An eclipse?

A solar eclipse?

This morning I woke up (this was Sunday, March 31, 2019). I had to go to work (it sucked as I could not drive to see Gent-Wevelgem).

First I noticed the light coming through the thin gaps around the lateral blinds was very bluish and weak. I thought of a cloudy day as I had not checked the weather forecast the previous day, I had no idea what to expect.

I went outside (this was fairly early morning) and noticed something was not as usual. It was significantly darker than the lightness of the early morning as I could recall from the previous day.


The sky was not so cloudy although I could not see well if there were thin layer of misty cloud over me. Why was it so dark? I went out the same time the previous day.

I did not understand but I turned on the light (of my car) although I had not done so the previous day.

I did not know why but I arrived at work and after a long coffee break I started to work. Soon after this, I noticed something. An analog clock in the room was pointing at around 08:00 but I knew it was around 09:00 in the morning.


Oh, my God! Today was the last Sunday of March and the daytime saving time had set in. Although Luxemboug officially announced that it would soon (starting 2021?) abandon this custom it had still indeed this eco-friendly (??) system in effect.

I was seeing the morning light from one hour earlier than the previous day. This explained everything.

As two of my time telling devices at hand (Google Nexus 5X and Suunto Spartan) were able to adjust themselves automatically, they just as-a-matter-of-fact told me the modified time and I had no way of knowing that DST had set in while I slept.

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Memory modules arrived!

Unexpectedly they arrived

Yesterday (March 27) I came home and peeked into the mailbox (physical) as usual. I found a small and light package inside.

What could it be?

I opened it and found 4 pieces of 1GB "PC-2700 DDR333 200-pin SO-DIMM" modules in it. Wow! Quick! I think I ordered them just a week ago?

They were meant to be for my iBook G4 (A1134) and PowerBook G4 (A1106).

I put two of them inside the PowerBook G4 after removing two pieces of 512 MB modules. I booted the PowerBook G4 and it chimed a bong and successfully reached to the desktop.

I checked the "System Information" information. They were properly recognized.

Has it (upgrading the memory from 1 GB to 2 GB) made difference? I haven't noticed anything so far at least anything about it speeding up. Installing an SSD will make the user feel the performance difference but a RAM upgrade won't unless the system has been suffering from low memory syndrome previously.

Installing an SSD will be the next step.

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iBook G4 operation searching for the HDD brackets and adapter


I continued to disassemble my iBook G4 and those small scratches and disturbed plastic edges around it convinced me that someone had opened it up before and took the HDD out.

I was right and the HDD was not present. To my greatest relief, I found the HDD brackets and the adapter left inside.

Here is the picture of the adapter!

I was watching the video by a YouTuber "The 8-Bit Guy" and found it useful but mine was not exactly built in the same way as the model he shows in his video.

Some screws were not there (not missing but Apple had changed the design and there were no screws nor ther matching holes at all).

The most difficult part of the disassembly was popping off the top cover (the one around the keyboard). According to his video, I could have just popped it off exactly as he had shown but I could not.

I found that iBook G4 1.33 GHz models and 1.42 (mine) models are different as shown below where it comes to securing the top cover.

(image from ifixit.com)
My iBook G4 (A1134) has fewer screws securing the top cover from the side of keyboard. Other screws from the bottom are actually securing the right side of the top cover.

(image from ifixit.com)
1.33 GHz models (like the one featured in The 8-Bit Guy's video) have more screws securing the top cover from the side of keyboard.

I guess (am assuming) that whoever removed the HDD from my iBook G4 also did not notice the difference between these models and tried to ply open the top cover and broke the corner of the top cover where it cover the power-in plug.

This is the one. It plugs between IDE 40-pin and iBook G4's logic board.

So now I am more than halfway done with disassembly. I have to dig deeper as I intend to replace the thermal compound on the chips before wrapping up the operation.

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TomTom app (navigation) has got it right

TomTom Go Mobile app latest map update

I am writing this on my PowerBook G4 (A1106) running Tiger 10.4.11 (its RAM has been upped to its maximum 2 GB just recently). I am watching a YouTube video on QuickTime Player. It is made possible by TenFourFox and its QTE (QuickTime Enabler).

If I let TenFourFox play back the video, the CPU (1.67 GHz) is fully occupied and the playback is really choppy. If I let QuickTime Player play it, it uses less CPU power and the playback is really smooth. Why?

Anyway, back to the topic. The latest map update correctly shows the two road structures one (a new roundabout) in my workplace neighbor and one (a fairly new road connection) in Gasperich. Excellent! TomTom's map data are (or is) almost always more up-to-date than Garmin's as far as I know.

Two more ebay purchased items arrived!

Today I got two items; one from Italy and one from seemingly China.

One from Italy is a US layout keyboard for my iBook G4 (A1134). The keyboard itself (a used one) is from other model (at least it is 14-inch model and probably 2004 model or so). I am happy to see it. A US keyboard is an essential part that I want to have on a computer as I touch-type.

The other included three pieces of IDE-mSATA adapters. It enables oldish computers with IDE 40-pin interface to accept mSATA SSDs. This way I can install much faster SSDs on any of my IDE (PATA) interface Macs like Mac mini G4, iBook G4, PowerBook G4 or Apple TV 1st generation.

I am happy.

