End of the road Google (LG) Nexus 5X and other topics

End of the road

My mobile phone, Google / LG Nexus 5X stopped working just a week ago. I knew this would come. I even knew it before I got it (purchased it). This phone was famous (or infamous, at least widely known) for this booting problem. You can find what I am talking about by searching "Nexus 5X no boot" or something similar on the Internet or directly on YouTube to watch the videos. There are so many of them.

I tried to fix it by blowing hot air over that Samsung chip (memory chip) several times but I gave it up.

I had to buy another one. Although the announcement of Google Pixel 4 is imminent by now (This is 1st of October and the phone takes its vail on 15th of October), I don't think I can wait because it is way out of my budget. I thought of getting Google Pixel 3 or 3a (or their XL versions) but they are still out of my budget.

If I was going to use that kind of money, I would buy a powermeter (like Power2Max).

So I decided to get myself a Umidigi F1. This is not top of the line model but it is well within my budget. It (along with a protective screen cover glass and a silicon case) will arrive soon.

Hannah growing up

She is by now 5 month old (her presumed birthday is April 26th). She is lovely and bigger than she was when she first came in my life.

Today (September 30th) I walked her about 2 hours 40 minutes. I was going to walk her around at least 3 hours but rain began to fall and I had to evacuate her.

I walk her without any kind of leash in the woods and I have no problem with her going missing. She follows me and when she decides to take time in the bush stalking on birds or climbing trees, I wait for her. When she is out of my sight for ten minutes or so, I call to her and she comes out of the bush and come to me. How nice!


A lot has happened but I did not have time to update this.

I am still (more than 1 month and I just renewed the monthly ticket) commuting by bike and train. It rains rather frequently in Fall and Winter in Luxembourg. It is generally a wet time here. I have to ride slow on the sidewalk when it is raining. This is the only way to get myself not so wet. My Birdy does not have any mudguards on it so the splash from the wheels is inevitable if I go faster.

I might have to get splash guards in the future.

Garmin Map Update 2020.20 has finally corrected the obsolete road renewals here in Luxembourg. I always write that TomTom Map Updates are much more swift in catching up with the reality and this time Garmin Map Update was more than one year slower than that of TomTom's.

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