bike with Riese & Müller logo. Then I looked further into the shop, I found a white Birdy folded and rested on the floor.

I think (and I am pretty sure) that it was my first time ever to see a Birdy in life (of course, other than mine and the other one that I had described here before) in Europe.

The shop obviously is a authorized dealer of Bromptons and Birdys (along with other Riese & Müller bikes). I did not know.

I was tempted to walk into the shop and watch that Birdy closely telling the inevitable shop keeper that I was interested in it. I did not.

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Birdy II and III generation and my Birdy I generation

Generation Gaps?

I guess that there is a devoted section on Wikipedia that discusses Birdys and their development. Those who want to know the whole truth should seek those pages. You are warned.

My Birdy belongs, I assume, to the first generation. The first generation style is now called "Classic".

Bikes belonging to the first generation have a tube-welded frame and V-brakes on the front and rear.

Bikes belonging to the second generation have a claimed "monocoque" frame and V-brakes on the front and rear.

Bikes belonging to the third (and I assume) current generation have also a monocoque frame and disc brakes on the front and rear.

Aren't these the rough generation upgrades features?

My latest project (not fully in motion) is to convert my Birdy to a disc brake equipped bike.

As I have written here earlier that I have not seen a single (except for the one belonging to a Japanese tourist) Birdy in Europe. I just don't see them around. So I have to search on the Internet to get some information on it.

There is a rare image of a II generation Birdy on the left side. I was suspecting that it had internal cable routing. And voila! I was right.
(image taken from the Net)

The cables (rear brake and shifting) go inside the frame and come out of the triangle part. There is an extra cable cramp (or something) on the rear suspension for the V-brake.

This was the answer to the complaints from the users, I guess. This cable routing was one of the shortcomings of I generation Birdys. The cables were put through rings under the main frame tube and they rattled a lot and annoyed the owners.

So now I can add:

Bikes belonging to the II generation of original Birdy (dubbed Classic) have an internal cable routing system with some parts (for example rear suspension) from Birdy II.

(Birdy Classic with an improved cable routing system)

(original Birdy had this terrible cable holding cradle that made the cables rattle)

So If I can find some appropriate rubber or plastic grommets, I may try to do the same on my Birdy. This requires drilling on the main frame tube.

Update on my Birdy

The mysterious trouble of the shifter turned out to be just a lack of the shift wire tension. I am an idiot. Now the chain goes up and down on the rear cog without any trouble. Thank God!

I needed a thick washer (or spacer) on one of the rear derailleur pulleys to do the final tuning. The lower pulley (I forgot the correct name) has a long bolt through it. The raison d'être of this long bolt is that this pulley bolt also fixes the chain guard that originally came with every Birdy. This chain guard helps the chain from get off the chainring when the bike is folded. I got rid of it as soon as I bought the bike.

Without this chain guard, the bolt protrude too much toward the rear wheel and touches the rim. This prevents the rear derailleur from reaching to the lowest gear.

I decided to give up installing the Magniclight front light on it. The "adapter (as the seller calls it)" refuses to stay put and the location of it is not optimal when the front suspension is folded. I will go with a battery operated front light, instead while the rear Magniclight light stays on it.

Monday on my way to work, I will get on my Birdy and head for the nearest station. The trains have a couple (or several) places for passengers with bikes. I don't have to fold my bike until I get to work.

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R & M Birdy (2003 or 2002) modification plan

Riese & Müller Birdy (purchased in early 2003) Modification Plan

I purchased it in Japan back in those days I was still living there. I brought it here to Germany first then here to Luxembourg. It was made in Taiwan. I don't know if they are still made in Taiwan.

(proof that mine was made in Japan)

Back then I had little idea (almost none) about sport bikes. My purchase of this bike was prompted by a short period of reading some bicycle magazines at some bookstores.

I wanted a bike for a fun ride that is easy to store at home. I decided to buy a Birdy after some considerations.
Now in 2018, I began riding it after letting it stored in the corner of my room and collecting dust on it. Plastic parts have shown some signs of wear and tear; the cables must be changed and the shifter works partially.

image coming soon
So here is the things needed to convert it to a bike with disc brakes.

1. Mechanical (wire-pull) disc brake calipers (a set of two): Purchased! - really cheap one
2. Brake disc (two): Purchased (included in the set above)! - 6-bolt, 160 mm in diameter
3. A set of cables, wires and other small hardware: Purchased!
4. Front and rear hubs: Not yet purchased! - Novatec X-light
5. 18 inch rims: Purchased! - 28 H kid's bike wheels to be disassembled
6. Spokes (56 of them): Not yet purchased! - May be recyclable from 5. above
7. Spoke threader (Hozan C-700): Not yet purchased!
8. Shimano 9 or 10-speed compatible cassette: Not yet purchased!
9. MTB rear derailleur 9 or 10-speed: Not yet purchased!
10. Shifter 9 or 10-speed: Not yet purchased!
11. rim brake to disc brake conversion adapters (generic made in steel): Purchased!

