Col du Sanetsch from Sion side

Now I am back from Col du Sanetsch and writing this in the 4-bed dormitory room of the Youth Hostel in Sion. Actually, I was the only one who stayed in this room yesterday and I think Today also I am alone. Great! I hear nobody snoring in the middle of night and I can lay out my stuff on the floor and nobody complains!

So, I met this couple on top of the Col and talked to the woman (because she was there first and her husband came 5 to 10 minutes later) and asked the questions I was dying to know the answers for them. By the way, they were riding up the Col on their road bikes just like me.

The city of Sion is pronounced as "Sea-On" and Sanetsch as "Su(btle)-ne(t)-che(w)" (don't read those letters in parentheses. Now I know.


So I went down to the mess around 07:10 to have the breakfast and finished in 30 minutes. I had a lot. I brushed my teeth and stayed till 09:00 to let the stomach to settle.

I left for the designated parking spot that I had found the previous day. My Garmin nüvi show me somehow different route from Sion than the one I took yesterday.

I encountered a Mazda MX-5 ND (just like mine) which followed me about 5 to 6 km on the way. It was the first Miata that I recognized in Switzerland.

In Italy I had two separate occasions where the drivers of Mazda MX-5 (a man with his NA and a woman with her NC) gave me both-eye winks (NA can do that with those retractable headlights) or waved at me. I waved back to those drivers when we passed. In Italy (at least in Como vicinity) Miatas are loved by their owners.

Anyway, I noticed that I was getting to close to Col du Sanetsch (summit). I knew that the parking spot was about 22 km down the summit but my nüvi showed somewhat 19 km to the summit and I had not come to the parking spot.

It turned out that the route my nüvi showed me this morning was an alternative route from Sion and even though they (the route I wanted to take and the other route) eventually would meet at a point, It was about 3.5 km passed the parking spot I wanted to get to. Eventually, I drove to the exact spot I should be.

So I was down 22 km (according to my nüvi) down the summit. The weather was great. It was around 10:00 and when I geared up and set out to conquer the climb, it was close to 10:50.

It took me 3 hours to get to the summit. It was an excruciating 3 hours but in the end I conquered the Col. By "conquer" I mean that I went up the climb without setting my feet (or no even one foot) on the ground till the end.

Two guys on a bike passed me on the way up. One guy in his 50's (?) was on an electric bike and I don't think he was sweating even though he had a long-sleeve jacket and long pants on. He was lying on the grass about 9 km (?) down the summit. Maybe he ran out of the juice (the battery ran out) and could not go up any further. I saw him later on his bike further down the route (on my way down).

There was another guy in his 40's or early 50's on a mountain bike. He made it to the summit (I believe) and we met again on his way down.

About 22 km in 3 hours means that the average speed was around 6.5 km/h. I am not too proud of it but at least I made it all the way up without a single stop.

After coming back to the hostel, I went to the office and extended my stay for another day. This place (Sion area) is too good for a cycling activity now and I did not want to end it too soon.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ









今ユースで、これを書きながら、Garmin BaseCampで調べてもスキーリフトの情報は無い。グーグルマップとかだと恐らく見つかるだろうし、地元のスキー場の情報サイトでも確認できると思われる。


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