A new order made on Amazon Germany

Today (March 28th, 2019) I ordered some items. Two of them are for a colleague of mine. I ordered two items. One is a MagSafe I tip (how should I describe it?) that plugs into 2.1 mm DC plug which often is used for PC power adapter tip for further adapters.

Many generic power adapters are sold with various plugs (for say, Acer, HP, MSI, Lenovo and so on). To be effectively generic, they come with this 2.1 mm male plug and various female plugs.

I may find it handy somewhere and on some occasions.

The other item was something I found just a few minutes before I placed the order. I don't know why Amazon Germany knew that I would want it (I got a kind of eerie feeling because the AI that lurks behind the Amazon guessed it).

Just I was wrapping up the purchase, Amazon Germany suggested that I might be interested in a device that test a USB port. Its mini display shows the Voltage and amperage of a USB port while it is in use.

Just a couple days ago I noticed that my PowerBook G4's USB ports might be insufficiently powered as some USB external drives won't spin.

I can check it if I was right about it if I had this device. How nice of Amazon Germany to show it to me!

Of course I bought it.

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Lower tax on bicycles?

Lower tax (value added tax?) on bicycles in Belgium

I read some articles. To promote bike use among its residents, Belgian government lowered the tax rate on bicycles.

Normal VAT won't apply to bicycles and electric bicycles in Belgium. Normal rate was 21 % but not it is only 6 % for bikes. Does this apply only to new bike sales? What about used bikes? How about the bike components?

Some (or many) European countries are said to be following the foot step.

Has this made already a big impact on bike sales in Belgium?

Will Luxembourg follow?

TomTom app map update

It was two or three weeks ago that I received the latest update. I have not yet tried it if the latest map data reflect some of the discrepancies that I know of?

A cat coming in my way?

This morning (March 28, 2019) one of my colleagues told me that her friend living in Belgium had just had a three new kittens (born three days earlier).

So I reserved the right to get one of those.

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Leopard on iBook G4 (A1134) and PowerBook G4 (A1106)?

Do I need Leopard (Mac OS X Leopard 10.5)

I found this site:


(Very helpful and educating information of Trackpad history)

(This section got me)

I have those later than 2005 iBook and PowerBook. So should I upgrade to Leopard just to get this "secondary click" feature?

The reason I am using (or intending to) Tiger (10.4.11) on my PowerPC models is simply Tiger is lighter. Many (most if not all) YouTubers recommend it.

Some (YouTubers) say that if the models are fast enough (1.67 GHz clock frequency qualifies) and loaded with much RAM, one can benefit from running Leopard on them.

My iBook G4 (1.42 GHz) and PowerBook G4 (1.67 GHz) will be upgraded to their respective maximum RAM capacity later, 1.5 GB and 2 GB, respectively.

So I may be looking at the possibility of running Leopard on them.

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SideTrack and iScroll 2 were not what I wanted

Hurrah! President Trump has been exonerated!

I can not overstress the importance of this so-called Russian collusion investigation report's outcome.

SideTrack and iScroll 2

I tried SideTrack and found I did not like it. So I deleted it. What I wanted to have was just to make the right-click on the Trackpad on my iBook G4 or PowerBook G4 but it

I tried iScroll 2 and found it would not install on PowerPC models. Did I downloaded a wrong version? I may try to get the right version and try it later.

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OSMC on Apple TV (1st gen.) and iBook G4 operation preparation

OSMC on Apple TV (1st gen.)


I did not know! I did not know this at all. I just found it out now. Too late? Oh, yes. I was dumb.

It is OK.

iBook G4 operation preparation

I have to find out if
1. my beloved iBook G4 (A1134) has an internal HDD at all
2. my beloved iBook G4 (A1134) has at least the HDD brackets and IDE 40-pin adapter

I can boot it from the USB flash memory loaded with MacOS X Tiger or from the Leopard DVD installation disk (that came with the Mac mini Late 2009) and by launching the Disk Utility I tried to see if there was an HDD inside. I could not find it. So I concluded that it did not have one or if there was one it would be broken.

I don't care it it is broken as I have several IDE 2.5-inch HDDs. I am also expecting the arrival of IDE adapters (to accommodate mSATA SSD). What I really want to know is if it has the brackets to install an HDD or if it has the very important adapter that plugs into IDE 40-pin interface and then plugs into the logic board. I need an special adapter.

If I fail to find these small parts inside my iBook G4, I have to procure them somehow. I think buying them from one of those online sellers won't make any sense because they cost too much. I think I have to buy a really cheap but "complete" iBook G4 to get them.

And I want to
1. know the tiny cracks that I see on the surface can be easily fixed
2. replace the (sure to be deteriorated) thermal compound on the CPU and other chips

So I need to operate on it. I have already downloaded some movies (from YouTube) illustrating how to disassemble an iBook G4. I will additionally use the repair guides from ifixit.com.

I need some tools and other stuff. The 8-Bit guy's recommendation was very helpful and I bought some plastic box with a lot of small compartments to keep all those small screws tidy.

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OSMC (on USB Flash Memory) - my first impression


The last time I tried it, it did not work. The installation (onto the same USB stick) did not finish. According to the Q&A of OSMC, I am supposed to try a different USB drive. So I did.

This time it went well. I booted Apple TV with this another USB drive inserted on the USB port. It booted and then went to the second installation. It finished and then again booted automatically.

