Back from the Tour de France 2019

Home sweet home

We (Hannah and I) came home this from Champs Elysees Paris France this morning (Monday, 29 July). I was tired but Hannah seemed to be very fine. Hannah may haven been a bit stressed when we stayed on the Champs Elysees almost all day. I think she handled it OK.

Tomorrow I will be back to work, back to reality.

I am just happy that we made it safe and sound.

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201 Lars Ytting Bak (Denmark)

I know him since

the days he was riding for Team CSC and he also lives in Luxembourg. So this year I am cheering for him. He is riding for Dimension Data and I was ecstatic when I found his name on the start list of the Tour.

I will go to the hotel where the team is staying on Friday (the day before the Grand Depart and the day after the Team Presentation) and talk to him. I would ask for some goods (caps or something) and in return I will pledge my deeds. I will keep painting his name on the way.

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Mazda Toolbox and Navigation data updates

There's been an update

How did I miss it? The update has been available since February 2019 according to the message on the software program "Mazda Toolbox", which to me a bit comical name but that's their choice.

I was expecting at least an update around the time the French authorities changed the speed limits on rural roads from 90 km/h to 80 km/h last year just around the time for the Tour de France 2018.

They used to send me (at least "once") a notice when a update was available and I guess they had stopped after only one time for me.

This update dated February 2019 must include the French rule changes and other changes of roads.

But hey, it is July 2019 and they only give me an update issued back in February? That's it?

Anyway, my Garmin Camper 660 is fine, the TomTom app on my iPad mini 2 is just fine (and up-to-date) and now the navigation data on my Mazda MX-5 is up-to-date (at least). I will have a good time this summer.

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Saris Axis (2-bike) bike rack installation

Saris Axis 2-bike rack installation is done!

It was done in a hurry, of course. I was with Hannah and I don't have much time before my vacation. I did not shoot a video. I took some photos.

I did the so-called unboxing and to my dismay I found pieces of plastic in the box that had broke off the rack. It still functioned but I was not too happy.

The installation on the (European style) hitch ball was easy. The trick, as described in the installation manual, was to shake the rack as you tighten the fixing nut (ring). The spanner (wrench) provided by Saris is found in the box is simple but works. After you tighten the ring, you have to shake the rack softly to see if the rack is securely tightened. Repeat this process several times until the rack is securely fixed.

I put my bike on it and tightened the straps (three of them) on it without the wheels. And then I put the two wheels on it after applying the ZIPP wheel sleeves on them. The bike is securely fixed on the rack. I drove my beloved Mazda MX-5 for a while with the bike and found it very good.

The only additional thing I added was two short bungee cords to keep the front fork (wheel) from steering. When the front wheel steers, it hits the car or I can not open the boot lid as the handle bar is too close to the lid.

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