Hannah is half an year old and the Tour de France 2020

Hannah is doing very well

She is now 6 months old and may weighs more than 2 kg. She is still sweet baby to me but is much bigger.

The Tour de France 2020

When the parcours (courses) were publicly presented, one of the free local journals put the map on the front page and gave a headline (in French) saying that the Tour snobs the northern part of France.

I noticed something when I found a neglected issue on the seat of the train next to me on my way home one evening.

I can read a bit of French but my French is primitive. I could understand what the headline meant even without knowing the verb which supposedly meant "snobs" because the French verb looked similar. Actually the verb was "snober" and its conjugated form was easily recognizable.

Is it an indiginous French verb or is it appropriated from English in recent years?

Anyway, it is entirely true. The race course totally skips the northern French territories.

My impressions and my thoughts on the course / stage layout.

Nice is far, far away from Luxembourg. I know this because when the Tour had the Grand Départ in Corsica, I drove to Nice and then took a ferry connection to that island. So I have done it before in my Ford Ka. It was more than a 1,000 km ride and took me almost one day to complete it.

I drove down on the French highways then took a turn toward Germany to get to the Swiss highways. This was a cheaper option as Swiss highway system requires a yearly pass but French highway system adopts pay-as-you-go incurring payment system.

I slept somewhere in Switzerland before driving further the next morning. I then entered Italy and took a turn on the Mediterranean Sea coast line toward the French border.

A predicament

On the other hand, from La Planche des Belles Filles it is only (?) 530 km to Paris. It is very easy to get there by car overnight.

Would I drive to Paris to see the final stage? I doubt it this time. I know that the female race would be held also in Paris the same day.

To tell the truth, the Champs Elysees stage is pretty much boring. Although I bring my DVB-T2 portable TV with me and can watch (and watched in previous years) the race, the race itself is not exciting.

No painting is allowed on the Champs Elysees (Avenue) and I am just one of the many audience.

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テーマ:猫のいる生活 - ジャンル:ペット

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TIG welding machine wanted!


Why? Because I want to fiddle with some aluminum material to make something.

Walking Hannah

May the weather hold! I want to go walking Hannah on Sunday but the weather seems to be not so promising at all. Please give me a window of opportunity!

Delivery attempt and the expected notice

I was expecting a notice in the mailbox (physical one standing in front of my humble residence) and I did.

The attempt to reach me was made when I was not home. I will get it on Monday. The Umidigi (how do I call it? "You" - "Me" - digi or "Woo" - "Me" - digi?) F1 is coming!

I will set it up and install those basic apps.

Bike and Train

€50 is the ticket price that makes me take any local (or local express) trains and busses within Luxembourg for one month.

I thought it would be enough for me to commute to and back from work but I was wrong.

As the weather in Luxembourg in Fall / Winter is wet, the brake pads are getting worn out so I had to order ones. They are cheap but they cost me anyway.

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テーマ:猫のいる生活 - ジャンル:ペット

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I don't have a mobile phone for the moment!

For the record, I don't have a mobile phone for the moment. I am not reachable for the moment.

It will be hopefully arrive next Monday, which is October 6th. Until then I am not reachable by phone and some other social network means like Whatsup or Line or so.

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テーマ:猫のいる生活 - ジャンル:ペット

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