The installation (not the initial installation that you do on your Windows, Mac or Linux onto the USB drive) went well.

I did not know what to expect. I wished that I could use a keyboard or mouse to navigate through the system. For the moment I have only a Apple remote control and navigation was a bit of pain, especially when I had to use the virtual keyboard to type something in.

Anyway, it turned out that I had to install additional software to do something.

It was not clear what to do or how to do what I want to do. I managed to install some additional programs but some did not work as I had expected. I need some tutorials of some kind. Where do I get them?

There seems to be no tutorial documents at its official site. Why? Nobody wants to make them voluntarily?

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It is time to change tires

President Trump has been exonerated!

Of course he has been exonerated. There was no Russian interference. It was a pigment of imagination or total conspiracy on the part of opposing forces against President Trump.

I have read (listened to the audio book version of it) Trump's America by Newt Gingrich and I had hoped this would happen.

It is time to change tires

I am going to change tires on my Mazda MX-5. It is Spring now and there's no need for winter tires.

PowerBook G4 1.67 GHz 15" (2005 A1106)

It was a remarkable purchase and I am liking it. I am writing this entry on it.

It is noticeably faster than Mac mini G4 1.42 GHz. I noticed it when I played some movie files on both machines. PowerBook G4 played it almost smoothly while the playback on Mac mini G4 1.42 GHz was choppy.

The keyboard touch is different from that of MacBook Pro Mid 2010 13". This keyboard (PB) is much softer. I am used to type on my MBP and when I type on my PB as I do on my MBP, I type too forcibly. I have to type softer.

There could be a potential problem with this PowerBook G4. Its USB ports (two of them one, one on the right side and another on the left) may be suffering from some kind of low voltage or weaker amperage issue.

When I plug some external drives via USB ports on it, it fails to spin properly. Why?

I can connect to powered external hard drives without any issues but I can not make it work with non-powered smaller hard drives attached on its USB ports.

When I connect a semi-powered USB external drive (with a Y-shape USB cable), this drive is properly recognized. So I conclude the problem is on my PowerBook G4's USB ports.

The Apple Mighty mouse (wired) works and other USB flash memory sticks work.

When I googled it (PowerBook G4 USB ports problem), I got many claims that people saw the same issues. So it is not just me! OK I got it. Maybe I should try one of those cardbus (PCMCIA) USB adapters?

The compatibility issue is not clear but I found some model names that were proven to work on PowerBook G4 (10.4 and 10.5). I will buy one of them.

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Bike (Road Race) season sets in

It is that time of the year!

I want to get out and see the actions.

PowerBook G4: the bottom side is hot

I am now setting it up. I don't make it do more tasks than it should perform. Text editing (local and updating this = blog) and occasional recreational viewing of YouTube videos are the main tasks for it.

TenFourFox and its QuickTime enablers and others as recommended on its (TenFourFox's) site have been already installed. Additionally I will install some utilities like monitoring the fan (CPU cooling) or CPU temperature.

Since it has a DVD drive, I will definitely install the VLC. Although its default Apple DVD Player might be sufficient.

Then the initial setup will be almost done.

I will install that PPC AppStore on it. I am really happy with this new purchase.

I noticed something while using it. The bottom side was really hot. I was using it on my lap and my lap was on fire (sort of).

I wanted (before noticing this heat concentration on the bottom) to replace the heat-conducting compound (grease) on the CPU and other chips inside the PowerBook or iBook G4.

The thermal compound has been there more than 14 years by now. I don't doubt but am convinced that it has gone totally deteriorated and become like dried clay losing its liquid contents (silicon oil?).

It takes some precise and patient work on them. Unscrewing a lot of tiny screws, carefully wedging and ply-opening those fragile plastic (iBook) and aluminium parts and putting everything back are not an easy task to perform.

I am waiting for the right moment. I have ordered three mSATA to IDE 40-pin converters (adapters) that simulate a 2.5-inch HDD. They are coming but I don't know exactly when. I want to put mSATA SSDs in them.

ifixit.com kindly illustrates how to disassemble it. Looking at these guides, I realized that the heat from those chips would go downward to the bottom if it would not properly get exhausted through the rear vents.

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PowerBook G4 (A1106) is kicking some asses

PowerBook G4 is now running Tiger 10.4.11

I am writing this entry with my newly acquired PowerBook G4 (A1106 a.k.a. 15-inch 2005). It is not the last 15-inch model. The last one is called Late 2005 and mine is (early) 2005 model.

I am very happy with this because, get this! it is unbelievably beautiful without any dents and scars.

This morning I booted it into Open Firmware and with the same USB flash memory that successfully installed Tiger on two of my Mac mini G4 I installed Mac OS X Tiger on this PowerBook G4.

Basically the same command that worked on my iBook G4 worked.

During the pre-installation process, the installer asked me to fill in the Wi-Fi connection info. I supplied the information but the connection was not established. I skipped it and went on.

After the installation I realized that I could not connect it to the Internet because it could not use the Wi-Fi network.

I googled (searched on the Google) and found that at some point of Tiger updates the WPA2-PSK (Wi-Fi Protected Access Pre-Shared Key) feature was introduced. So it seems that 10.4 (without any further fraction) can not connect to modern Wi-Fi network.

