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Mazda Toolbox (Mazda Connect Navigation map update tool software)

I pulled the SD card (was not micro SD but full size SD) out of my MX-5 and tried the application on my MacBook Pro Late 2010 called "Mazda Toolbox."

First you are prompted to create your account (if you haven't done so) by clicking the "register" icon. When the account is set, you can fool around to see if you are eligible for free map updates or so.

It seemed that I was eligible for some updates but did not choose to update then. I need a faster stabler connection to the Internet.

According to the screen messages, my current map license expires on July 24, 2020, three years after my car was finally registered (meaning that three years after it got the current license plate). For the next three years I may be able to receive occasional map corrections and updates. After this initial three years, I get to choose if I want to purchase the license for another three years or just abandon it.

It was easy. When I pulled the SD card out of the slot, I read those small writings and recognized the name "Navteq."

Navteq (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Navteq) is a well-know name and certainly I've known this name along with TeleAtlas.

Nokia bought Navteq and Garmin uses Navteq map data while TomTom owns TeleAtlas and also uses the map data from TeleAtlas.

So in a way, I have on my MacBook via Garmin BaseCamp and also on my nüvi device the Navteq maps and now I found out that my MX-5 also has the map that stems from the same source.

I have on my iPad mini 2 or disused iPod touch (4th gen.) and also disused iPhone 4 the TeleAtlas map data via TomTom application.

Of all devices, nüvi 2340 (simple no-nonsense device without Bluetooth or anything) is my main navigation device because I can synchronize all the waypoints that I have accumulated with Garmin BaseCamp on my MacBook. If this current nüvi 2340 breaks, I will buy another cheap Garmin.

I bought it because it was on sale and it came with LMT (Lifetime Map update and Traffic information). It was at that time of purchase, one of the cheapest I could find on the net.

I need this LM (Lifetime Map update) because I want to pair it with the Garmin BaseCamp on my MacBook. This BaseCamp is the reason I have always stayed with Garmin.

Anyway, here are some clips that I made while updating the map data on the SD card.

This shows (and also hides my name and my car's VIN number) what is going on while updating the map data. There are a downloading phase and installing phase. The old map data was 6790 MB big.

The downloading phase took about 10 to 20 minutes? It depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

The new map data takes 7035 MB of space on the SD card. It got bigger, hopefully with more of useful information.

This is the "home" screen of Mazda Tookbox.

One thing that this software lacks (or maybe I have not found yet) is that it does not state the map data version information. I think that when I put it back in the car and get to the info screen, I will get that information. I am just curious.

Garmin gives us about 4 updates every year (like 2018.10, 2018 20, 2018.30 and 2018.40). I wonder this could be the case with Mazda Connect navigation map updates as they come from the same source, Navteq.

Garmin GLO

I have been looking for a cheap GPS signal receiver that sends the GPS info to smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth. Since my main concern was the TomTom application on my iPad mini 2, I got my eyes on Dual XGPS or Gamin GLO, both of which are compatible with iOS devices. Others are compatible with Android devices but not with stock iOS devices (in other words, iOS devices need to be jailbroken).

It has been a while since I started looking for a candidate. Last night (or Today early in the morning) I finally found one and bought it. It was a Garmin GLO and the seller on the Amazon (Germany) claimed that it was "used" but almost "new."

It does not go into the details of how it was used but I assume it could have been a store demo display or somebody bought it but returned it without using after just opening the box. It did not also say that I would get the original box. Let's see what happens!

I won't get it until I come back from my little trip to Italy and Switzerland.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ
今日の話題は主に4つ。ほぼ全てMazda MX-5についてです。

1. 地図アップデートソフト
2. マツダコネクトの呪文が効かなかった
3. ブートバッグについて
4. Garmin GLO











Garmin GLO

ずっと探してたのが、Bluetoothにてスマートフォンなりタブレットと接続してGPS情報を供給できる機器だった。アップルの機器ともコンパチとなると選択肢が狭い。このGarmin GLOとかDualのXGPSシリーズが無難(入手性)な所だ。ずっとebayで見張ってた。今回は早朝にアマゾン(ドイツ)にて中古品を見つけたので、速攻で支払ってみた。


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