Garuda Linux and dash cams

Garuda Linux

It is like Ubuntu but based on Arch Linux distribution. Ubuntu is based on Debian distribution.

I have never used Arch Linux before.

As Ubuntu, Garuda Linux has many flavors, in other words, Garuda has many different looks using various desktop environment sets. Gnome, KDE, Xfce and others.

I took a look at its official site and understood that it would be easy to install Japanese Input Method (like mozc, I hope) because there was a screen shot where I saw "あ" (a Japanese letter -one of many phonetic letters that translates into "A" in most Western languages).

This distribution's suggested system requirments are a bit higher except for some of its variant where lightweight desktop envirnment sets are used, of course.

Its policy says the unused RAM is wasted RAM. It is true in a sense. Garuda Linux uses a bit extra RAM to cache more in the RAM to make the desktop operations snappier.

Should I give it a try in near future?

It is appealing but it is only my curiosity that I have never used any of Arch Linux distributions. Or is it because some of the desktop screen shots look so appealing? I have to remind myself that looks are deceiving.

Ding Ding Pai or DDPAI dash cams

Currently I am using VIOFO WR1 so some time. It has served me well and it really saved my life once when I successfully recorded a BMW 1 series model and its driver who hit my MX-5 and ran away. I went to the local (French Police where the accident took place) and filed a report and submitted the video. The recording did not actually include the incident as I had killed the engine before it happened as we were sitting in a total standstill where the roads were still closed after a stage (Tour de France). The recording showed the license plate as I had followed her car for a while before we both entered a roundabout where the traffic got to a total standstill.

I could not have caught her without the recording as I had never paid any attention to the license plate nor had I memorized it even if I wanted in a flash of moment when she attempted to flee.

I am currently looking for another one as a second backup camera or a rear view recording camera.

It has to be inexpensive to begin with. Eventually I found these dash cams from DDPAI.

First I thought I would opt for it basic "mini" but its prices (from various sellers) were a bit unstable (inexpensive seller's stock went out as expensive seller's price is more than other dash cams with more features). This model entered the market around 3 to 4 years ago as some of ther review videos on YouTube are as old.

Then I found DDPAI Mola N3 model. It must be relatively new (reason ditto). A GPS module is available. It is relatively small and the price is also not so high.

It does not have a LCD display built in so all the operations (like changing settings or viewing and managing the footage) are done on a smartphone or tablet with an dedicated app (iOS or Android) like my old VIOFO WR1.

The "mini" model was much smaller and one of its features (not many) that I liked was it ability to rotate its camera so that it can record front or rear without messing with the adhesive foot on the windshield.

The Mola N3 can not rotate but flip. The foot (which includes the GPS module) connects to the camera body with USB C style plug. As the USB C plug does not have sides, the camera body can flip (turn around).

I was thinking of installing one on the wind deflector which is located in the back of my right shoulder.

When the roof is covered on my Mazda MX-5, the rear view is really limited. When it rains, you can forget about recording the rear view through the glass pane as it does not have a wiper.

Currently the WR1 is neatly tucked behind the rear view mirror in my point of view. I don't see it in action. I wanted it that way. No obstruction, no distraction. I wonder the Mola N3 can be as discretely coy as WR1. If it is I may install Mola N3 in front.

VIOFO WR1 can be used on the wind deflector but it may require some kind modification as most dash cams are designed to stick to a windshield that has about 45 to 60 degrees of slant angle.

In Japanese: 続きをどうぞ


おそらく8月に2週間程取れると思う。何をするか? 基本は自転車レースの追い掛けなのだが、時期的に大きなレースはブエルタだ。スペインのレースだ。遠い(涙)。

8/14/21 9/5/21 La Vuelta ciclista a España


このスタートの街へルクセンブルクから自動車を運転すると一体何キロの行程となるのか。使ってるのがUbuntu Linuxなので、後にMacBook Pro上のGarmin BaseCampにてルートを検索してみます。時間節約するためにどうしてもフランスの高速道路を走ることになり、ガソリン代とは別に高速道路料金も掛かりそうです。片道1,000 kmは下りません。一泊2日(それも途中のサービスエリアの駐車場にて車内泊となる)ハードな行程ですね。



8/26/21 8/29/21 Deutschland Tour

8/30/21 9/5/21 BinckBank Tour










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