I downloaded 10.4.11 combo package on my MacBook Pro 13-inch Mid 2010 and wrote it on a USB flash memory. After this I inserted it on PowerBook G4 and ran the package.

10.4.11 on the PowerBook G4 had no problem connecting to the router and got on the Internet. After this I ran Software Update (from the Apple menu) and the system is now running the latest (if you call it latest) software.

I installed TenFourFox and later I will install some more PPC software programs.

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PowerBook G4 (A1106 PowerBook5,6) has arrived and kicking!

PowerBook G4 15-inch 2005 (A1106)

This morning (March 22nd, 2019) I picked it up at the logistic company's facility and went to work. At work, I plugged the power adapter that I had previously bought for my iBook G4.

I turned it on and it made that startup chord. Wow! At least it chimes! It booted in the normal desktop without any hiccups. Wow! it is working!

It turned out that it was remarkably cosmetically impeccably beautiful and it works out of the box. The configuration was roughly:

PowerBook G4 2005 (A1106 = PowerBook5,6) 15-inch
System: Tiger 10.4.11 was present
Memory: 2 x 512 MB = 1 GB present
HDD: 80 GB

It seems everything works. I have not yet tested any of the ports (USB, FireWire, PCI card slot, Video ports and such). The AP (Wi-Fi) works, either.

LCD is working. It does not have any unlit or lit lines or anything.

Even the battery seems to hold some charges. I used it off the battery and I could use if for an hour or so and it still had half the charge. Wow!

The wonderful thing is that this beauty cost me only € 34 or € 35 including the shipping. Wow!

Like (grammatically "as") I had written in the previous entry, it has no dents and scratches. It is beautiful.

Thanks to the seller who posted its status as "faulty, for repair or spare untested", nobody beside me was interested in this. I got it very cheap. I am a lucky son of b*tch!

I am waiting for some memory modules to come from China. I ordered 4 of 1 GB modules that would fit either iBook G4 (A1134) or this PowerBook G4 (A1106). This beauty will be beefed up eventually.

First, I will wipe out the HDD and freshly install a new system (Tiger 10.4.11) from scratch.

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A US Keyboard for my iBook G4 (A1134)

I got a used US keyboard for (A1055) for my iBook G4 (A1134)

They are compatible as far as I have checked. I checked if they are compatible using the information on PowerBook Medic's site. So I am pretty sure it will fit my A1134.

It comes from Italy. I paid a total of around € 13. € 3 for the keyboard and the rest is the shipping fee. The shipping is more expensive than the item itself but the total price is way cheaper than the one I can get from the USA (from PowerBook Medic = € 20 for the keyboard and another € 20 for shipping).

Swapping the keyboard will be done in a minute.

Another stupid thing that I bought from the UK

The thing that I bought from the UK (via ebay) was a PowerBook G4. I will pick it up at the logistic company's facility Tomorrow (which is Friday, March 22, 2019).

A PowerBook G4? Yes, it is. It is an A1106 (PowerBook5,6). It is the 15-inch LCD model introduced in 2005 before it was replaced by the final models (A1138) in late 2005.

The final models (15-inch and 17-inch LCD) had better LCD screen with bigger picture (resolusion is 1440 x 960 for the 15-inch model and 1680 x 1050 for the 17-inch model).

This A1106 has an LCD screen capable of 1280 x 854 resolution (native) and other smaller resolutions.

I paid around € 18 for the PowerBook and another € 16 for shipping. I could not resist it.

It is unfortunately marked as "for repair and spare parts" and described "untested". So I don't expect it to work at all. Why have I paid €34 euro for a junk laptop? Two reasons.

One, because it is remarkably beautiful with almost no dents and scratches.

Two, because it is equipped with a US keyboard.

It does not matter if it works or not. I want to keep it as spare parts just in case I found another cheap "working" A1106. I could use the immaculate body parts to repair another working but tattered PowerBook G4.

It is so remarkably beautiful as the letter printed on the bottom are perfectly legible.

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A second MagSafe adapter to fix

A second MagSafe adapter to fix

So I am now fixing the second one. The first one is now working so I am not in a hurry.

The procedure to fix this second one is just shortening the cable. The cable is frayed and almost torn at the very place it meets the adapter case so I have to cut it there. I have to open the case and reattach the wires (plus and negative ground) inside the case and seal it back.

The problem is that I need this part to make it look tidy. The photos that ifixit.com has on their site present these.

(from ifixit.com and the situation is as exactly the same as mine)

(from ifixit.com and this is kinda ugly and I don't like it)

What is shown in this second photo is not pretty but it is not their fault (whoever worked on it). The cable is molded at this tapered insert (first photo) and it is not easy (if not impossible) to recycle this insert.

I am trying to recycle this insert but not in its entirety. All one needs is part of its where this insert get clamped.

I will try to drill a hole in the center if I can bore a hole big enough to poke the cable through it.

I have used a lot of heat shrink tubes to protect the cable from further abrasion. Heat tubes may make the cable less flexible but make it more abrasion resistant.

Any way, with or without this recycled insert, I will fix it anyway. Would it (attempted recycling) work?

I did crack-open the MagSafe adapter. Opening is not so difficult.

This is the recycled part. It took me a while to drill the hole, 3 mm, 4 mm and then 5 mm drills were used. The cord through the hole is the actual cord torn from the MagSafe adapter.