I purchased two generic disc brake adapters to see how I can fit the disc calipers on the bike frame and fork. After seeing the results (clearance, interference, cable route and layout and other factors), I will devise mounts (made in aluminium) on my own and probably blaze them on the frame and fork. I will of course seek someone with the right skills and equipment (MIG / TIG aluminium welder) if available.

Aluminium blazing stuff: Not yet purchased! - MAPP gas torch and co.

(a clipped image from Amazon Germany - this is the actual item I bought)

(a clipped image from the net showing how to use the adapter)



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Rim Brake to Disc Brake conversion

I did not know that it has already existed for a long time

. . . and there are many conversion aid adapters out there!

I did not know until now that such a thing existed. I was wrapping up the shopping basket at Amazon (Germany) that had contained undelivered items (because either the package was damaged or it contained some banned stuff, so the notification told me but I know the two glass bottles containing bio unfiltered apple vinegar broke as the careless or mindless worker dropped the package on the floor or something) and some small item, I noticed such adapters sold there.

I was very intrigued by them. There were also YouTube videos giving How-to instructions.

Some adapters seemed to be made of aluminium and others steel. I decided to buy two cheap ones to see how they would work. It (the purchase) won't hurt.

I am also considering buying other items gradually to become a hobby wheel builder. I already have nipple wrenches from Parktool.

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A round trip to London only to collect an ebay item or ?

A round trip just for that?

There is an attractive item sold on ebay and the seller resides somewhere not far from London, UK. It (the item, which is a set of MTB disc brake 18 inch wheel). The only thing that I don't like about it is that the seller wants the buyer to collect locally, that is the seller doesn't want to ship it.

I thought about it. A round trip to London! Ryanair and easy-jet offer flights connecting Luxembourg and London. I checked the flights and their prices. Does it worth all the trouble?

There are also fast rides to London (trains connecting Luxembourg - Brussel - London) by way of the Eurotunnel.

I can drive there but this would be the least economical and slowest option.

After paying for the expenses for the trip and the trouble (time consumed and the rest), the item would not be so attractive. Sign!

Child bike wheels?

There are wheels sold on ebay (mainly from, where else?, UK) that claim to be the wheels for kid's bikes. 18 inch wheels are usually intended so.

Since obtaining just 18 inch rims is so mind-bogglingly daunting here in Luxembourg (of course without paying too much),

They (kid's bike wheels) consist of a front wheel with an obscure hub with a threaded axle sticking out and a rear wheel with also an obscure hub with only one cog (or more) with a threaded axle sticking out on both sides.

They are very cheap! And they come in many flavors (rim holes: 20, 28 and so).

Should I buy one of them and combine them with decent MTB hubs and make an original wheel set on my own?

Why not?

I will probably buy some tool or tools for that. Because the length of spokes on 18 inch wheels will be short and tricky, I will have to make them on my own by cutting and threading them to my need.


I could ask one of my colleague who will be in Japan for a week or so and come back to bring it to me.

I bought the set of 18 inch wheels. They will arrive without the tariff (custom charges or tax) from the UK. After the looming Brexit, the situation may change.

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My Birdy and the rear shift cable/wire quick fix on it

Quick fix (no innuendo intended at all)

So I quickly fixed the problem on the rear derailleur that I found the previous day. I took this Birdy to the nearest train station and went to work. I fixed my bike there.

I found that over the years (whopping 15 years from 2003 to 2018!) the plasticky resinous material that covers the steel body of the outer housing had shrunk significantly so that the end caps were perching on the steely material.

The root of the problem was a broken end cap that inserts itself into the rear derailleur. It was torn. This way the outer housing cable was not properly sitting on the derailleur.

The fix was I cut four three ends of outer housing cables and swapped the end caps I had not prepared extra caps. I rerouted the shift cable and tightened here and there.

Now the shifter can move the derailleur from low to high gears (and back).

To be honest, it was my first (ever) time that I learned how the shift cables (two segments) were set up on a Birdy. Now I can order the needed parts for the cable renewal. I now know how many end caps are used and so on.

I ordered the stuff described above and some other stuff that I needed for my my Cervélo RS.

Later I noticed something was still wrong with shifting. The Capreo shifter, when using the up lever (changing to bigger rear cogs) slips or to be precise misses the notches unless I jiggle it. And also I noticed that the plastic part (adjusting the wire tension) on the shifter was broke. Probably the broken-off piece inside the shifter gets in the way between notches inside the shifter. I have to open the shifter and see what is going on there.


My Magniclight set (consisting of two front lights and one rear red light) is the original ones, which means that they don't have the stand light function. In other words, they cease to shine as soon as the wheel stops (where as the second generation ones continue to shine for a while after the stall).

I was riding in the dark (almost pitch dark) narrow and bumpy path through the small forest on my way home at night when I had to slow down to go over some tree roots exposed on the surface. I came almost to a stall when the light died out. I was left in the dark so I had to get off the bike and groped for a flashlight packed in my backpack.

Yes, riding through a dark bumpy road requires a battery operated light in addition to the Magniclight (first generation) light.

I wish I could get a dynamo hub wheel for my Birdy so that I can use my Exposure Lights Revo, which does adopt the stand light function. Getting decent 18 inch wheels is really really a pain in the royal keister here in Luxembourg.

