3D security or something else?

My credit card conundrum solved

I wanted to order some stuff on Amazon ( Germany) and tried to pay with my credit card. I knew that I had to update my credit card information because it had been recently renewed.

So I did and attempted to check out but I could not. The checkout was unsuccessful and the Amazon system prompted me to revise the payment information. I thought I had typed wrong number or wrong expiration date, so I repeated the process but the problem didn't go away.

I suspected that the possibility of the validity of its (my credit card) 3D security had been the cause of this woe.

I logged in on my on-line banking account and checked the status. It confirmed that the status had been active.

What's up?

I went to a branch (actually the headquarters building of my bank, which is called BIL, because the parking isalways easy and also free) and asked what had been the case.

The man talked to someone on the phone (some woman working somewhere in the big building) and got the answer.

He took me to the ATM several meters away in the same room and explained that I had to use the PIN CODE to activate the credit card, either by shopping somewhere or here at this ATM for example. He said that the problem would go away.

I didn't know of this first time activation scheme. I withdrew €20 using my credit card and its PIN.

A few hour later, I revised the payment information on Amazon and I think it had worked.

I ordered some silicone armband straps for my Suunto Spartan Sport watch and other small stuff.


It's a flashlight brand well-known for it's ruggedness. I recently obtained so-called a 4 C flashlight for free. It's been used for many years as the plethora of scratches and scars on it shows. When I put the batteries in it and switched it on, it functioned. Awesome!

I found it on one of the shelves in the room by the office at a recycling / collection facility near my new work place. People throw away stuff they don't need anymore there but place stuff still could be of use to others in this room. I also got a coffee machine with a built-in mill. A perfectly functional one.

Naturally the Amazon order described above included some stuff for this old-school rugged equipment, too.

Namely, an LED bulb, 8 pieces of Panasonic eneloop pro (AA) and AA to C conversion adapters. So that I can use my rechargeable AA eneloop pro batteries in this flashlight and replace the filament bulb with an LED bulb to get brighter (at least whiter) beam out of it.

Cat toilet

I also ordered another one. It will be fourth one. It will replace a similarly sized one which sits on the floor of the passenger's seat of my beloved Mazda MX-5.

Time for an operation?

My beloved Hannah is now 8 month old and she is eating like crazy, oops!, like she found a new love for eating. I think she is reaching the age when she is changing from a baby / child into an adolescent / adult. I think she is ready for the operation.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ [3D security or something else?]の続きを読む

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