This is the MagSafe adapter that I am repairing now (the second one). The recycled part was made from the part that is shown here. Originally it is molded with the cable inside.

Waiting game

I am waiting for something to arrive. It has been on the way since early March. The tracking information has been stuck since March 8th or so until now. The responsible company is called Interparcel UK.

Today, March 18, the information has been updated. "Lille Hub" means a hub sorting facility belonging to some logistic company in Lille, France. It has been missing for 10 days.

Now it (my parcel) will be relayed to some company which is responsible for the last mile delivery here. It won't to long before it is delivered.


What is it? Yes, I bought something.

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Apple MagSafe (I) power adapter repaired but no photos

So I fixed it!

I had two of them that came with my old used purchased on ebay from the USA Mid 2010 13" MacBook Pro and and one of two of my MacBook Late 2009 models. These two adapters are 10 years old or so by now and so I don't blame them (adapters) for their cables being torn and frayed.

The coating material of the cable is soft and easy to handle but not too resistant of repeated bending or abrasion. I knew this would happen.

Back in 2014 (?) I bought a DC 12 V (car cigar socket) power adapter with MagSafe I tip. It worked but the USB port on it never worked (defect out of the box) and one or two years later I found its casing broken. I saved the cable knowing that it would be useful for repairing the adapter aforementioned and the rest of it was discarded.

The coating material of the cable of this non-genuine MagSafe I adapter is not rubbery and a bit hard. It does not bend too easily (maybe a bit cumbersome) but may (only MAY) be stronger.

I have done this almost the same repair before but at that time I did not have right equipment, namely soldering iron, soldering paste or heat-shrink tubes. This time I had them all and the repair went very well.

I used the repair guide at ifixit.com. As the adapter is glued to be as it is, crack-opening can not help leaving some disturbed plastic edges and gluing it back can not be as perfect as I wanted it to be.

But what matters is what has been done inside. The copper wires are securely soldered and they are securely insulated.

I did not take any photos. They (photos) won't be of any use as ifixit's site has plenty of them.

Now I have to repair the other one. Fortunately the other power adapter's cable is damaged only at the other side of MagSafe plug so the cable itself can be reused. It may lose 3 to 4 cm of its length but it won't matter at all.

By the way MagSafe I (One) aftermarket cables can be easily purchased on Amazon Germany or elsewhere. I believe they use non-rubbery material (vinyl or so?) and would last a bit longer than a typical Apple genuine cables.

A US keyboard for my iBook G4

I want a US keyboard for this beast. It came with a French keyboard and I don't like it. I don't care all the signs printed on the keys as I don't look at them but my right pinky keeps missing the "Return" key and my left pinky keeps missing the "Shift" key unless I really stress them to reach further. Why do people want non-US keyboards? I don't understand but it is none of my business either.

I am hunting for one. I will get it soon or later and when I get one I want to get it reasonably cheap.

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Paris - Nice and SO-DIMM 200-pin DDR 333

Paris - Nice 2019 Stage 1 and 2

I drove to Saint-Germain-en-Laye on Sunday and watched the first stage. That night I stayed at a dormitory room at nearby F1Hotel in Maurepas and on Monday I drove to the first climb (3rd category) near Senlisse. I waited there expecting a brief traffic block just before the race to paint on the road.

As expected, the traffic was cut off before the race and I could do a limited amount of painting. The cut-off was short so I could not do much but I did as much as I could.

I don't have the evidence that I did as I did not take photos. It does not matter even if nobody believes me. It is just for my satisfaction.


SO-DIMM PC2700 DDR (333 MHz) 200-pin

SO-DIMM PC2-5300 DDR2 (667 MHz) 200-pin

iBook G4 (A1134) and most of PowerBook G4 models require the former but Mac mini Early 2006 requires the latter.

I did not check the specifications before putting the 200-pin memory module into iBook G4.

Well, I tried to install more memory (RAM) into my iBook G4 and failed miserably because I did not do my homework. I knew an iBook G4 (A1134) used some 200-pin SO-DIMM modules but did not really see the specifications.

And I also misread the "Memory and Graphics" section of Mactracker and thought it would take two DIMMs. I found that I was wrong when I removed the keyboard and opened the small memory module compartment. The built-in 512 MB is soldered on the logic board and I can only add one module, which makes the maximum RAM capacity 1.5 GB.

The modules I took off my MSI notebook were of 200-pin ones but not of PC-2700 DDR (333 MHz) specifications.

My iBook G4 did not play the startup chord when I put the module in. I scratched my head for a while before it dawned on me that I was a fool.

Now I placed an order. Some PC-2700 DDR 333 1 GB modules will arrive.

Today I also picked up some purchased items at some places.

Repairing the MagSafe I power adapter

It is time I did it. I have two identical MagSafe adapters but both of them have suffered fraying and tearing cable syndrome. One is completely out of order because the cable is torn off and the other is close to getting there.

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[Paris - Nice and SO-DIMM 200-pin DDR 333]の続きを読む

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Open Firmware and iBook G4 video woes?

iBook G4 video woes?

I did not know why every time I boot my iBook G4 with the USB flash memory stick which I had used to install macOS Tiger successfully on two of my Mac mini G4 models I saw this black and white blurred image on the LCD screen.

I have seen some colors on it when I boot it normally and a small folder icon with blinking question mark appears.