18 inch Disc Brake wheels for my Birdy?

I found a set of 18 inch Disc Brake mountain bike wheel set (rear 135 mm / front 100 mm O.L.D.) on ebay. The seller resides somewhere near London and the seller (guy or gal I don't know) wants to the buyer to collect them on site. That means that I, if I got them (wheels), I would have to fly (Ryanair or easy-jet) from Luxembourg to London. How much do I have to pay for the flight?

Does it make sense, I mean, flying over to London to get a decent set of 18 inch wheels?

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Brompton (from London) v.s. Birdy (from China or Taiwan?)

Brompton v.s. Bridy (Riese & Müller)

I own a Birdy (under the name of BD-1 at the time of purchase in Japan because SUZUKI owned the right of "Birdy" in Japan back then) since 2003. I moved to Germany only several months after purchasing the folding bike so I took it with me (on board the plane!).

Here in Europe I don't remember ever* seeing someone beside me riding a Birdy. Strange. It is at least designed and distributed by a company in Germany. I think they are actually made in China (or Taiwan). I see Bromptons everywhere and I know they are fabricated in London, UK.

*Acutally once I spotted a guy riding up a mountain during the Tour de France on his Birdy Classic years ago. Still the guy was a Japanese tourist who took the trouble of carrying his Birdy from Japan with him for that occasion. So this encounter does not count in my mind.

I have not done much of tweaking and I have not ridden much, either. I still love it but there were reasons that I did not ride it too much.

Mostly because I own (and had owned) another bike (road racing).

I now actively walk for fun. I thought of using my dusty Birdy on my way to the train station on my way to work in a remote city. I need a front light and a safety backlight on it at night. Without them, I risk getting involved in minor or major accidents.

I gave up installing these Magniclights on my Cervélo years ago because the adapters are very shoddy or not aesthetically acceptable. In this respect abandoned Reelight NEO is aesthetically acceptable (I am talking about dynamo lights) but functionally really bad (its standing light function rarely works, the tightening dial broke off and it is too heavy compared with Magniclight). I own one and I can put ti on my Cervélo RS's thin ovate chain stay. NEO was actually promising and I wished they (Reelight) continued improving it like Neo revolution or Neo reloaded. For the record, I write it once again that they are a very responsible company as they kindly offered a refund for the product. Anyways.

(All images below are taken from Magniclight site obviously)






So I installed "Magniclight" front and back lights on it.

My Birdy is now somewhat called Birdy Classic as they (Riese & Müller) moved to a monocoque frame platform in late (I believe) 2000's only to reboot the old frame bikes as "Classic" line retrospectively. It is like calling the original Smart nowadays Smart fortwo. By the way I once owed and enjoyed this original Smart in Japan.

Both of the brakes are installed on it facing backwards. In other words, it seems that it has two rear brakes. The rear brake is heavily slanted. This (unusual installation) put me through some error and trial phase and now I have working solutions (I am not really satisfied).

Magniclight web shop has several "adapters" for sale. I own three types.
1. (the default) Brake arm adapter
2. V-brake adaper
3. Clamp adapter (smaller than 40 mm in diameter or circumference? I don't know)

I bought 2. and 3 in numerous ill-fated attempts to install the Magniclight (first generation) on my Cervélo RS.

I could not use V-brake adapter at all because the rear V-brake slant issue. So the rear red light is on the "Brake arm adapter". The front light sits on "Clamp adapter" but the front light adapter has some issues.

Issue 1.
The base of the adapter is made of soft rubberish material and the extending arm (aluminium) wobbles easily (sideways and laterally) needing occasional (or rather frequent if ridden on rough roads) adjusting.

Issue 2. (not really Magniclight's fault)
Because my Birdy's wheels are a sleeve-joint structured one, it has steel clamp inside. Every time the strong magnet inside the Magniclight passes over this steel enforced joint, the extending arm wobbles because of the soft rubberish material can't help it. So I had to set the gap between the rim (aluminium) and the Magniclight wider than I wanted for maximum performance. In principal, the light shines brighter when the gap is smaller.

I am not satisfied so I will make future modification.

New v.s. Old

The newer and improved monocoque Birdy adopted the disc brake platform, whereas Classic lines had V-brake on them. Which is better, rim brake (V-brake) or disc brake platform?

There won't be any performance differences as long as Birdy bikes are concerned as they are usually used on asphalt paved roads. There is, however, some advantages that disc brake bikes enjoy over V-brake bikes.

For example Birdy monocoque bikes can be fitted with 18inch wheels or 20inch wheels. There is nothing (almost) to adjust upon swapping.

I have been dreaming of modifying my Classic Birdy to adopt disc brakes. What do I need? A mechanical (wire-pull not hydraulic) disc brake calipers (they are cheap) for sure. And then I somehow fix those calipers to the frame.

The latter work needs serious metal work. I never thought this conversion possible until Yesterday. Yesterday I found something interesting on YouTube.

Aluminium brazing! It is not as good or strong as welding but it seems promising as it does not require much. I could be doing some aluminium brazing to accomplish disc brake conversion.

Is it feasible?

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