October 9th in Sion

Now I am writing this in the mess (Salle à manger) of the Youth Hostel in Sion and the time is around 17:30 after the check-in. The office is open between 08:00 to 12:00 and 17:00 to 21:00 (or so).

I did not climb San Gotthardo (Italian way of calling it) pass after all. The rain was gone but the street was still wet and the higher part of the pass was covered by fog. I left the Hostel around 09:00 (by the time I loaded all the luggage on my car it was probably close to 09:30?) and headed for Sion.

The first thing I had to do was get to Realp and get the one way train ticket at the station. By the time I got in the parking of the station it was close to 10:00 and the sign board said that the next train was leaving at 10:05.

I hurriedly ran into the station and the kind woman got me the ticket (33 CHF = €29). While she was doing the transaction (giving me the receipt from the card payment terminal), she spoke into the handheld walkie-talkie giving the loading man on the platform a warning that still one car was getting on board. She said that I should quickly get to the train and I thanked her and left.

By the time I settled on the train (a flat bed freight cargo car), it was 10:08 and the train immediately left. It was a smooth ride and by 10:26 the train came to a full stop at Oberwald station. By 10:29, I was on the road again. Some people commute with this thing as the tariff table suggests the yearly pass as well as one way and round trip prices.

Furka pass is only open 2 up to 3 months out of 12 months. This Realp-Oberwald train is the real work horse. This was my second time to get the service of the train.

The road was smooth and I had no incidents on the way. I arrived at the Youth Hostel in Sion around 12:30. I briefly came in and saw the office hours. I also checked the parking.

After this, I went to the COOP (supermarket chain in Switzerland and also some neighboring countries) and got some bottled water, bread and rubber gloves (2 pairs) before filling up the tank of my Mazda MX-5 at the Tamoil gas station adjacent to the COOP.

One thing, people speak dominantly French here in Sion. So the city name must be "Sion" in French, which is like "Sea-On."

Here I filled it up (meaning I tanked to full) so that I can monitor the mileage I was getting on this trip. When I tanked €50 worth gasoline in (possibly) Taronico, Italy (where Lake Lecco and Lake Como meet not far from Madonna di Ghisallo), it was virtually full and at that time the mileage I got was 22 km/l. Now after this Sion fill-up, the mileage was 20.4 km/l. This include some highway drives (smooth and congested) and city drives. Not bad, I think.

Now that the tank was full and I had some time to kill, I drove to Col de Sanetsch. Oh the weather was great. The temperature in the city was above 14 degrees Celsius and the sky was blue with small patches of thin clouds.

It was around 33 km to the pass. I thought of riding the bike but decided to do some recon job leaving the big task (of conquering the climb) for the next day. I found some nice quiet parking spots around 22 to 20 km down the pass peak. Tomorrow (October 10th) I will park my car and attack it.

The road leading to the col and the lake behind it was very very quiet as the description of the location found on the Internet. There was nothing past it. It was after all a dead end leading to nowhere. I saw some resturants (one or two open) and a hotel (open) along the way. I saw some people riding bikes (some roadie and one touring type). This was a very encouraging sign.

The weather is promising, too. Tuesday is as warm as Monday and Wednesday will be even warmer. I am excited.

After the recon, I came back to the Hostel and checked in.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ










ゴム手袋を買った理由は、もうお気づきの方もいらっしゃるかもしれませんが、例のSaris Bones Solo(という自転車ラック)の足の滑り止めにするためだ。比較的小さいサイズのCOOPだったので、あまり選択肢がなかった。

1. 台所の鍋やら他のものを置く滑り止めの発砲ウレタンみたいなシート、2. 子供用の強力な滑り止めがついた靴下、という他の選択肢も発掘したが、価格的に一番安かったのが、薄い安いゴム手袋だった。ただ色がくすんだピンクなのが気に入らなかったが、ここでは色とかは問題ではない。価格が重要だ。



その後車でCol de Sanetschへ行った。車でです。下見です。明日朝食後には車で途中まで行き、そこから22km程度を上る予定です。単に湖に至る道で「どこにも通じてないので、交通は無く、静か」というネットで見た説明の通りだ。途中にレストランが何件かあったが、営業してるのは一件とかその程度。頂上近くにホテルもあり、営業してた。今はシーズンオフなので、本当に静かだ。公共バスの停留所がずっと頂上まであったので、夏のシーズンにはもっと人が(ハイキングなり)車で来るのだろうが、今はひっそり。自転車乗りにも遭遇。



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