I have seen the FireWire logo in yellow on the blue background when I booted it into Target Disk Mode.

The Open Firmware shell screen has only black and white but the screen image is very crips.

So why does this happen? Why does not the touchpad work?

I was afraid that this iBook G4's video chip was somehow defect or the touchpad was also defect.

To further investigate the matter, I used the DVD which came with either Mac mini Early/Late 2009. "Mac mini DVD OS Installation" is printed on the disk so it could be only Intel CPU models. It might not boot this iBook G4 (PowerPC).

To my great relief, it successfully boot my iBook G4. And to my greater relief, it booted normally. The image was very crisp and clean.

And the touchpad also worked.

Now I know (knew) that this iBook G4 is functional. The only unknown factor by now is that whether there is a Hard Disk Drive inside? If someone had removed it, do I still have the needed brackets and connector adapter inside?

If I don't have those small parts, I have to get them by bidding for some "broken and repair only" iBook G4 models which do have those parts inside.

Open Firmware command reference book?

Is there such a book?

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iBook G4 and Open Firmware

Open Firmware again!

I wanted to test how the USB stick that successfully booted both of my Mac mini G4 would act on my iBook G4 (A1134 = the last model released in 2005 14.1-inch screen). So I entered the Open Firmware shell and issued the first command to see the devices attached to it.

And then writing down the structure tree on the paper. I typed in the second command. It booted from the USB drive and the Installer was there with a bit of problem.

dev / ls

boot /pci@f200000/usb@1b/disk@1:5,\System\Library\CoreServices\BOOTX


This part depends on the port (of the two ports) you are using and the last number 5 is the partition number on the USB flash memory so it should also be different. Otherwise this second command is almost universal for iBook G4 with similar model numbers, I guess.

There were some issues.

First the screen was black and white and a bit blurred. I could barely read the letters.

Secondly, the touchpad was not working while the keyboard seemed to work. When the installer booted, it prompted me to attach (pair) a mouse (seemingly a Bluetooth Mighty Mouse) with a graphic instruction on the screen to put the battery cells inside and then slide the door (that is the switch).

I had a Bluetooth Might Mouse with me but it did not pair so I gave up. Maybe I need a wired Mighty Mouse to continue.

Wait a second! This happened before! When I first booted G4 Two with this USB stick, I was met with the same screen. I did eventually use the wired Mighty Mouse that I had to continue and I think I remember that the Bluetooth Mighty Mouse did not work for some reason.

And one another note to myself. The PRAM battery seems to be still holding some juice. When the installer began, it had selected French keyboard over other keyboards. I guess that meant that PRAM remembered that it had been used the French keyboard before.

I am not sure what was causing the screen to put up this blurred image but I can manage next time when I want to install the system on it. Is it because the LCD screen did not like the screen resolution that the installer chose? The native screen resolution on A1134 is 1024 x 768 (800 x 600 / 640 x 480) but maybe the installer chose something that disagreed with the LCD screen.

I don't like this blurry screen image as I want to perform specific installation procedures. Some letters can be easily deciphered but others are hard to read.

I have to open the iBook G4 and see what has happened to the HDD (that is supposed to be there but won't show its sign of life). Opening it and gaining access to the HDD is not easy. The YouTube video by The 8-Bit Guy and illustrated instructions at ifixit.com are helpful. Once it is open I will check the HDD, it can be already dead physically (maybe the motor no spinning at all). I need a replacement. It has to be an IDE (or PATA) drive, which can be a bit of problem.

I have an interface converter (IDE 2.5 - mSATA SSD) and an mSATA SSD that I originally bought for Mac mini G4 but it is not complete with the case. The combination above won't fit the fitting parts inside iBook G4. I ordered 3 interface converter (IDE 2.5 - mSATA SSD) complete with outer cases. One of these will fit. They will arrive much much later.

So initially I will do this. I will install macOS Tiger on this mSATA SSD (with this naked interface converter) attached on the USB port via adapter cable. And when the right converters arrive, I will put it inside the iBook G4 and seal it.

MagSafe adapter needed

I need a MagSafe I power adapter quickly. I had two of them for my MacBooks but one just completely broke (the cable broke off) and the other one also had its cable tearing and fraying.

I wanted to repair them (two of my genuine Apple 65 W power adapters) by replacing the cords but have not done so as I am lazy. It is time.

Paris - Nice

I am planning to go to Paris (at least near Paris) where the first two stages take place. On Sunday, March 10 and Monday 11 I may be able to take days off to get there.

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The power adapter arrived and how is iBook G4?

The iBook / PowerBook G4 power adapter arrived

Very very swiftly it arrived. I came home to find it in front of my door. Anyway, I hurriedly got inside and unpacked it and plugged this thing to the power outlet and the other end to my iBook G4 (A1134).

I pushed the power button and then immediately press-held Option + Command + O + F to see what happens. After the startup chord, I saw the Open Firmware command prompt.

????? It meant the video is working. Why the seller described that "the screen lights up without posting any image" in French?

It did appeared to me that the LCD screen was just fine and the video signals were just OK.

So I typed in "mac-boot' at the prompt to prompt the normal booting procedure. What happens now?

What happened was that the folder icon appeared in the center and that "?" (question) was blinking on it. It meant that the the Open Firmware could not find the system to boot. An HDD error?

Next time I press-held "T" and let it boot in Target Disk Mode to see if I can see the HDD inside. It booted in Target Disk Mode successfully but my MacBook Pro Mid 2010 could not see anything.

Does it have an HDD at all? The seller did not write that he/she had removed the HDD.

Anyway, at this point whether there lies a Hard Disk Drive inside or not does not matter at all. What matters is that this beast works. It works. Maybe I have to replace the HDD inside but it works.

I am so happy! Now I have to disassemble it to see what is going on inside.

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Apple TV 1st generation running OSMC

More air flow and running cooler?

This bottom aluminum panel has been modified using 3 mm and 4 mm drills. As the material is soft making the original holes (diameter about 1 mm?) was easy.

Taking a look at the guts inside the Apple TV 1st generation, I realized that the small fan sucked the heat from the Pentium M and blew it out to the side, which is the opposite side of the power unit. When I thought of setting the device sideways to ease the airflow inside, I thought the power unit side should be up and the CPU side down.

I did not realize that there was a air duct opening to the side. Now I thought the CPU side should be up instead of down.

I bored some of the small tiny holes bigger so that hotter air could be easily vented and at the same time cooler air could be sucked in freely through them. I believe they will definitely help.


I prepared the USB flash memory on my MacBook Pro 13" Mid 2010. I made it so that the HDD inside would remain untouched. I did it so for two reasons. One is I was going to use this HDD for Tiger 10.4.8 (modified) to boot my Apple TV with a complete desktop environment. The second one is as below.

I knew that I had to check some settings before erasing the HDD altogether.

So when I booted my Apple TV with the USB flash memory in the only USB port, I was a bit puzzled when I saw the messages like "formatting the disk" or "installing files". I thought I made a USB flash memory to boot OSMC from the USB drive so that the HDD would be untouched.

In the end the installation seemed to get stuck at the very end with the message "Installing files" left on the screen. I did it twice with the same result. I unplugged the USB drive and rebooted my Apple TV and saw Apple TV boot into "normal" Apple tvOS. WTF?

So the next day (which is now Today) I re-read the FAQs to find the following.


I have to find another kind of USB drive. OK I bought two of them from Amazon Germany and they are arriving anytime soon. I will try again later.

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I would like to visit Andorra and some other countries

Andorra, Denmark and other countries

The Tour de France begins in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2021 (after Brussel in 2019 and Nice in 2020) finally. I have been to Brussel, of course and also been to Nice on my way to and back from Corsica in 2013.

For some reasons I miss Andorra every time the Tour passes through Andorra. For those particular years I could not secure my vacation during the Tour de France.

I want to visit all three Scandinavian countries when the Tour visits Copenhagen, Denmark in 2021. I will plan to leave earlier and visit Norway and Sweden (at least their capital cities) before the Grand Départ kicks off.

(the information below from A.S.O.'s site)
Danish stages of the 2021 Tour de France:
Stage 1: Copenhagen (ITT), 13 km
Stage 2: Roskilde > Nyborg, 190 km
Stage 3: Vejle > Sønderborg, 170 km

When the rumors of Grand Départ in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2015 or so, rumored unconfirmed stage plan also surfaced relatively in details. I downloaded those details and plotted the stage courses on Garmin BaseCamp then. I did not erase them even after the rumored Grand Départ did not materialized in the following years.

Now I compare them and they are identical.

The rumored stages were
Prologue: Copenhagen
Stage 1: Odense - Nyborg
Stage 2: Vejle - Sønderborg

And Odense is just 30 km or 40 km away from Nyborg. I can not wait to visit there.

Fujitsu Siemens monitors

I found them at the local recycling second-hand store. I did not buy them of course. I was just curious if they were Full HD monitors. So I wrote their model names down and now I googled them.

1. Scenicview P22W 5 eco
2. B22W 7

They turned out to be monitors with mediocre specs. I am not going to buy them. They were all sold at € 35. I thought that they were Full HD native monitors but their maximum resolution (native) turned out to be "1680 x 1050 (16:10 ratio)" I don't remember seeing this resolution elsewhere. 16:10 is familiar to me and (many, most or all) Apple's Cinema Displays usually have 1920 x 1200 (16:10 ratio) mode.

This is nothing to note but I just wanted to write that I saw monitors with this strange resolution mode for the first time.

A third-party (non-Apple genuine) power adapter for PowerMac/iBook G4 and battery

Seeing that the iBook G4 did not come with the power adapter, I decided to get one. I am determined to get it work even if I have to get one or more iBook G4 models as parts donors. So buying a power adapter was a necessary step. I thought I was going to buy 18650 cells to repack the (seemingly) dead battery that came with the iBook G4. The price of new (non-genuine) battery was just slightly more than the total price of 6 quality 18650 cells. So I decided to buy a new one.

They cost me a bit more than € 70 including the shipping. So I passed the no-return point. I have to go through the uphill battle (to get at least one working iBook G4) no matter what.

Since I bought them on Amazon Germany, they will be here swiftly.

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iBook G4 has arrived and no power adapter included!

iBook G4 14.1" (2005 last model) arrived

By now I don't understand or remember why I decided to get this but that is a completely separate issue.

So I got it. It was plainly packed without no cushioning material but only with cardboard. I was a bit taken a back but the shape of it (the cardboard package) strongly suggested (even before opening) that it had no power adapter inside, which was really disappointing. Sure the seller had no mention of it and not photo showed it but I was hoping that I would get one.

Now I have to get one from somewhere. ebay or Amazon?

The battery has absolutely no charge. When I press the tiny button on it, the series of LED shows no response. It is dead. When I press the power button on the upper side above the keyboard, it shows no emotion. No juice, no ding (the startup chord)!

So I have no way of seeing how it is like, the current status of this beast, iBook G4. I may start looking inside it by lifting the keyboard or something.

The inspection will begin in one or two weeks when I get the hand on the power adapter to feed this hungry beast.

Overall the cosmetic conditions of the beast is not that bad. I see a hairline crack in the center of the bottom case where a screw tightens the lid. This can be easily fixed if I need to. Other than that I also found a small crack in one of the corner and this could be fixed.

What matters the most is the guts. Does it repairable? Do I just take parts from it and save them for another iBook G4 that is easier to repair with these parts?

Without a proper power adapter and with this dead battery I have no way of testing it. So goodbye for now and please stand by for a near future update!

Amazon Germany has third party brand-new batteries for iBook G4/PowerBook G4 for around €50. The price is not too steep but still expensive.

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iBook G4 is there (almost) and so is Spring!

iBook G4 is there

I noticed that the tracking information status had changed while I was at work. La Poste (French words for the post or like French version of US Postal) is the responsible agent for the delivery and it means that normally local Luxembourg Post is the one who performs the last action.

I came home to find a slip (notification from the local post office) in my mailbox. I will pick it up Monday when the local post office opens in the morning.

This iBook G4 was not (fully) working and that was why the ebay seller relinquished it. I will first try to boot normally (if it is delivered with a power adapter) and see what the seller had tried to describe in the ebay description.

Next (when the screen posts nothing at all), I will boot it up in the "Target Disk Mode" by press-holding "T" and see if it works in this mode. If it does, I should be able to access the HDD from one of my Macs.

If this step succeeds, I know that it is not totally broken. It could be just a bad connection between the monitor LCD and the logic board. I will start disassemble it to get to the connector.

If it does not boot into the "Target Disk Mode" fails, I will scratch my head for a while and start dismantling the iBook G4 for any further clues.

I will see.

While on this subject (ebay purchase), I want to report that two of my previous purchases successfully made it to me. A DVD set from Russia and 2 x 2 GB memory modules for Mac mini Early 2006 (when it successfully gets converted into Marc mini Mid 2007 as Mac mini Early 2006 (macmini2,1) won't work with more than 2 GB of RAM.

I am having problems with the Intel Core 2 Duo from Hong Kong (China) for the moment. I have another package with a slight issue. I will try to solve this problem Tomorrow.

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Why iBook G4 (2005)? now

iBook G4 (A1134) 2005

2005 (to 2006) was an significant year, a turning point for Apple as they finally (long overdue) decided to abandon the PowerPC platform. Before that they used Motorola MK68000 series CPUs for years. As Intel CPUs were getting faster and smarter, MK68000 series CPUs had become dinosaurs on their way to extinction.

I bought a new (classic) Mac model PowerBook 550c in Japan (in 1995?) as I was living in Japan back then after living some years in the USA. It is the only Mac that I bought as a new model. Later I owned many other classic Macs but they were practically thrown out of offices, private homes and other places as people started to buy more practical and cheaper Windows machines or PowerPC Macs if some thought they were loyal to Apple.

I never owned a functional PowerPC Mac until recently when I got a Mac mini 2005 (1.25 GHz) from the Netherlands. I then bought a Mac mini 2005 (1.42 GHz). The latter was on ebay with no guaranty to function and I thought I could get the AP/BT cards on Mezzanine board and the antennae transplanted to the former as it lacked them. It turned out that the latter was functional.

I love Mac minis as they were made cheap and are sold relatively cheaply one of these days. Old models are affordable. One thing I have to complain is that I have to have the main (wall plug) nearby to power them up. It is not portable (I mean it can not operate on battery).

An iBook can be portable and operate on battery (not too long, though). As I grew more and more attached to those G4 Mac minis for their nostalgic values and irritating unresponsiveness (in a good way), I thought I might have a cheap PowerPC portable model for fun.

It would be hilariously conspicuous if someone used his/her iBook G3 Clamshell models from 1999 or 2000 at a cafe where Wi-Fi is provided free Today. But I don't think I qualify for this someone as I am too old. I don't think I can handle that pastel color iBooks.

On the other hand, I think I can handle iBook G4 models at a local cafe or park. Not that I need this kind of attention but I just like archaic and nostalgic things.

The model I procured (not functional at the point of purchase) a 14.1-inch model and it is big enough and thick enough to get some attention. No recent (latest) notebooks are so big nor thick.

Apple TV stand

Looking around, I found these stands (for notebook PCs, tablets and so on). I think I am going to steal (borrow) the idea from this one or similar products. I don't want to buy one of them as they are unnecessary too expensive. All I need is some easily cut and glued material.



I made a USB flash memory with OSMC loaded on it. They (the OSMC site) let me choose from a lot of options. Several versions and HDD installation or USB booting and something.

I chose at least this time to keep it on the USB flash memory. Installing on the HDD will come later when I am done with the experiment with Tiger installation.

I just want to see how it is different from Apple tvOS.

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